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Texas Scorpions List: 4 Texas Scorpions Species To Look Out For

Texas Scorpions are highly venomous creature that lives throughout much of North America. Distinguishing features include:

  • Its red-brown coloration.
  • Long body with pincers at the end for grabbing prey.
  • Distinctive curling tail that looks like one giant claw.

The scorpion’s sting produces powerful neurotoxins that cause intense pain by blocking nerve signals from transmitting to the brain.

Below is a list of Texas scorpions.

1. Arizona Bark Scorpion

Arizona Bark Scorpion
Arizona Bark Scorpion

This species of scorpion is the most venomous in North America. When it stings humans, about 8 percent are severely hurt. The sting can also lead to death when allergic reactions are too severe, or exposure to the sun occurs after being bitten. This species has a brown-yellow color with lighter pincers on its tail end.

The male’s length ranges between 6-13cm (2-5in). The female’s length ranges between 7-13 cm (3-5in).

Expert Tip: They will not attack unless provoked, but stings cause excruciating pain for about 24 hours afterward if they pierce through clothing which covers around 60 percent of your body.

2. Striped Bark Scorpion

Striped Bark Scorpion
Striped Bark Scorpion

This species of scorpion has an orange-yellow color with darker banding on the tail end. The male’s range is between 8-13cm (3-5in) long, while females are larger, ranging from 9-15 cm (4-6in).

They are common in Texas and around the USA, but they rarely sting humans unless provoked after being touched repeatedly or pinched by them, which can cause serious pain for 5 to 15 minutes. Their venom is not considered dangerous to humans as it only causes slight discomfort even if stung directly on open flesh more than once or twice.

However, some people are known to have allergic reactions if stung multiple times within 30 minutes of each other.

3. Striped Tail Scorpion

Striped Tail Scorpion
Striped Tail Scorpion

This species has black striping on the tail end and is between 5-8 cm (2-3in) long. Their venom is very potent. However, they are one of the more docile scorpions out there.

They will not attack unless first being provoked by being touched repeatedly or pinched, which can cause serious pain for 5 to 15 minutes after stinging if repeatedly stung within 30 minutes of each other. The venom’s effects are considered dangerous to humans as it attacks muscles, leading to paralysis in severe cases.

However, healthy adults are unlikely to have any negative reactions from its sting unless they have an allergy or sensitive skin. These scorpions live under rocks or vegetation, so be careful when moving them.

4. Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion
Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion

This species has yellowish legs with brown pincers on the tail end. Their bodies are between 14-20 cm (5-8in) long.

They are very rare and are considered one of the most dangerous scorpions in the United States, if not North America as a whole because their venom can cause severe pain for about 24 hours after stinging, which is only effective when injected into muscular tissue or through a mucus membrane on humans.

Expert Tip: They have been known to sting more than once on some occasions, even while being handled by people who spent time with them daily, so be careful dealing with this species.

Are there poisonous scorpions in Texas?

Bark Scorpions are known to sting repeatedly if agitated
Bark Scorpions are known to sting repeatedly if agitated

There are relatively few species of scorpions found in Texas, with the most dangerous being the Bark Scorpion, as they’re known to sting repeatedly if agitated, which can potentially be fatal if a person has a pre-existing allergic reaction.

Most commonly found from Texas southward into Mexico, the bark scorpion features two pincers, one to grab their prey while the other pierces them with venom that often immobilizes their victims immediately.

The venom is not dangerous to humans unless you are allergic to proteins in its makeup, as it can cause severe discomfort or death depending on the severity of an individual’s reaction. They are very aggressive and will sting multiple times if necessary, which is why care should be taken around this scorpion.

Can a Texas Scorpion Kill a Dog?

One sure answer for this question is YES. It can kill ad dog. Most likely, the scorpion carries a venomous sting on its body. Once it gets released the moment it hits its target, it can technically give an undeniable pain to the bitten part.

Once gets worst, the venom will spread affecting some nearby organs and tissues, most likely the heart, and eventually can paralyze and even kill its victim in an instant. For a dog’s case, the bitten part might not be visible except if it gets swollen and some red portion of the skin is obvious already.

Once left untreated, the dog will experience heavy breathing, irritation, and even excessive drooling. If these are the symptoms seen on your dog, better go and see your vet right away so that the possibility of getting killed might be lessened.

If you are too far from the vet’s office, the first thing you can do is to apply a cold compress on the affected area, if your dog allows it. And most especially, keep your dog awake at all times to know if he is still responding or not.

Are Texas Bark Scorpions deadly?

The most common species of scorpion that can be found in Texas is the striped bark scorpion. It is distinguished from other species of the scorpion by the two dark stripes that run along its light brown colored body.

They feed in insects such as centipedes, flies, and spiders and live usually in residential buildings. Scorpions are nocturnal predators that hunt for food at night. Scorpions attack when frightened and threatened by injecting their attacker with venom.

Texas Bark Scorpions' sting is not deadly to humans
Texas Bark Scorpions’ sting is not deadly to humans

The Texas Bark Scorpions’ sting is not deadly to humans. Only a small percentage of them have venom that is so toxic enough to kill people. The sting will only result in intense pain which can be immediately treated with an ice pack. Their sting is similar to that of a bee and only results in aching or swelling.

However, to someone allergic to scorpions, a sting of striped bark scorpions needs immediate medical attention.

Thank you for reading our blog post. If you have any questions about the Texas Scorpions feel free to leave a comment and we shall be glad to answer all of your questions.

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