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Skinny Dog Breeds: 11 Tall Skinny Dogs You Need To See

You are on a hunt for a new pet dog. Due to the varieties of dog breeds, it might be hard to choose from the different options available in the market. There are cute cuddly ones, those big fluffy dogs or medium-sized snuggly breeds. But would you consider tall skinny dog breeds to be equally adorable canines as your soon-to-be pet?

Let’s explore 11 adorable tall skinny dog breeds and how they fare in their day-to-day lives as we get to know their different features and characteristics.

Tall Skinny Dog Breeds

Tall skinny dogs might not be a common breed to others. There are still many who aren’t familiar that this type of dog exists. That is why they are sometimes misinterpreted as malnourished due to poor eating habits.

They are even tagged as underweight or might be suffering from an illness. But they’re not. This kind of breed is inherently skinny. It is their dominant body built which makes them unique. They can be scary at first glance because of their giant-sized physique but they are as playful and as charming as any other plump counterparts.

They are affectionate in nature and loyal dogs who show love and care to their pet owners.

These tall skinny dogs are generally fast and alert making them good companions. This is because of their lean body which makes them more agile than any other dogs. Their skinny bodies are also sensitive to cold weather. They also require a little time for exercise since they don’t have enough endurance.

11 Tall Skinny Dog Breeds

Let’s now take a closer look at each of these breeds and get to know their variance to help you out in choosing the best pet that matches your personality and satisfies your longing.

1. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Pinscher is an intelligent, alert, and fearless dogs

This kind of breed originated in Germany and existed since the 19th century. This breed is a great guard dog because of its compact and strong body. According to Wikipedia, a male Doberman weighs 40-45kg and measures 66-72 cm in length while the female weighs around 30-35kg and measures 61 -68 in length.

They are also intelligent, alert, and fearless dogs making them a perfect candidate if you want a guard dog-like pet in your house. They also do well in police and military work and other canine sports because of their energy and intelligence.

Despite their fierce and aggressive personality, they are gentle and loving dogs and can become perfect family dogs for every home. They are also reliable as they are watchful and vigilant about whatever is happening around them. They have short and shiny coats of hair with solid colors of black, red, and rusty colored markings.

They are known for their ear-cropped and tail-docked appearance as it affects their abilities and interaction. Their cropped ears allow them to easily locate sounds and docked tails add to their streamlined looks. Their life span reaches 10-12 years.

Dobermans need a lot of exercises because they are highly active physically and mentally. So they might not be good for owners who just want to lay back.

Expert Tip: They need a strong owner who can maintain the needed time for exercise and training to keep them busy and spare enough time for socialization. They should not be left alone as they are family dogs, so it is best to include them in family affairs.

2. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound can be easily distinguished because of thick silky coats of hair

This dog originated in Afghanistan and is considered one of the oldest dog breeds. As per Wikipedia, a male Afghan Hound stands 68-74 centimeters while a female is 60-69 centimeters in height. They can be easily distinguished because of their thick silky coats of hair and the tail has a donut-style curl at the end.

Others do not consider them as belonging to skinny dog breeds because of their thick coat making them appear fluffy and plump. But beneath those thick hair is a slender built body. This is most evident when they are bathing as their fur shrinks and becomes wet with water.

They are known for being hunter dogs and they even can hunt on their own without the direction of humans. They were used as hunters for large prey in Afghanistan mountains and they can bravely hold their strong and large prey until the huntsmen arrive.

Despite these strong-willed and independent qualities, they are sweet as they can become clown dogs of the family. They are domesticated kind of dogs and responds well to the love and care being shown by their hoomans. They can live up to 12-14 years.

They are considered high-maintenance dogs because they can get stubborn at times despite being intelligent so they need more patience in training. They need regular and proper grooming too to maintain their shiny thick hair as it is prone to tangling if not maintained.

They are also required to have plenty of exercises to release boredom and avoid annoying personalities to develop.

3. Greyhound

Greyhounds are used to chase foxes and deers because of their ability to run fast

This ancient Egyptian breed is also considered a hunting dog. They are used to chasing foxes and deers because of their ability to run fast. They reach the speed of 40-45 miles per hour and because of this, they are considered the racing dogs or the Ferraris of the dog world.

Wikipedia reports that a male greyhound stands 71 to 76 centimeters in height while a female is 68-71 centimeters tall. They usually come in the color grey with long and lean bodies having 13% body fat.

Beyond their speed and hunter characteristics, they display sweet and mild temperaments. They even slack at times and their favorite pastime is to sleep. They should not be left alone for many hours as they easily get bored.

As a pack leader of this breed, you need to provide them with daily strolls so they can be your ideal jogging partner. They also need to have mental stimulation to avoid boredom. They prefer working with you as their owner rather than working for you since they display affectionate and loving personalities to their owners.

They have short and smooth hair coats so they are not hard to maintain. An occasional bath will do to keep them tidy and a snuggle with a damp cloth weekly will suffice. Although, the disadvantage of having this short hair is that they are sensitive to cold weather so they should be provided with a warm home.

Expert Tip: They also require minimal exercise. Although they are sprinters, they are not distant runners so daily strolls as mentioned above are already sufficient.

4. Whippet

Whippets are originated in England and are part of the hound group

This is a British dog breed that belongs to skinny but medium-sized dogs. They originated in England and are part of the hound group. Their physique is just like a greyhound but with curves. They have long legs, deep chests, and a muscular body that resembles the physical appearance of greyhounds.

Since they are fast-moving, they are used to hunting small prey like rabbits. As per Wikipedia, females stand 45-53 centimeters and males stand 48-56 centimeters in height.

Since they have a paper-thin bodies, they are misjudged as weak. But the athletic genetic trait of this breed proves them wrong. Their agility makes it easy for them to jump and climb as they can run at 36 miles per hour and can sprint 200 yards in less than 12 seconds (keepingpet.com).

But they are not recommended as watcher dogs as they are not aggressive and they tend to be submissive to their owners. They have sweet and friendly personalities and can be a companion at home or ideal family dogs. Their life span takes 12-15 years.
They are not hard to maintain.

Their glossy short hair sheds once in a while so you need not any high-maintenance for their coats. They are also quiet dogs as they often bark, making them perfect for apartment homes. They have minimal health problems too so they are not expensive to maintain.

Although they love to spend time just couching at their homes, they also love running around so they should be spared time for some exercises as much as possible.

5. Kanni Breed

Kanni Breed
Kanni Breed is a highly trainable and intelligent dogs

Still resembling the physical traits of Greyhounds and Whippets, this kind of breed originates in South India. Their name means pure in the Tamil language which matches their personality having loyalty and purity in heart. It has bony legs, a lean figure, and little body fat.

As per Wikipedia, a male adult stands 64 centimeters while a female adult stands 56 centimeters in height. They belong to a sighthound class and are mainly used for coursing activities.

They are highly trainable and intelligent dogs but generally shy, especially to strangers. But to their owners, they are loyal, docile, and always willing to follow orders. They are also independent by nature so they can sometimes get stubborn once reprimanded.

Despite this personality, they can be good pets as they are protective of their owners. They have long years to live from 14-16 years. Their distinct look is characterized by black and tan and black and sable combinations of colors. Their hair has short coats and does not need high maintenance.

But as to exercise, an hour every day should be given to avoid them from being destructive and from misbehaving. Take them on long walks where they can run free and give them toys to play with. They would not do well in a cramped area because they are high-energy dogs.

6. Saluki

Saluki comes in a variety of coat colors

Tagged as the oldest and an expensive dog breed, they are fast hunting hounds used by nomadic tribes to chase game animals like gazelles to be offered to kings and nobles. Since they are skinny, they are considered fast runners in the canine world. They can run up to 30-35 miles per hour.

Though they have bony long legs, their structure is balanced because they look solid due to their angular structure. Its height usually ranges from 58-71 centimeters or 23-28 inches and weighs 18-27 kilograms or 40-60 pounds, according to Wikipedia.

Though this breed is affectionate, they choose those whom they can be comfortable with. Since they are energetic and independent hunter dogs, it is recommended to place them in a big spacious place and secured by a strong fence as they have a high prey drive. They will tend to jump off the yard once their instinct to chase is triggered. They can live from 12- 24 years.

They come in a variety of coat colors such as white, cream, gold, and red. Their hair coat is smooth and feathered so they are easy to groom. Training them is challenging and they are not trusted to be off-leash since their independent trait makes them selective on the kind of training that interests them.

So it is better to apply more positive reinforcement while training them instead of inflicting pain through physical and verbal corrections.

7. Azawakh

Azawakh is incredibly tall and their lean structure makes them swift hunters

This breed has originated from Azawakh Valley in the Sahara Desert and has long been a guardian and hunter dog. They are incredibly tall and their lean structure makes them swift hunters. They are distinct in their aerodynamic head and have some small contours in their body. They weigh around 33-55 pounds and stand 23-27 inches tall.

Expert Tip: They are loving and affectionate dogs to their owner but tend to be aloof to those with whom they are not acquainted and thus won’t allow cuddling from them.

They have sighthound instincts which make them attracted to or distracted by any motions causing them to take off easily.

They have hair that is short fine coat and may come in different color combinations like sand, fawn, and red. Since they originate in a Desert, they are used to a warm environment thus they do well in a hot climate. They can be a perfect running companion so they need regular exercise for their body and mind development.

8. Irish Setter

Irish Setter
Irish Setter is a perfect watchdog for homes

They are sociable and playful dogs since they have a high-energy level. Though they can protect their owners, they can’t be considered guard dogs. But they can be a perfect watchdog in your homes as they tend to bark often when they catch sight of intruders.

They are also said to have a slow maturity level so their playful childish acts will stay for longer years. This is the reason why they have clownish personalities and a great sense of mischief.

Their flame-colored-looking hair makes them more attractive when it’s flowing so proper maintenance and grooming are needed. Their ears have fringy and silky hairs as well. If not maintained, it will lead to tangling of hairs.

They do well in canine sports and activities because of their high energy level. Since they love to run, they also need to have considerable exercise.

9. Sloughi

Sloughi have an athletic body and dense coat

This kind of breed came from North Africa and has been hunting in the North African deserts. It is known for its speed and hunting skills. They have an athletic body and dense coat. Males stand 26-29 inches tall and weigh 50-63 pounds while females stand 24-27 inches and weigh 50-63 pounds.

Though they can be stubborn at times, they can be a reliable and affectionate lifelong companion. For first-time dog parents, they can be hard to handle because of their stubbornness. But once accustomed to owners and given enough care, they can be a one-family dog breed that can show a loving and friendly personality.

Just be careful with strangers as they tend to be aloof to those whom they don’t know. Their short and dense coat hair usually has black, sandy, and fawn colors and does not shed often so brushing once a week is enough to maintain its silky appearance. They also require a lot of exercises to maintain their high-energy and to keep them happy and healthy.

10. Borzoi

Borzoi are known for being strong but graceful

Originally from Brazil, this kind of breed is used to hunt animals in groups such as rabbits and foxes. They were exclusively bred by the Romanov aristocracy. They are known for being strong but graceful.

Their skinny physical feature allows them to run at 35-40 mph. Wikipedia reports that males stand at least 28 inches and females 26 inches while weight ranges from 60 to 105 pounds.

This dog is being adored because of its calm, quiet and respectful personality. They have extraordinary looks because its long and narrow. Its body is narrow with slender legs and a deep chest.

Since they belong to the sighthound class, they are very sensitive. They can be a watchdog too as they bark often but they cannot give enough protection to their owners. They can become friendly to those they know but they are not sociable to strangers.

They can become stubborn at times so proper training is needed with patience and consistency. They are dog athletes so they need everyday running. They are also robed with a long silky coat so it needs to be brushed 2-3 times a week.

This thick fur makes them susceptible to cold weather. They also need bigger space as these breeds usually stretch out and are not content with curling up in a corner.

11. Vizsla

Vizsla is used for retrieving operations

They originate from Hungary as serious hunters and are used for retrieving operations. This is an active sporting breed and is a good hunter for birds. They have muscular and lean bodies which is why they are athletic. A male vizsla is 22 to 24 inches and a female at 21 to 23 inches tall.

Because of their hunting history, they need a high level of physical activity. They are highly intelligent and they need to be occupied so as not to be destructive. They do not bark excessively but they can be a good watchdog. They are highly sociable as well even to strangers and other animals so they need more interactions.

They have fear of loud noises like thunderstorms and they might suffer anxiety if they are separated from what they are used to. They live up to 10-15 years.

Expert Tip: Their hair coating which is usually golden rust in color is short and smooth but dense with no undercoating so it does not require high maintenance. It can be a “wash and wear” hair coating with a little rub down.

They also require a lot of exercise and other physical activities as they are active dogs. Hunting, hiking, and any other outdoor activities must be done regularly.

What are the 2 tallest dogs?

The two tallest breeds are the Irish Wolfhound and the Great Dane.

The Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of dog in the world! This dog is an ancient breed from Ireland that was purposely bred for hunting wolves and warfare. This massive dog breed ranges from 70-90 cm in height and weighs around 40-70 kilograms.

They are friendly in nature but they can be aggressive and ferocious when needed. They are potentially powerful, courageous, and athletic as their bodies are suitable for hunting. Irish Wolfhounds are calm in nature. They are gentle dogs that can be trusted and good around kids, other pets, and strangers when properly introduced.

The Great Dane

The Great Dane is the second-largest dog breed in the world. This breed originated in Germany and was purposely bred to hunt wild boars they are slightly smaller than wolfhounds at around 65-86 cm in height but weigh heavier at around 54-90 kilograms due to their massive bone structure.

The Great Dane was meant bred to hunt wild boar, but they are now gentle animals and great companions. They are quite intimidating but they easily get along with other people and are very affectionate to their owners. They can be trusted around kids and other pets too.

What is the Smartest Dog?

Dog Breeds

Nowadays, there are many different breeds of dogs that you can have as a pet all over the world. All of these dog breeds are different. For example, certain dogs are better at doing certain jobs than others. As well, although all dogs are smart in their ways, some dog breeds are smarter than others. So, what is the smartest dog?

Border Collie

Smartest dog is the border collie
Smartest dog is the border collie

All dog breeds should be considered smart. However, some dog breeds are considered smarter than others. So, what is the smartest dog? Although this question is debated, most experts agree that the smartest dog is the border collie.

What Makes the Border Collie Smart?

The border collie is a herding dog breed. Due to their instinct to herd animals, this increases the intelligence level of the border collie. To herd other animals effectively, a border collie needs to be able to be aware of stray animals in the herd that it is guarding.

As well, to herd effectively, a border collie needs to be able to understand and obey its master’s commands.

What is the cutest dog in the world?

The cutest dog as of today is the Yorkie
The cutest dog as of today is the Yorkie

The cutest dog as of today is the Yorkshire Terrier also known as “Yorkie”. They are the smallest breed of dog in the world measuring only up to 10-13 inches in height, 12-16 inches in length, and only weighing around 3-5 pounds.

Aside from their size “Yorkies” are known for short legs, tiny eyes, and a curly tail. They are the most popular toy dog in the United States as their size is most suitable for apartment living as they do not take much space and they can only consume less food.

Temperament, adaptability, and maintenance

Yorkshire Terriers are friendly dog breeds that can easily get along with their owners and other people around the house including children as long they don’t play rough with them. Their only disadvantage is the small size that you might accidentally trip on them but bight collars and clothes might help to make them look visible.

Expert Tip: They can easily adapt to any environment, especially in small spaces. They are easy to maintain as they consume less food, don’t shed much, and require little grooming.


Listing all these skinny tall dogs, we can say that this breed can be a good family dog. Despite their lean and tall appearance which can be scary to some, they can be as friendly, loving, and affectionate as other dog breeds.

Generally, they are fast runners and hunters too due to their innate lean bodies making them swift in their movements. But having them as a pet requires enough time to provide them with the regular exercise that they need and proper maintenance.

If you have any queries regarding these dogs, kindly leave your comment and we will be happy to assist you as you choose the best canine for you and your family. With the best care and proper training, this kind of breed will be an ideal companion and family dog in every home.

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