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What Do Fruit Flies Mean Spiritually? Here’s The Truth

So you’re minding your usual business in the kitchen when suddenly you see a swarm of fruit flies coming at you. Now you’re thinking. Not again!

If you’re tired of playing the unwilling host to fruit flies, it might help to view their presence as a good thing. They aren’t simply telling you it’s time to deep-clean your house. They may also be teaching you lessons on life and spirituality. Who knew there’s such a thing as a spiritual meaning of fruit flies?

Spiritual Meaning Of Fruit Flies

Why Do Fruit Flies Fly Around Me?

Fruit flies love anything sweet and moist. They are notorious for feeding on rotting fruits, which are terrific places to park their precious eggs as well. It’s no wonder why they appear right when you are prepping a week’s worth of lunch meals, reorganizing the fridge, and emptying the trash bin.

What Do Fruit Flies Symbolize?

These flying creatures may be enough to send you into a full-on panic mode.
These flying creatures may be enough to send you into a full-on panic mode.

The mere sight of these flying creatures may be enough to send you into a full-on panic mode. You already know the drill. For a few weeks, fruit flies will be staying rent-free in your home. But it pays to look for the spiritual messages behind their wings, one of which is the power of change.

Spiritual Message of Transformation

It’s normal to somehow get stuck in a routine. Whether at home, at work, or in your relationships, you get used to doing things a certain way. Now, routines are great, they let you get things done quickly. But they also force you to just be where you are, with no room for growth.

Expert Tip: The changes (from egg to larva to pupa to fruit fly) that fruit flies go through show you that welcoming changes in your life gives you opportunities for improvement.

As long as you’re stuck like a fruit fly egg, you won’t accomplish anything. The moment you allow transformation to take hold in your life is when you become open to new experiences. You start getting fresh opportunities for adding to the household income.

You begin seeing other ways of showing love and appreciation for family. You realize the importance of nurturing your relationship with friends. In short, you get to enjoy your life more fully.

Spiritual Message of Survival

The life of a fruit fly is not a pretty picture.
The life of a fruit fly is not a pretty picture.

The life of a fruit fly is not a pretty picture. It must be tough being laid, like an egg, on some dirty and foul-smelling rotting onion.

Imagine having to go through the awkward phase of being a larva on the rim of an empty bottle, or of being a pupa underneath the lid of a disposal bin. These experiences are enough to make any fruit fly see red. It’s no wonder that fruit flies literally have red eyes by the time they are full-fledged adults.

Kidding aside, you can look to fruit flies to learn about surviving in this ever-changing world. They show the importance of survival to help you adapt to life’s challenges.

Your doctor said you have a high risk of getting heart attacks? Quit smoking, eat nutritious foods, learn to de-stress, and exercise regularly.

Have you heard on the news about a storm coming? Stop sitting and waiting for your house to get hit. Read home improvement blogs and watch house repair videos to learn how to calamity-proof your home.

You accidentally broke your arm when you fell while fixing the roof? Get medical help and work on healing yourself instead of laying around and feeling sorry for yourself.

Do you need to move into a bigger house that can accommodate your growing family? Then teach yourself new skills and get a second job that lets you pay the bills on time while saving for a mortgage downpayment.

Fruit flies are masters of showing you that flexibility is key to survival in life. You may find yourself in tough situations, but there is always a way for you to get up and get out of them.

Spiritual Message of Freedom

Fruit Flies Spiritual Message of Freedom
Fruit Flies Spiritual Message of Freedom

Fruit flies are a perfect example of the power of letting go, and their message of freedom touches all areas of your life.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about how bossy your co-worker at the office is, it may be wise to let go of your pride. Think about how working with someone you find annoying is better than being jobless and hungry.

If impressing your friends with high-end clothes or gadgets is your way of feeling good about yourself, it may be time to let go of people-pleasing. What’s truly impressive to others (if you still care about what they think) is not being so deep in debt that you could lose that designer shirt you paid on credit off your back.

Whenever you feel angry because your child has broken another plate, your neighbor’s dog just walked all over your flowers again, or your mother-in-law is criticizing your housekeeping for the nth time, remember the fruit flies and let go of toxic thoughts and emotions.

Expert Tip: Don’t stress yourself about these things and instead, accept the reality that nobody, including yourself, is perfect.

Great Days Ahead

Fruit flies can be unsightly and unsanitary. But you can learn from them valuable spiritual lessons on transformation, survival, and freedom. These are all good reasons to stop dreading the sight of fruit flies in your home.

With a smile on your face (and an arsenal of cleaning supplies behind your back), it’s okay to welcome these fruit flies with open arms.

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