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Names For Snakes: Cool Snake Names For Your Pet Snake

Snakes are one of the most underrated animals to keep as pets. They make brilliant companions and are surprisingly sociable. They do need a constant heat source and access to UV light, but are relatively low maintenance, feeding only 1 -2 times a week.

With the right research and with proper care and handling, these beautiful creatures can live for over twenty years, depending on the species.

But choosing a name that your new friend will have for so long can be daunting! So whether you want to pick something adorable, cool, unique, or simply something that’ll make you smile, read on for some inspiration!

snake names

Funny Snake Names

More pets than ever are being given human names. Not only does this usually reflect the popular culture of the time, but makes us feel like our pets are part of the family.

The irony of using a human name for a snake certainly gives it a humorous element. ‘Hi, this is my pet snake, her name is Pamela’, will certainly serve as an effective and funny ice-breaker.

If you want to go the extra mile, giving your snake a title, (e.g. Doctor. Lady. Reverend) or following up with a suffix (e.g. Senior. Junior, or ‘The Third’) is always a sure-fire way to get a laugh!

Funny Male Snake Names

•     Barry

•     Bart

•     Bernard

•     Boris

•     Chaz

•     Chuck

•     Clive

•     Colin

•     Dave

•     Dennis

•     Desmond

•     Donald

•     Douglas

•     Edison

•     Elvis

•     Eric

•     Eugene

•     Frank

•     Gavin

•     Garry

•     Gerald

•     Gerry

•     Gilbert

•     Gus

•     Jafar

•     Jake

•     Jimmy or Jim

•     Kenneth

•        Kevin

•        Larry

•        Martin

•        Marvin

•        Monty

•        Neville

•        Patrick

•        Percival

•        Randy

•        Reggie

•        Rocco

•        Roger

•        Ronald

•        Steve

•        Terence

•        Timothy

•        Walter

•        Wilbur

•        William (Snakespeare)

•       Yoda

Funny Female Snake Names

•        Angela

•        Barbara

•        Betty

•        Beverley

•        Brenda

•        Carol

•        Cheryl

•        Cynthia

•        Daphne

•        Deborah

•        Donna

•        Doris

•        Dorothy

•        Edith

•        Enid

•        Evelyn

•        Gloria

•        Heather

•        Janice

•        Joan

•        Joyce

•        Judith

•        Karen

•       Kathleen

•       Linda

•       Margaret

•       Marilyn

•       Martha

•       Mary

•       Melissa

•       Mildred

•       Pamela

•       Patricia

•       Prudence

•       Sally

•       Sandra

•       Sharon

•       Shirley

•       Susan

•       Wilma

Cute Snake Names

Despite not being widely considered as cute, baby snakes, in particular, can be incredibly endearing. With their soft scales, big eyes, and a growing trend to make them wear hats, you would be forgiven for opting for an adorable name for your new baby snake.

Cute Male Snake Names

•       Arlo

•       Ash

•       Baloo

•       Barney

•       Basil (The Basilisk)

•       Benji

•       Bertie

•       Buddy

•       Cola

•       Dizzy

•       Freddy

•       Frodo

•       Gizmo

•       Happy

•       Johnny

•       JoJo

•       Marley

•       Maxxie

•       Muddles

•       Muddles

•       Nibbles

•       Noodles

•       Pickle

•       Rory

•       Ralphie

•       Slinky

•       Smiley

•       Sid or Sidney

•       Teddy

•       Toby

•     Willie

Cute Female Snake Names

•       Angel

•       Belle

•       Blossom

•       Boo

•       Candy

•       Dolly

•       Dot

•     Dream

•     Everest

•     Fifi

•     Ginger

•     Gumdrop

•     Honey

•     Lula

•     Luna

•     Mabel

•     Melody

•     Misty

•     Nancy

•     Pansy

•     Patty

•     Peach

•     Peaches

•     Princess

•     Poppy

•     Star

•     Starla

•     Sprinkles

•     Susie

•     Tinkerbell

•     Tulip

A massive Reticulated Python
A massive Reticulated Python. This is the longest type of snake in the world.

Big Snake Names

Bigger species, such as reticulated pythons, burmese pythons, or boa constrictors, deserve a section all for themselves. Although these species are generally docile in captivity they can certainly look quite intimidating, especially at feeding time! Try some of these big snake names on for size…

•       Baymax (can be unisex)

•       Bruce

•       Brutus

•       Celeste

•       Cerberus

•       Cleopatra

•       Diablo

•       Goliath

•       Hagrid

•       Grawp

•       Hulk

•       Hunter

•       Iggy (can be unisex)

•       Jaws

•       Jumbo (can be unisex)

•       Khaleesi

•       Khan

•       Lomax

•       Maximus

•       Miles

•       Monster

•       Queen

•       Raja (can be unisex)

•       Sulley

•       Tank

•       Thanos

•        Titan

Or if you like a little bit of irony…

•       Cuddles (particularly amusing for constrictors)

•       Fluffy

•       Titch

•        Thumper

Cool Snake Names

Snakes feature in myths worldwide as a symbol of creation, immortality and in some cultures were thought to be the guardians of the underworld. The process of shedding their skin has led to snakes representing transformation and a new life cycle, but they have also frequently been used as a symbol for fear; biblically, the snake portrayed evil and deceit.

Despite those bred in captivity usually displaying placid and laid-back natures, they do have an undeserved reputation for being dangerous and powerful. Such a cool pet deserves a cool name so here are some that just oozes awesome.

World’s Deadliest Snakes
World’s Deadliest Snakes

Cool Female Snake Names

•       Aphrodite

•       Astrid

•       Athena

•       Bellatrix

•       Clementine

•       Cyrus

•       Delta

•       Elektra

•       Eve

•       Fae

•       Gemini

•       Gorgon

•       Helena

•       Indie

•       Iris

•       Juniper

•       Medusa

•       Megara

•       Monroe

•       Nagini

•       Narcissa

•       Nebula

•       Nova

•       Pandora

•       Rebel

•       Rogue

•       Savannah

•       Scarlett

•       Shesha

•       Venus

•       Vixen

•       Widow

•       Xena

•     Zelda

Cool Male Snake Names

•       Apollo

•       Aragog

•       Atticus

•       Blaze

•       Bowie

•       Draco

•       Drago

•       Eagon

•       Firenze

•       Griffin

•       Hades

•       Hemingway

•        Jaxon

•        Kaa

•        King

•        Kobe

•        Lennox

•        Maverick

•        Nemesis

•        Onyx

•        Pluto

•        Prince

•        Rambo

•        Rex

•        Rio

•        Rocky

•        Scar

•        Severus

•        Silas

•        Smaug

•        Spike

•        Thanatos

•        Thor

•        Tyrion

•        Tyson

•        Venom

•       Zeus

Animal Unique  Snake
Animal Unique Snake

Unisex Snake Names

If you do not know the sex of your snake it is a good idea to get a professional opinion especially if you are a first-time snake owner. The vet or maybe even the pet store will be able to use a probing technique to let you know whether you have a male or a female snake.

This is the most reliable way of determining the sex of the animal but should only be performed by someone with experience to avoid your snake being injured. You might decide it doesn’t matter, particularly if you are not interested in breeding. Here are some unisex names you can use comfortably for male and female snakes.

•        Andie

•        Berry

•        Billie

•        Bingo

•        Boots

•        Charlie

•        Chilli

•        Cookie

•        Dash

•        Diesel

•        Domino

•        Doodle

•        Jess

•        Kit

•        Luca

•        Mika

•        Mouse

Names for breeding pairs

•     Sid and Nancy

•     Sam and Ella

•     Pebbles and Bam-Bam

•     Romeo and Juliet

•     Peter and MJ

•     Shrek and Fiona

•     Bonnie and Clyde

•     Venus and Mars

•     Morticia and Gomez

•     Jack and Jill

•     Captain and Morgan

•     Minnie and Micky

•     Simba and Nala

•     Wanda and Vision

Names for non-breeding pairs

•     Thelma and Louise

•     Cheese and Toast

•     Pinky & Brain (great choice for albino or amelanistic pairs!)

•     Tom and Jerry

•     Starsky and Hutch

•     Jekyll and Hyde

•     Chip and Dale

•     Buffy and Willow

•     Bubbles and Squeak

•     Mario and Luigi

•     Tweety and Sylvester

•     Rhyme and Reason

•     Touch and Go

•     Stick and Twist

•     Cheese and Crackers

•     Jack and Daniel

More tips for choosing a name for your snake

To conclude here are a couple of other things you might want to think about when picking out a name:

Your snake’s personality

This isn’t as easy as ascertaining the personality of a dog. or a person but snakes have character as much as any other creature. Does your snake prefer hiding? Or do they wait eagerly at the door to come out and play? Do they get grumpy when they’re shedding or due to feeding or are they always happy to be handled regardless?

If they aren’t used to being handled and tend to get a bit snappy you might choose a name appropriate to that behavior!

Any distinctive coloring or markings

Snakes can have the most incredible and intricate markings or colors that change with their shedding schedule. Maybe Ringo’ would suit a corn snake with particularly distinctive ringed markings or ‘Sunny’ for a golden Burmese python.


Everyone loves a little alliteration, so maybe you want to consider a fun name that goes with the species of your snake, like Barry the Ball Python, Romeo the Reticulated Python, or Coco the Corn Snake.

Your interests

Feel free to explore the things you’re interested in, maybe a particular character in a movie or a TV show a mythological creature you want to give a nod to when choosing the name. Use everything around you to find a name truly personal to you.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your new pet snake, or found some inspiration to work with! Just a reminder to make sure you have done all of the necessary research, and finally, to enjoy your new addition!

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