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Raccoon Names: 150+ Funny & Cute Racoon Names

Raccoons are whimsical and intelligent wild animals. Their natural habitat is in mixed forests. When autumn comes, they shelter themselves on a fallen shred of leaves to sleep and hide from predators. Due to their opportunistic behavior, they can easily adapt to various environments.

Today, they are found in human settlements in areas that are abandoned and secluded. They’re still wild animals, nevertheless, raccoons can be housetrained with great attention. They are also very loving pets and are mostly curious about anything. Just make sure you are informed of the regulations of having a pet raccoon!

If you’re planning on having one or you have one already but couldn’t think of it, this is exactly for you. You’ll see an extensive list of names that will suit your cute raccoon.

Raccoon Names

Cute Raccoon Names

Raccoons are cute because of their popular appearance.
Raccoons are cute because of their popular appearance.

Naturally, raccoons are cute because of their popular appearance. The black fur masking their eyes, their round small ears, and a fluffy tail? They deserve to be called some cute names, don’t they?

  1. Mochi
  2. Moose
  3. Peaches
  4. Petal
  5. Pickles
  6. Pumpkin
  7. Squish
  8. Titch
  9. Waffles
  10. Zippy
  11. Bridget
  12. Medea
  13. Ophelia
  14. Roxie
  15. Feron
  16. Rascal
  17. Declan
  18. Walter
  19. Flash
  20. Jumper
  21. Flynn
  22. Brandy
  23. Rekker
  24. Trenton
  25. Charlie
  26. Adora
  27. Barnaby
  28. Biscuit
  29. Boba
  30. Buddy
  31. Buttons
  32. Clemantine
  33. Cuddles
  34. Cutiepie
  35. Dolly
  36. Ducky
  37. Dumpling
  38. Nana
  39. Flora
  40. Ikiea
  41. Fifi
  42. Pimpim
  43. Kiwi
  44. Pompom
  45. Remie
  46. Roxie
  47. Dami
  48. Gumi
  49. Helen
  50. Niko

Funny Raccoon Names

Quick and pick one for a witty moment.
Quick and pick one for a witty moment.

If you’ve got the humorous side in you, you would understand these funny names are making sense for your raccoon. Quick and pick one for a witty moment.

  1. Gizmo
  2. Ringtail
  3. Prowler
  4. Egg
  5. Ringo
  6. Real Raccoon
  7. Trouble
  8. Bandit
  9. Zorro
  10. Rigby
  11. Whiskers
  12. Not a Dog
  13. Robber
  14. Rocky
  15. Stinky
  16. Thief
  17. Tom Nook
  18. Trash Panda
  19. Treasure Cat
  20. Tycoon
  21. Wastebin
  22. Urban Legend
  23. Hooman
  24. Animal Settler
  25. Bandit
  26. Batman
  27. Dustbin
  28. Garbage
  29. Gene Simmons
  30. Goblin
  31. Goth
  32. Hangover
  33. Hoover
  34. Hungry
  35. Kohls
  36. Swifty
  37. Coon
  38. Bandito
  39. Meeko
  40. Raku
  41. Marine
  42. Naughty
  43. Buttons
  44. Dark Eyes
  45. Gizmo
  46. Ringtail
  47. Prowler
  48. Egg
  49. Ringo
  50. Tico
  51. Sly Cooper
  52. Treasure Cat

Famous Raccoon Names

This will not only give your raccoon a name but also meaning.
This will not only give your raccoon a name but also meaning.

“Ah! Let me just ask the captain. Oh wait for a second, it’s me! Yeah, I’ll go.” Rocket Raccoon in Infinity Wars. This is the most exciting part for your raccoon. This will not only give your raccoon a name but also meaning. Pretty sure you and your pet will love these names and their backstory. Choose wisely!

  1. Joey (Dr. Dolittle 2 by Steve Carr)
  2. Ken (Urban Vermin by Diana Arruda and Tim Thompson)
  3. Marine the Raccoon (Sonic Rush Adventures by Sonic Team and Dips)
  4. Lifty (Happy Tree Friends by Rhode Montijo and Ken Navarro)
  5. Rigby (William Salyers of Regular Show)
  6. Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Comics)
  7. Abe (Urban Vermin)
  8. Bert (The Raccoons)
  9. Bright Heart Raccoon (Care Bears)
  10. Constable Raccoon (Franklin)
  11. Don (Regular Show)
  12. Rory the Raccoon (Linus the Lionhearted by Ed Graham)
  13. Roy (Talking Tom and Friends by Outfit7)
  14. Ruddiger (Tangled: The Series by Disney Television Animation)
  15. Scootch (PB&J Otter by Jim Jinkins)
  16. Timothy (Timothy Goes to School by Gary Hurst)
  17. Rascal (Araiguma Rascal)
  18. Eddie the Rac (Hank the Cowdog)
  19. Maynard (Paw Patrol)
  20. Meeko (Pocahontas)
  21. Raccoon (The Nut Job)
  22. Ranger Rick (National Wildlife Federation)
  23. RJ (Over the Hedge)
  24. Rick Raccoon (Shirt Tales)
  25. Roni Raccoon (The 1980s Winter Olympics Mascot)
  26. BK and the Raccoon King (Donut County by Annapurna Interactive.)
  27. Chota (Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb by The Dreamers Guild.)
  28. Bandito (Beanie Babies.)
  29. Omer (Mascot of the Odyssey of the Mind organization.)
  30. Ty Coon (Deputy Dawg by Terrytoons)
  31. Weecha (The Son of Bigfoot)
  32. Roy Rakoon (Talking Tom and Friends a show by Outfit7)
  33. Ruddiger (Tangled: The Series by Walt Disney Television Animation)
  34. Smokey (The Dukes by Hanna-Barbera)
  35. Rackety Coon Chile (Pogo by Walt Kelly)
  36. Joey (Dr. Dolittle 2 by 20th Century Fox)
  37. Rascal (Rascal by Walt Disney Pictures, based on the book by Sterling North)
  38. Azeban (Mythological figure of the Abenaki tribe)
  39. Adam Raccoon (Parables for Kids by Glen Keane)
  40. Bobby Coon (Thornton Burgess)
  41. Chester (The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn)
  42. Doc Raccoon (Ben Lucien Burman series)
  43. Eddie the Rac (Hank the Cowdog by John R. Erickson)
  44. Jesse Coon James (My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George)
  45. Tripod (James Lee Burke series)
  46. Seeker-After-Patterns (Beyond Infinity by Gregory Benford)
  47. Little Brother (Wizard Listens-to-Wind in the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher)
  48. Woo, Lily (Sandra And Woo)
  49. Freddy (Chucklewood Critters)

Did you find this list of raccoon names interesting? These are the names that are highly suggested for your raccoon. If this list provided what name you are looking for, a comment on which one you have decided on for your pet raccoon! Feel free to share your ideas as well to make this list even more engaging.

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