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10 Toys For Bearded Dragons That Will Keep Your Beardie Entertained

Toys for bearded dragons are an essential component of fostering a strong bond with your reptiles. Owners typically don’t think to buy toys for their bearded friends right away. The enclosure, water dish, calcium, food, crickets, lighting, substrate, and so on are usually more important to them.

For your bearded dragon, toys are vital. As they play more, they become more confident and pleasant to be around. Your bearded friend will become more sociable as a result, which will strengthen your relationship.

Different types of beard dragon toys

1. Simple ball

Simple ball
Simple ball

Almost all bearded dragons prefer little balls. These are objects that can be used for both defense and offense. Using small, lightweight balls for a fast workout is ideal. During this time, kids like chasing and running after the errant balls. Ideally, the balls will be light enough for the dragons to push or attack them as they see fit.

Fun to witness their reactions while playing with the ball, as it sometimes acts as an attacker and at other times as a predator. You can use a hamster ball instead of regular balls because it has an opening.

Expert Tip: Roaches or other insects can be placed in the ball’s entrance, which the dragon will try to devour. This will help it develop a better understanding of reasoning and problem-solving.

2. Cat toys

As many dragon owners have experienced, crinkled wrapping paper delight the dragons and they play with it for lengthy periods. Instead of throwing away crumpled wrapping paper after one use, consider using it to decorate the dragons’ enclosure. You can toss a crinkly ball into the dragon’s cage by crumpling up a large piece of wrapping paper.

You’ll see it light up and make a sound when the dragon is trying to get hold of it. It’s because of this that the dragon is drawn to the ball both visually and vocally.

3. Bridge

Natural-looking bridges in the enclosure might help keep your dragon happy and active. The bearded dragon’s habitat may benefit from the addition of this ornament, which is more decorative than functional. For a bearded dragon, it is even more important to be surrounded by natural beauty.

Their native habitat is the desert therefore, the addition of a stone-textured bridge will revitalize their spirits. To give the bridge a more authentic feel, you can plant some trees and branches on it. You can keep the dragon from becoming bored in a confined space by providing it with this distraction.

You can also build a bridge if you put your mind to it. Build a bridge connecting the two sides of the cage using excavator clay and do-it-yourself techniques. The dragon will ascend and descend the bridge. Playing around with these realistic additions can be fun.

4. Inflatable floaties

Inflatable floaties
Inflatable floaties

Dragons love air-filled hollow rubber toys that are light and easy to carry around. These toys can be used while they’re in the bath. The experience of bathing the dragon will be more pleasurable if you include these floats. Also, bathing alone might make them anxious.

So adding a few floaties to the water can make the pool appear crowded and the dragon feel more secure in its surroundings.

Expert Tip: The inflatable toys come in a bundle at a low price. Occasionally, you’ll find a watercraft large enough to hold a dragon. The dragon will be able to rest on it while it is afloat in the water.

5. Hammock


The dragons in the enclosure enjoy dangling from the hammock. To protect the dragon’s safety, you must retain a natural fiber-made one. The hammock is a favorite resting spot for dragons, who like basking in artificial light. During exfoliation, they massage their bodies against the hammock threads.

Many different things happen in and around the hammock. Make sure the hammock is securely secured so that the string doesn’t come loose when the dragon is playing on it. If the dragon falls to the ground, it could injure itself.

Also, the hammock should be strung near the dragon’s basking location, so it can bathe in the sun and bask in the warmth of the UV rays.

6. Cat wand

It’s essential to look for toys that won’t break the bank if you plan on getting your dragon more than one. A cat wand is a perfect accessory in this situation. The wand and the artificial mouse attached to it will awaken your dragon, causing it to chase the wand and try to catch it.

Dragons are known for their playful antics, and the multicolored stripes of this toy will draw children in with its charm. In reality, this is a pleasant toy that does not harm pets.

7. Cricket ball

These round pieces of plastic are a simple method to persuade your bearded dragon to engage in play. Mylar, a relatively noisy material, is most likely to be used in their construction.

You can find these Mylar balls at any pet store in the cat toy area. Besides being cheap, these toys generate a lot of noise, which your bearded dragon is sure to like. Dog squeaky toys, if we must draw an analogy, could be considered an appropriate comparison.

8. Tunnels and balls

Bearded Dragon Toy Ball
Bearded Dragon Toy Ball

Small spaces and burrows are the natural habitats of bearded dragons. Providing kids with a tunnel to run through and hide in is a no-brainer. First, you can place a tunnel inside your beardie’s habitat, but there are many other options as well. For your bearded dragon, you can choose a selection of plastic, rock, and log tunnels.

In the same way, as pet rats have tunnels in their enclosures, you can also have a larger one outside of it. This may be put up in any area, even a large one like a living room. Outside may not be the greatest option until your bearded dragon is large enough to learn that running away is not the best option.

Expert Tip: It’s not uncommon for some bearded dragon owners to hide food in the tunnels of their pet lizards to encourage them to explore. When you have a large number of tunnels for the beardie to investigate, this method is most effective.

9. Laser point

For your bearded dragon, laser pointers are a common toy. Owners may choose to play with it, but bearded friends may also enjoy it. To get your bearded dragon to chase after the laser pointer, all you have to do is point it at them. Some pet owners apply this philosophy to their feline and canine companions.

Bearded dragons are among the most intelligent lizards, and they will quickly come to the conclusion that chasing after a laser pointer is pointless. Avoid using this toy more than once every 15 days and keep it out of the reach of children. It should go without saying, but please avoid shining the laser directly on your bearded dragon at any time.

10. Caves to hide

Caves to hide
Caves to hide

Your bearded dragon will be a happy camper if there are caves and other hiding places in the habitat. The bearded dragons enjoy digging around their enclosure and going for walks in small, confined areas.

You can be sure that they will like having them in their enclosure because they are naturally prone to doing this to feel safe from predators and cool down. For your bearded dragon, the places where they may hide and cool down will be a kind of shelter, as well.

There are several places bearded dragons could hide if they were in the wild. To address this demand, you can provide them with miniature caves or any other intriguing shelter you can think of. For the most part, hides are just small, portable shelters. Think of them as an extension of your own house.

Your beardie will appreciate the extra privacy and security that a hide provides. You can discover bearded dragon hiding places in a variety of forms and sizes, and some even feature steps for your pet to climb and various areas for them to hide.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a dragon’s hideout, you may simply make one yourself out of wood. If you’d rather not go through the hassle, an option like the one shown below could be a useful addition.

The importance of enrichment

Playing with toys is a great way to spend time with your family, and there are many reasons why. In the end, it’s all about having a better life. There is no restriction on bearded dragons in the wild. They are free to go wherever they want and do whatever they want with the area.

In the world, there is a never-ending supply of activities to choose from! Explore the flora, and locate hidden tunnels and natural rock deposits to sunbathe in the sun with your bearded dragon. In contrast, captive beardies do not enjoy the same degree of liberty.

As long as they have access to all they require, bearded dragons can quickly become bored. If you’re stuck in a small space all day, you’re not going to get anything done.
Imagine being confined to a single room for the entire day! These reptiles, like you. would be bored if they didn’t have something to do.

Expert Tip: Toys for bearded dragons are an excellent source of enrichment. They can help to keep the mind active and prevent boredom from setting in. Toys are important because they encourage physical activity. In a normal enclosure, bearded dragons do not have enough space to run around.

People will acquire weight because of this. When it comes to your bearded dragon’s lifetime, a sedentary lifestyle isn’t going to help. Playing will help burn off any extra calories that they may have accumulated.

Playing with a bearded dragon toy isn’t much fun, does it? Then again, you’d be shocked at how much of a difference toys make. It won’t be long before your dragon is more content and energetic than before.

How to play with beard dragon

Bearded dragons, like any other pet. like playing with toys. Bearded dragons that are kept active and happy are better for their long-term health. Because of this, it will allow you to get to know your pet better. Different ways to play with beard dragon

Take them for a walk

Outside, you can walk your bearded dragon. Taking a quick stroll is one of the best ways to stay fit for both of you. Your pet’s thinking will be stimulated by seeing new things on your adventure. What’s the best way to take a walk with a bearded dragon?

Using a particular harness is all that is needed to get the job done! Your reptile’s body is completely encircled by the harness. They allow them to roam freely, but yet keep them under control. Wearing a harness on your bearded dragon may be uncomfortable at first.
Don’t be discouraged, though patience is the key.

With each subsequent walk, they’ll remember how much fun they had. After that, they’ll probably have less of an issue with you putting it on. On walks, of course, you should be especially careful. Avoid encounters with dogs or other animals that could potentially damage your bearded dragon.

Take them hunting

Take them hunting
Take them hunting

Insect-eating bearded dragons have an instinct to chase down their prey. Despite the presence of live insects in a huge tank, the chase for our lizard companions can be tedious at times.

Allowing children to go on the quest for it will increase their enjoyment. To get rid of the crickets, you can either leave them in your living room to chase live insects or take them outside on a warm sunny day.

Keep the bearded dragon on a leash when you walk outside to do this and keep it in a fenced area. The lawn or any other area where the dragon will be released should be pesticide-free.

Take them swimming

Take them swimming
Take them swimming

It’s a win-win situation for beardies: swimming is both calming and fun. However, a kiddie pool is not going to be enough to get the job done. At least 80 degrees Fahrenheit is required for the water temperature (27 degrees Celsius). Make sure not to overfill their containers to the point where the water starts leaking out.

Fill the container or small pool with floaties or other toys to keep the kids occupied. A raft of other floating gadgets is also a favorite mode of transportation for them in the pool. When it’s time to cool off, the reptile can take a swim with its tail dipped in the water.

Handle your beard dragon

It’s also possible to play with a bearded dragon by picking it up and holding it in your arms. Even while they may be frightened at first, they grow to enjoy it as a result of associating it with you, your adventures, or even food. Keep in mind that approaching from the front is the best way to avoid dropping them.

Another thing to do before you have a bearded dragon is to get it tamed. The process of taming a bearded dragon is to train it to become accustomed to your presence and how to be handled it.

Help them feed

Help them feed
Help them feed

To engage your bearded dragon’s primitive impulses, try this enjoyable pastime. Allowing them to forage for food instead of spoon-feeding them is an excellent alternative to the traditional method of feeding them. There are a few things to keep in mind before diving into this hobby.

When feeding your bearded dragon, you should only do this when necessary. In the end, you don’t want to end up overfeeding your pet. Only weight gain and poor health would result if this were done.

Second, make certain you have adequate room. This should be done outdoors. It is best to have a clean concrete patio. There is nothing wrong with having a grassy area in your backyard. However, before allowing your bearded dragon to graze on your chemical-free grass, make sure it is clean.

Insects can be released and your pet can dash to catch them. They’ll swoop in and eat as many bugs as they can in a hurry.

Play ball

Bearded dragons enjoy interacting with various objects, especially those that are brightly colored and resemble various insects. A little, brightly colored rubber ball may appeal to them. Some beardies seem to appreciate this, but it isn’t sure if it will engage all of them.

For example, you may have them chase after a ball you’ve pushed and see how they react, putting them on the defensive, and making a run for it or making it difficult to get to by placing it on a ledge


Toys for your dragon must meet a set of requirements. One of the most important considerations is the safety of your loved ones. Ensure that the toys you provide are secure and not fragile so that the dragon can tear them into small pieces and eat the parts, which could be fatal to it.

Avoid toys that are easily broken or chipped. Creating time to play with the bearded dragon is important since you get to learn its behavior and in case of any changes you will be the first to spot it.

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