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What Does A Scorpion Symbolize? Here’s What You Need To Know

When people think of scorpion symbolism, they usually associate it with the astrological sign of Scorpio, did you know that? It also has other meanings too? It can mean that you are in danger. Did you know that if you dream about a black scorpion, it can mean death? Are you afraid of being proud? It can also mean that.

In this article, we will look into what scorpion symbolism is and what it means in a spiritual way too. You will want to pay attention if you wondered what it signifies. Some of the meaning of the scorpion will shock and amaze you but you will also be fascinated to see how different people view the scorpion.

Scorpion Symbolism And Meaning

The scorpion is a symbol of danger, death, and disease. That is because it has that stinger that looks like it’s always ready to attack. Many people think that the scorpion is ugly and gross. They don’t want it around them even in pictures. Scorpions are generally on the prowl at night.

You most likely already know that it is linked to the astrological sign and that is one that passes through the sun. The astrological sign that it represents is Scorpio and people that are born into this sign have the sting of the scorpion if you make them mad.

When people are born in the Scorpio sign are strong-willed, domineering, secretive, and a lot more. They are extremely assertive. The ceilings of many buildings that are famous have the scorpion symbol etched in them.

Scorpion Native American Symbolism

Scorpion Native American Symbolism
Scorpion Native American Symbolism

It has been the subject of ancient rituals, cults, and spells. Scorpions were popular with Native Americans. They used them for medicine and antidotes to other toxins that were poisonous. Elders in the group used the scorpion to explain life to the children.
They do not fear the scorpion as many other people do.

They instead look at it in very different ways and they welcome it into their lives for various reasons. These reasons are always something that will benefit them. They want to get something from seeing or using a scorpion. It will seem awful that they do this by other people that are afraid of the scorpion but it is their traditions and beliefs.

No one is able to escape what will happen in the natural order of things and they use the scorpion that will turn on someone to get its way. The scorpion has psychedelic properties and they took it for this reason. They believe it also has medicinal value. Since it gave them a higher level of consciousness because they were high.

They also believe that the scorpion never stings to hurt their victim on purpose but rather just engages in a dance with them because of its true nature. When they use the scorpion symbol to get what they want their people see them as strong and powerful. They want to emulate them and become as tough as they are.

When they do this, it can be infuriating to people that are not from this area because they view the scorpion as something totally different than they do. They cannot understand why someone would want to be around evil which is how they feel about the scorpion. That it brings evil upon other people and it’s to be avoided.

Scorpion Eastern Symbolism

In the eastern symbolism of the scorpion, they believe that it is both evil and a protective force. After being around for millions of years, the scorpion is considered one of the best survivors. They have existed on all of the continents in the world except that of Antarctica, 430 million years ago they can be traced back to the Silurian era.

Expert Tip: In China, people use the scorpion in many ways. They use it in the hopes that it will prevent illnesses. In some instances, it is seen as a charm in this area. The wan has a meaning of 10,000 and it comes from the symbol of the scorpion.

Scorpion Christianity Symbolism

Scorpion Christianity Symbolism
Scorpion Christianity Symbolism

In the Bible, the scorpion is an evil symbol. The tail will sting and cause much pain to a person. They are the bringer of things that are hurtful and evil. People will need to avoid the scorpion at all costs or they will be in trouble. They will never know when the scorpion will intend to attack and they will be terrified if they see it coming at them.

People do not want to see scorpions as it reminds them of things that are bad. They choose to not look at them and they hope that they never see one in real life. In the Bible, the scorpion is also thought of as Satan’s evil and bad things. They do not wish this type of animal around them at all in any way, shape, or form.

Families in China that only have one son will put a scorpion on red cloth which they use black thread to embroider it on. The child will wear this. They use 4 other symbols besides that scorpion also. They are the snake, centipede, toad, and viper.

Scorpion Celtic Symbolism

Celtic symbolism of the scorpion sees it as having mystical powers. They believe it is much like a snake and it will strike unexpectedly. Witches and sorcerers were used for witchcraft and in the potions that they made. They might or might not have an intention to hurt other people so they are to be feared.

When they use the scorpion to help them do evil things to other people, they are looked at by their people as having special powers.

In 130 AD, Galin thought that it was a symbol of divine retribution. They also believe that the saliva from a man could kill the scorpion. They also believed that it could sting itself. The reason that it didn’t get harmed when this happened is from the oil that protects it.

Jewish information says that robbers that wanted to steal something would find pots of scorpions that turned to gold. It means that what was stinginess is turned to charity and generosity. This is what they believe when they see scorpions. This is so different from other people see a scorpion.

Since a scorpion’s sting is poisonous, these other types of people cannot see how anything good could become of finding scorpions in pots at all. It puzzles them in many ways and they don’t quite understand the thinking process that goes into it.

Scorpion African Symbolism

Scorpion African Symbolism
Scorpion African Symbolism

The sting of a scorpion in African symbolism is the same as the powers that are chiefly. It’s also a symbol for the Goddess Selket, an Egyptian Goddess. The leader of the South is the King Scorpion with his name being written with the scorpion symbol. They also believe that it shows the way into the Underworld.

They believe that the scorpion is powerful and that if they embody this, it will give them more stature and strength. It will enable them to fight their enemies and to right the wrongs that are happening. Since they don’t fear it, they are not like other people that shy away from the symbols of the scorpion.

They are in many of their homes and in the furniture that they use. The scorpion symbol is around them a lot. They don’t even notice it most of the time. Since they are so used to it. they rarely pay attention to all of the symbols of the scorpion in their lives.

Scorpion In Dreams

Scorpion In Dreams
Scorpion In Dreams

If you see a scorpion in dreams that you have, it will mean that you might have enemies that have been secret in the past. You will need to confront them to solve the problem. It’s also an enemy of the people. It has life and health-destroying powers.

When you are bitten by one in your dream, it means that you will have lots of trouble with one of your enemies. As a warning in the tradition of Kabbalism and because of its evil powers, the scorpion in a dream is something that will be unpleasant and extremely evil.

Expert Tip: Scorpio dreams in the astrological zodiac mean mysteries in life, rebirth, and the occult. You may also find that if you dream of a scorpion, it can be that you are going on the path to find the diving in a spiritual way. However, you are misled by someone who acts like they really care but they do not and they do not have good intentions.

Dreams of scorpions can mean that you want revenge. It can also mean that you are not getting far in the progress of your spirituality. It will also represent bitterness, cynicism, sarcasm, and aggression when you see a scorpion in your dream. This may mean that you will be hurt by someone or you are the one that is harboring these feelings.

Having dreams with scorpions in it is very scary for most people. They want to awaken right away and they liken it to a terrible nightmare. They are usually shaken when they awake from their sleep.

Scorpions can have devasting effects on people and they will have very real and strong nightmares when they even think about them. If a person is susceptible to this, they should avoid even looking at pictures of them or even thinking about them so that they won’t be upset and subconsciously store the information in their brain.

That way, it won’t come out in their dreams or nightmares.

Scorpion Mythology And Folklore

The scorpion is likened to a snake and Satan in the Bible. It can be said that the symbolic meaning of the scorpion is that of the Devil. There are all kinds of evil associated with it People want to avoid a scorpion at all costs because they are afraid that it might sting them out of the blue.

It attacks when it wants and they don’t want to deal with it in any way, shape, or form. Tattoos of scorpions can represent gangs. They can also mean that the person wearing a tattoo like this is a bad boy. Many people think that they are up to no good and they like to hurt people.

Some people believe that the Devil has come in the form of the scorpion and that the scorpion wants to hurt any of God’s people. They want to stay away from anything that has to do with a scorpion because they fear it all the time.

Just like when the snake came to Adam and Eve, the scorpion will take on the Devil’s ways to tempt people and to cause them harm. This is what some people believe that the scorpion is all about. For that reason, as well as others, they know to avoid it. They shy away from anything that has to do with scorpions at all costs.

They don’t want to be harmed or end up being so fearful that they can’t even look at a picture of one of them. That is how they want to protect themselves from any harm that a scorpion or the thought of it can do to them.

The different meanings of scorpion tattoo:

 The different meanings of scorpion tattoo:
The different meanings of scorpion tattoo:

Because scorpion can cause death with one wave of its tail, it represents fear and intimidation. Although this is the overall perception of scorpions, the different tattoos of scorpions represent different meanings.

  • Psychedelic scorpion represents a person with open-minded thinking.
  • A dark scorpion or black scorpion represents fear and death.
  • If a scorpion comes with a sun it represents power, life, and death.
  • Scorpion in striking pose represents high power and sexual energy.
  • Scorpion in relaxed pose represents wisdom and calculative person.
  • The small scorpion represents great power and is very deadly.
  • The dancing scorpion represents high sexual arousal.
  • Tribal scorpions are the figure of protection against evil.
  • Scorpion symbol on women represents a very strong female with no fear.
  • Scorpion and rose together represent a person that cannot be judged and be careful when near them.
  • A scorpion with a rose tail represents a person who can be pleasant and unpleasant at the same time.
  • A scorpion on a gay person indicates he is HIV positive. (not proofed yet)
  • A Russian scorpion with an open claw represents a person who has been in combat or jail.
  • In drug addicts, the scorpion with stinger up means he is still using drugs. If stinger down means he has quit.
  • A scorpion in a Mexican cartel means he is a contract killer.

Scorpion Totem Animal

Scorpion Totem Animal
Scorpion Totem Animal

Scorpion totems represent the capacity to calmly stand by prior to striking. As an animal, a scorpion has solid natural senses that reinforce your mindfulness so anything hidden away turns out to be clear before you act. As far as otherworldly gifts, it offers you the illustration of protection when needed.

As a Totem Animal Scorpion implies a change in the types of death and resurrection. Being attracted to the Scorpion demonstrates there are examples in your previous existences that can help you.

Expert Tip: Scorpion totems are great for healers and light-workers with the goal that they can change the poisons in individuals’ Auras all the more viably.

Persons born under or who pick a Scorpion Totem will generally be entirely fine with immeasurably significant issues. Scorpions are unimaginably versatile animals who can flourish in the cruelest of conditions.

Besides, people with Scorpion as a Totem Animal will quite often make astounding clinical experts, particularly the individuals who work in trauma centers or at death’s door.


Scorpions have lots of different reasons for all kinds of people. They are usually thought of as evil but in some cases, they are not. Learning about the various ways that scorpions are looked at is interesting and you should take into account the information that you have learned in this article.

Being aware of the scorpion symbolism and how certain people look at it will give you the ability to understand why they do what they do. You will be glad that you have this information so that you can understand why there are scorpions present in other cultures. These cultures will use the symbol of the scorpion in many ways.

Know that in your dreams, the scorpion usually represents that you have enemies that you might be hurt. Take it as a warning so that you can remain safe and unharmed. You will be glad that you did.

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