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Texel Guinea Pigs: Everything You Need To Know

There are 13 breeds of guinea pigs that are recognized today. The one that we are going to be talking about is the Texel breed of guinea pig. In general, all breeds of guinea pigs are domestic and belong to the Caviidae family. They live roughly between 4 and 8 years and can also weigh up to nearly 3 pounds.

It’s important to understand what it takes to take care of a Texel guinea pig. So how will you choose if it’s a good fit for you or not? Well, now you don’t have to worry because this will be your starting point to help you understand what it will take to care for these little guys.

General Overview of Texel Guinea Pigs

A Texel guinea pig is long-haired with slight curls in it, even around its head. It doesn’t have any specific pattern by breed and comes in various colors of browns and gold along with some pretty neat patterns. They are a recent find of guinea pigs in the 90s and their long gorgeous locks are the main reason for their popularity.

However, just because they are adorable and have very unique personalities, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take some work to properly care for them and keep them healthy. They originated by crossing a Silkie guinea pig with a British Rex which gives you a luscious Texel guinea pig.

Texel guinea pig is long-haired with slight curls in it, even around its head.
Texel guinea pig is long-haired with slight curls in it, even around its head.

A gentle and affectionate creature, they can make a great companion for you or your children. The Texel breed looks like the longer-haired Silkie but they have a more curly texture to their fur instead of just long and straight.

Expert Tip: A lot of people have had calmer experiences with them rather than with some short-haired variations who are sometimes more short-tempered.

Are They Expensive?

Like any family pet, you always want to make sure that the pet is healthy and happy that way they can spend as much time as possible with you. But there is always the chance that it will come with a price tag if the unimaginable happened.

Getting your guinea pig initially isn’t expensive at all, it just depends on where you buy it and if you need to get it any shots, etc. The highest you may ever pay for a guinea pig is around $75- $100 and this is probably for a good breed, from a breeder, the lowest in the typical $20 that you would spend on a guinea pig.

You certainly have to take into account that you will still need to buy any other supplies it will need like its cage and accessories and also food to eat. For a healthy guinea pig. this can be easily manageable, but there are those cases when you end up with a sick guinea pig and it may need vet visits.

There is also another cost to watch for, where you buy your guinea pig may affect the price of it whether it’s from a breeder or if you get it from a pet store. It’s good to look around and see what is around you so that you can get a good guinea pig that you want, but also not spend a fortune doing it.

It’s just always a good idea to be prepared for an unexpected expense occasionally.

How Is Its Behavior/ Do They Have Tempers?

Texel guinea pigs have a great temperament
Texel guinea pigs have a great temperament

The good thing about guinea pigs is that they are a very docile species which makes them great pets. Docile is when the pet is easy to handle and play with and sometimes this helps them be more easily trained if that’s something you are trying to teach simple things.

Texel guinea pigs have a great temperament for a beginner pet for someone who needs a more manageable animal or it’s also a good starter pet for children who are capable of taking care of a pet with an adult to help them.

Some breeds of guinea pigs will be a bit more docile than others will be along with their own personality which may also affect how docile it is. Some are pretty outgoing so they can be more rambunctious than others.

So it’s important to look into what kind of breed you think will fit your own personality and to make sure that you are able to handle them on a physical and personality level because they can definitely have a mischievous side to them too love.

You may have to watch out for a little biting when you first bring them home, this is normal because it’s something they do when they are handled improperly or when they’re just too scared and feel threatened. Once they are used to their new surroundings the nipping should stop.

They also tend to feed off of your emotions as well if you are too stressed or scared yourself, but once both are used to each other then you can really start to have some fun.

What Do They Look Like?

What Do They Look Like?
What Do They Look Like?

These gorgeous guinea pigs are usually sought after specifically for the long and curly style that gives them a very unique look to them. There is no certain set of colors for these guys, for any breed, and they can be a multitude of colors from black to a bright orange or even different patterns.

It doesn’t matter what colors their parents were, this is one of the guinea pigs’ unique perks. Their size and weight can also vary depending on their breed but all guinea pigs are usually around one to three pounds total throughout their life, any bigger than that and they usually have an eating issue that should be looked into.

They also don’t get very tall and some breeds are more stout than others. Texels though have also been given the nickname Shirley Temple due to their long and eye-catching curls around their head and entire body are.

Caring For A Texel Guinea Pig

Overall, guinea pigs aren’t the worst when it comes to caring for them, however, it still takes time and the correct items to properly care for your guinea pig. If you are serious about wanting to own a guinea pig then this is where I would suggest starting the buying process if you have made up your mind to get a guinea pig.

Make sure that you are able to get all of the accessories that will be needed like the cage, bedding, etc. t’s a good idea to get the necessities out of the way before you actually get your Texel guinea pig.

This is to make sure that you can first afford everything that it requires like food and a place to sleep and also so that you can be sure to have everything already set up and ready right before you bring it to its new home.

They will always be nervous when they first come to their new home so if their home is already being set up and ready to go will give them a bit more reassurance that you aren’t so bad and will help them to open up and be more comfortable around you and also their new environment.

Expert Tip: When you first bring them home you may have to deal with some nipping, it usually doesn’t hurt, it’s more of a warning. They can do this for a couple of reasons like they’re scared so they feel threatened, or they could have been picked up wrong and are letting you know.

So there is a lot to think and learn about when you first get a guinea pig. but after you both are settled in with each other, it’s smooth sailing from there. So let us look more in-depth at what you will need to care for your new guinea pig.


They can get up to 3 pounds and they grow up rather quickly so it’s best if you get the correct size for a fully grown guinea pig and not a small one as they grow if you choose to get one as a baby instead of already grown.


You will need to change bedding ever so often as needed, but at least once a week to keep your pet in the best health because no pet wants to sit in that for too long.

There are different types of bedding that you can get and use in their cage but with their sensitive feet and needing a warm place to sleep it’s best to make sure that you get comfortable bedding for them.


It’s important to get food that has all of the healthy nutrients in it that they need and that they like as well, that’s why it’s not uncommon for people to give them more than one kind of food occasionally. Like fresh vegetables once a day. pellets another time of day, and treats later as well.

This gives them variety if they are picky and keeps them getting what they need. Just make sure that you still do your research on what fresh vegetables and fruits they can or can’t have before you give them any.


Texel Guinea Pigs Grooming
Texel Guinea Pigs Grooming

Normally guinea pigs are fairly easy to take care of grooming-wise since, as long as they are used to you handling them, they should be pretty docile while you bathe and groom them. The Texel guinea pig though is a special one because they have long and curly fur, which means that you will need to add brushing to that grooming list.

It needs to stay maintained otherwise they could get tangles and then get their claws stuck in their fur. For their teeth, as long as your guinea pig likes chewing on its toys, treats, and such to keep them trimmed down, then you’re good. But some are still fickle and may need them to be filed down.

The same goes for their nails, they’re pretty good at taking care of them themselves but sometimes might need a little help.


This is a big one as well because they need a cage big enough that they can jump and play in while you are away. A ball that is specifically made for hamsters and guinea pigs could be a good idea as well if you have the room and time to watch them roll around.

This gets them moving and running more to really get their cardio in so that they can keep their heart-healthy.


There aren’t usually any big issues with guinea pigs but there are still times when they can get you a vet bill.

The healthier you can help them stay then the longer they can live. Just like other living things, they can show symptoms of something like coughing, if they’re losing fur not eating for a few days if their eyes have crust or drainage, etc., so it’s important to keep an eye out for those kinds of things.

What Should You Feed A Guinea Pig?

What Should You Feed A Guinea Pig?
What Should You Feed A Guinea Pig?

You should always make sure that you are giving your guinea pig all of the essential nutrients that it needs to grow and stay healthy and this is mainly gotten through their food intake. There are a few different varieties of food that you are able to feed your guinea pig as some may be picky or some might need a certain diet.

The main kind of guinea pig food is Timothy hay. pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and treats. There are some different brands that make them so you need to make sure that you know what you’re feeding them, but Timothy hay is a must every time, guinea pigs love that stuff.

It’s important to know measurements and how much of what they can have because there are different levels of sugar in foods, especially fruits and you don’t want to give them too much and make them sick or something.

Since they do love their vegetables as well, this makes them a perfect companion for anyone who already eats a lot of fresh fruits and veggies to share with them.

Expert Tip: Their pellets are good to have in their cage at all times, this gives them food to eat during the day when they’re hungry and also keeps their teeth filed since they are harder than their other foods.

Ways To Keep Your Texel Guinea Pig Healthy

Ways To Keep Your Texel Guinea Pig Healthy
Ways To Keep Your Texel Guinea Pig Healthy

Guinea pigs are no different than any other pet. they are still wanted to be around for a long time so it makes it important to make sure that your pet is always healthy for it to do just that.

Keeping your guinea pig healthy doesn’t mean that you have to take it on regular vet visits or give it some special vitamin or anything that it probably doesn’t need unless mentioned by a vet.

It just means that it’s important to interact with your guinea pig and keep it happy and it’s home clean, this is a big impact on its life along with a healthy diet.

Keeping the coat brushed and making sure that their teeth are getting filed enough is important so that they can live comfortably and not have to worry about it ending up doing harm to your guinea pig. If they aren’t keeping their teeth filed enough on their own then you should do it at least every 6- 8 weeks.

Another big thing to keep in mind about their health is companionship, they love it and need it to stay happy. If you work and can’t spend a lot of the day with it then getting a second one might be a good idea so that it doesn’t get lonely.

Will A Texel Guinea Pig Be Suitable For You To Get?

Any person who is thinking about getting a guinea pig should first and foremost think about how much time they are willing to put into them. They aren’t a breed that can just sit in their cage with no interaction at all and be content. They need time and companionship every day to stay healthy and happy throughout their life.

If you don’t think that you could handle If you don’t think you could handle a little occasional nipping and get them fresh foods to eat along with their hay and such, then you may want to rethink getting one because they are adorable and love to be loved.

You have to be ready and accepting of how much time and affection these little curly-haired guinea pigs need. The only difference to keep in mind between a Texel guinea pig and other breeds is the long, curly fur that can make them a bit high maintenance to some people.

There is a lot to learn and research about Texel guinea pigs but it’s the best way to figure out if they are a good fit for you and to ensure that you both will be happy with each other once you’ve spent some time together.

They are an easy breed to take care of though once you get the hang of it, so there’s no need to worry too much about doing something wrong, with a little patience and time and you two will be best pals.

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