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What Does A Unicorn Symbolize? Here’s What You Need To Know

Unicorn symbolism has been prominent throughout folklore, mythology, and spirituality. Even appearing in our dreams and modern-day artwork, unicorns, and unicorn symbolism is a common, recurring theme. Unicorns symbolize different meanings depending on where and when these mystical creatures surface.

If you have recently come across a unicorn, dreamt of unicorns, feel called to unicorns, or are genuinely curious about unicorn symbolism, this article can help give you a better understanding of what unicorn symbolism represents in your waking life.

Unicorn Symbolism

Unicorn Symbolism and Meaning

Unicorn symbolism equates to good fortune, and expect a positive outcome.
Unicorn symbolism equates to good fortune, and expects a positive outcome.

It’s no surprise that these mythical beings symbolize magic. Generally, unicorn symbolism equates to good fortune, and when a unicorn appears, expect a positive outcome. The unicorn symbolizes success, and many believe that channeling the power of the unicorn results in blessings for whatever path or decision is in question.

Unicorn symbolism, first and foremost, represents infinite possibilities. The sight of a unicorn may indicate the need to take a closer look at one’s surroundings. Perhaps it’s suggesting that what is being sought after is already present.

Since magic is such a large component of unicorn symbolism, unicorns encourage us to chase our dreams in a steadfast manner. Unicorn symbolism emphasizes the birthright to live abundantly and hints that we’re able to manifest our deepest wishes and desires. Summoning the unicorn displays a belief in the magic of the universe.

Unicorn symbolism opens the doors to receiving answers from source energy and the cosmos. Once those doors are opened, the unyielding love and enchantment of unicorns and unicorn symbolism are endlessly poured. Because unicorn symbolism can be interpreted in a variety of ways, unicorns also suggest ambiguity and even mistaken identity.

Expert Tip: Due to their depiction in fairy tales and children’s stories, unicorn symbolism is heavily drenched in mystery and wonder. In this respect, unicorns may symbolize a need to explore.

This exploring could either be self-exploration, or an expedition by physical means. Traveling and learning about a new culture and ways of life can help spark excitement about the possibilities of our earthly realm. Regardless, unicorn symbolism prompts us to continue forward and strive toward the better days ahead.

Unicorn Christianity Symbolism

In its early years, Christians declared unicorn symbolism to be that of purity, chastity, and grace, as it was a token given to St Justina. A unicorn symbolizes the incarnation of Christ. When a unicorn discovers a virgin woman, it rests its head upon her lap and drifts into slumber, as unicorns were believed to be great masculine spirits who could only be seized by virgins. This was proven to be true through the life of the Virgin Mary.

Unicorn symbolism in Christianity is that of the ultimate majesty and power. This led unicorns to evolve into a symbol of Christ by the third century. The word unicorn originates from Latin Unus, which translates to one and Cornus. This references the single horn a unicorn possesses.

The unicorn horn symbolizes salvation and the epitome of glory. Unicorn symbolism came to be a representation of Christ as Christ carries the Power of God. Therefore, Christ must be a “Unicorn on Ground.”

Since Christ historically rose from the dead, unicorns are often correlated with Christ as they both prove to be immortal. Unicorn symbolism is dynamic in this aspect Immortality and the transcendence of worlds are key elements both shared by Christ and unicorns. They are both pious beings that can travel the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The King James Bible references unicorns a handful of times, but many theologists argue that the implied unicorn symbolism does not necessarily mean the mythical beings that we know and love. Theologists are under the impression that unicorns, in this particular facet, have an entirely different meaning.

Despite this, unicorns remain a holy symbol, and it seems as though unicorn symbolism will continue to play center stage in Christianity.

Unicorn in Dreams

Unicorns convey a sense of optimism.
Unicorns convey a sense of optimism.

Unicorn symbolism in dreams is profound and meant to be a message the subconscious is delivering to the conscious mind. Unicorns convey a sense of optimism. Depending on the course of the dream, a unicorn could symbolize magical consciousness, lust, intrigue, and/or idealized love.

As they are such gentle creatures, unicorns may symbolize gentleness within the dreamer. This may also pertain to a timidness that is prohibiting one from taking a risk or causing the individual to maintain hope and over-idealizing a certain situation.

If this rings a bell, one should look within and contemplate if they’re idealizing a person or circumstance, as opposed to seeing how things truly are. There may be a fantasy that unfortunately will not materialize. Acknowledge this is not meant to be and move forward. Unicorn symbolism always promises better things that lie ahead.

Dreaming of unicorns sometimes maybe a warning. Stay knowledgeable on where you place your attention. Wherever you focus your energy and thoughts is what could later manifest your reality. Unicorn symbolism is parallel to the Law of Attraction, and that law retains enough power on its own without the collaboration of the unicorn.

Consider the horn of a unicorn a spellbinding tool when unicorns make way to your dreams. You now are in the custody of a magic wand. Use your concentration and conviction to manifest your intentions.

Unicorn symbolism motivates the drive to find and spread divine love. We are all Earthlings with the potential to express and share love in immense ways that could elevate our planet’s energy and consciousness. The appearance of unicorns in dreams is a reminder of that urge.

Expert Tip: Dreaming of unicorns indicates a strong sense of spiritual responsibility as well as denotes one who is deeply connected to their spiritual plane.

In this respect, unicorn symbolism should create a sense of ease and restore faith. The unicorn is already working alongside you and you have the full capabilities to harness its power.

Unicorn Symbolism in dreams demonstrates freedom. If a unicorn allows you to ride on their back in a dream, consider this an honor. This is a clear indication that your soul is pure, as unicorns only want those who will remain untethered to join them on their journey. You are intertwined with source energy, and your faith and trust know no bounds.

Unicorn Spirit Animal

Unicorn symbolism demonstrates immense spiritual power and connectivity
Unicorn symbolism demonstrates immense spiritual power and connectivity

Having a unicorn as your spirit animal is one of the highest spiritual compliments since it alludes to enlightenment. When unicorn symbolism occurs frequently in your dreams and life, it is a clear signifier that they are your spirit animal. As a whole, unicorn symbolism points to continuous luck and blessings.

Unicorns choose humans who have obtained purity and ethereal beauty, as they are beautiful, miraculous species themselves. Unicorn symbolism demonstrates immense spiritual power and connectivity.

Your belief and contributions to source energy will render riches. Any financial difficulties or material adversities you face will be soon resolved.

You are a shapeshifter. You have formed the adeptness to transmute in this life. Having a unicorn as your spirit animal means you can easily pass through boundaries and maneuver in and out of worlds.

The pure soul within you allows beauty and radiance to exude from your being. Your beauty will attract many suitors, but more significantly, your inner beauty will draw you towards creative and artistic fields. Unicorn symbolism in your life may be a sign that it is time to turn to any and all creative urges you have been neglecting. Now is the time to pursue your artistic interests.

As a spirit animal, unicorn symbolism highlights the inner strength, wisdom, and power you have acquired. Release doubt and insecurities. You are a master at manifesting, and your dreams undoubtedly will come to fruition.

Stay vigilant on this road of faith and determination. Place trust in your vision, as a unicorn spirit animal indicates that you are always able to sift through illusions. The truth will be illuminated, holding up a lantern so that you do not have to fear taking this trek in the dark.

Unicorn Totem Animal

A unicorn totem animal is matched with individuals who are pure of heart
A unicorn totem animal is matched with individuals who are pure of heart

When a unicorn is your totem animal, unicorn symbolism is super-charged. A unicorn totem animal is matched with individuals who are pure of heart, innocent, kind, sincere, and full of grace and beauty.

If you find yourself persistently drawn to unicorns, or have them always appear in random parts of your daily life, then this mystical being is calling on you to employ its magical powers.

Expert Tip: Having a unicorn totem animal grants permission to visualize and access the powers of the unicorn during any times of stress or worry. Keep an open heart and mind in order to dip into the well of never-ending support and knowledge that the unicorn carries.

Unicorn symbolism will be unceasing when the unicorn is your totem animal. Unicorns will visit on multiple astral planes and come forth during meditation practices. Whenever it appears, contemplate how unicorn symbolism could change or further heal any current predicaments.

Visualizing and conjuring the unicorn is an incredible method of spiritually and mentally healing oneself, particularly when the unicorn is your totem animal. Visualizing a unicorn is recommended as it will embody you with a feeling of unrestrained freedom. The unicorn is a protector of loved ones, and its intense power, wisdom, and maternal instinct will surround you with insurmountable protection and light.

People with a unicorn totem animal typically have tremendous intuition and even clairvoyance. They are tapped in with their greatest and highest good. Their highest selves are easily accessible and they will do everything to ensure they are building a space immersed in harmony and cooperation.

They cannot tolerate hate, negativity, resentment, and anger. Unicom symbolism underlines the importance of serving others, and every decision made by those with the unicorn totem accentuates this purpose.

Unicorn Power Animal

Unicorn power animal is authorized to use Unicorn Medicine
A unicorn power animal is authorized to use Unicorn Medicine

As a power animal, unicorn symbolism is at its most invincible. You have already figured out the walk and the way, the unicorn is merely present to assist in taking you there. A unicorn power animal signals extreme spiritual evolution, as one with this power animal is extraordinarily gifted.

The level of your compassion, beauty, clarity, and virtuousness is exceptional. Unicorn symbolism is not just something that shows up in your life but is your life. You lead an existence with the same wisdom and power as the unicorn itself.

The unicorn symbolism in a power animal suggests that artistic and creative endeavors promise strong, potentially world-changing developments. Do not suppress imaginative abilities as these pursuits are highly noble. You are fiercely capable of conducting discernment, and this grants all expressive endeavors to be completed with integrity and heart.

Let your worries float away and hone in on the everlasting, unconditional love that spirit has for your being. Divine timing always unfolds just as it should. So for now relax, unwind and have fun. Artistic, joyful children may soon cross your path, and their gifts may cause inspiration and the courage to put your all into your own works of art.

Unicorn symbolism in this corner is a representation of Godly love, freedom, and belief. Call on the guide of the unicorn if you are feeling stuck, have blockages, or feel as though your movement has been stagnant as of late.

The unicorn’s symbolism will refuel your passions. If you have, or know of artistically gifted children, calling on the unicorn is also beneficial in helping them share their magic with the world.

A unicorn power animal is authorized to use Unicorn Medicine. When psychic abilities are waning, requesting the assistance of Unicorn Medicine will revitalize your potency and sharpen your psychic sight.

Unicorn symbolism deals with childlike innocence and playfulness. The impulse to giggle and dance is strong, and if the world ever leaves you weary, the unicorn power animal will guide you back towards connecting with your inner child.

An indication that the unicorn is your power animal are signs that highlight unicorn symbolism. If you often find coins, see loose feathers, and/or imagery associated with unicorns or of actual unicorns, be mindful: this could very well be angels and spirits trying to reach you to deliver a message.

Unicorn Tattoo Meaning

Unicorn symbolism in tattoos is strongly associated with enchantment and miracles.
Unicorn symbolism in tattoos is strongly associated with enchantment and miracles.

Unicorn symbolism is popular among tattoo artists and their patrons. Many individuals who are drawn to unicorns choose to receive body artwork as a reminder of the importance unicorn symbolism holds and to encourage the incorporation of unicorn-like ideals into their every day.

Unicorn symbolism echoes tons of sentiments, including but not limited to love, magic, creativity, mystery, faith, purity, power, chastity, imagination, spirituality, higher consciousness, and ancient wisdom.

The image of the unicorn tends to symbolize femininity since unicorn symbolism is greatly attached to chastity and virginity, which is centered more on women in modern-day society.

One thing unicorn symbolism magnifies no matter the placement is God’s divinity and connection to the source that lies within us all. Many with unicorn tattoos need this reminder as they steer ahead through the trials and tribulations of life.

Unicorn symbolism lets us remember that we can overcome odds as we already have the strength, power, and inner wisdom to persevere. For those who have the unicorn as their power or totem animal, the sight of their unicorn tattoo can instill a sense of calm as it serves to remind them of all the magic they already possess.

Expert Tip: Unicorns are famously mentioned in fairy tales and mythology, so unicorn symbolism in tattoos is strongly associated with enchantment and miracles. Miraculous love stories and romantic ventures call for the charm and glamour that unicorns transude.

Those with tender hearts and a penchant for romantic comedies or romance novels may gravitate towards a unicorn tattoo for its representation of love. Whenever a unicorn reveals itself, that individual is deemed to be lucky. Thus, unicorn tattoos can also symbolize those who are favored.

If an individual has a black unicorn tattoo, this could be indicative of the tendency to focus on material things. Greed may clog the heart and mind. In some instances, the black unicorn tattoo could represent suspense and illusion, or possibly, the shadow of the white unicorn.

Sometimes, the black unicorn could point to bravery, loyalty, or chivalry. It is advisable to further research the symbolism behind unicorn coloring and seek advice and consultation with an artist during the early planning stages to ensure the proper unicorn symbolism is getting permanently inked onto the body.

Some celebrities that have unicorn tattoos are Lady Gaga, Ruby Rose, Taryn Manning, and Beth Lucas.


Unicorn symbolism is a beacon of magic. Wherever and however it arises in your life, know you are blessed and auspicious, as it’s a sign that good fortune and love are blossoming around you.

Unicorn symbolism’s broad range of meanings and interpretations are colorful, but understanding how it may affect your earthly sojourn can help your inner strength grow, and your faith and trust be restored.

Hopefully, this article will help you gain a better connection with the unicorn that is present in your life. Please feel free to comment with any thoughts or questions. Embrace your magic.

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