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Can You Have A Pet Raven? Here’s The Answer

Ravens can be represented by the corvid family and despite the reputation, they have made for themselves as dark and morbid creatures they are very fascinating creatures. They are graceful, beautiful, and very intelligent birds, their social tactics are known by bird watchers worldwide.

They have been featured in some horror films as a sign of death and other scare tactics. They are also mysterious, dark, interesting birds, and they are recognized for their large size feathers and wing span. These birds can be enjoyed in many ways other than owning one as a tamed animal.

Read on to find out all the facts you need to correspond with the raven and more.

Pet Raven


It is no wonder why all these facts about ravens can make most bird lovers crave these dark mysterious animals to keep at home as a companion. And it’s no wonder because the way they act and respond to humans is one of the top reasons you would want to own one as a pet bird But that doesn’t mean we should do so or that it is legal.

Unfortunately, Ravens are not very good pets, and there are many legitimate reasons for this. Read on for a full list of all the possible dangers, or consequences you may encounter if you decide to keep a Ravens as a pet and other ways to have the raven as a companion besides keeping them locked up and possibly harming their well-being.

By now you are probably wondering why a Raven doesn’t make a good pet. And we are going to explore all the reasons why or why not and how to get around these so that you can still watch this bird from your very own home in most cases.

It is not advisable to keep a Raven as a tamed animal and it is actually illegal to have the Raven as your four-legged buddy. There are a bunch of reasons why these laws are In place, and I have mentioned all the most important ones below.

It is not advisable to keep a Raven as a tamed animal
It is not advisable to keep a Raven as a tamed animal

The first and main reason as I already stated above is that in the United States of America it is illegal to own a raven without some type of special permit and training because of reasons that are unsafe for the bird’s well-being.

If it wasn’t illegal in the United States to keep corvids, and ravens as pets, it is possible that people would steal the baby birds from their habitat and attempt to sell them. It kind of sounds like bird trafficking, doesn’t it?

Even if you find an injured Raven you must turn it over to the correct facility or you may be at risk of being charged by local authorities. Even though you may have just been trying to help the bird this act is still illegal in the eyes of the law.

Technically you can buy a Raven from another country but the problem occurs when it comes to having the bird shipped to you because of customs. And I must insist that you follow the law and maintain the best interest of these awesome creatures.

Expert Tip: They were not meant to be kept captive and this can be very damaging to the ravens well being as they require a very well-trained professional for care as a pet.

The next reason and a very important one also is that they require a huge amount of space. Ravens are wild animals or birds and they need to have a large space to be able to fly and explore their territory. Along with flying they enjoy traveling. They will never be very happy if they are made to stay in a small cage and it could affect their health.

They enjoy being able to survey their area from up above in high places like telephone poles, trees, and rooftops to find their prey. They may also like to travel long distances at a time. The raven cannot do any of these things if he is confined to a cage somewhere and the bird may become depressed.

These birds of the wildlife are very social creatures and they have to have others of their kind to associate themselves with so that they don’t become depressed or I’ll.

You may be familiar with the saying “a murder of crows” well it’s the same for ravens, this animal definitely has to have others of its kind to thrive. Ravens stay very family-oriented by forming strong bonds between each other and they look out for one another.

They also communicate with each other during the course of the day and alert one other if there is any danger or enemies. Ravens may not run in very large groups, but they also work together with each other for things they need to be able to communicate with other Ravens and birds of their kind.

Without these social groups, the raven may become ill from anxiety and depression.

The next reason and a very important one is that they bite and are dangerous birds if they are not raised from birth. Ravens are part of wildlife and are not tamed so remember if threatened or approached in the wrong way they may bite.

They have very strong, sharp, pointy beaks, and while they may not seem to pose a threat to you when they are in the wild, in captivity things are different and they may become irritated and angry, which can cause them to act out and use their defense mechanisms.

Another reason you may not want a Raven for a pet is the annoying sounds they make they tend to be very noisy birds. Have you ever been around near enough to hear a group of ravens when they are upset about something? Well, they are very, noisy.

They make a variety of noises to be able to correspond with their families to warn them of danger or to frighten enemies away.

The sunlight is a factor in having an animal as a pet also. Corvids are not to be kept indoors for a very long time. They need to have a lot of time in the sunlight to get enough vitamins to have the maximum calcium absorption and other health benefits. Without it, their health will deteriorate.

They also will need special care and food.

Raven's eating habit is to feed them fruits, vegetables, and some meats.
Raven’s eating habit is to feed them fruits, vegetables, and some meats.

Ravens have a very big appetite and will eat almost anything if they are living in the wild. What we know as the best healthy route for them and their eating habits is to feed them fruits, vegetables, and some meats. They have been known to eat other human foods, and actually enjoy leftovers but human foods are not very healthy for them.

Human foods can also attract other unwanted animals like raccoons and foxes and both are natural raven predators. If the raven becomes it will need care from a trained professional or a vet. It is not good for their mental health if the raven is confined to small spaces and limited to interaction.

The raven is known for being a very intelligent bird. They like to learn how to use different tools and work together using different strategies to hunt for their prey or food for the day. Without mental stimulation, ravens may start to act depressed, or even erratic at times and be very anxious creatures.

So what does this mean you can do to enjoy this beautiful bird-like your own pet and still give it the freedom needed? Just because we can’t own a Raven doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy them regularly. Instead of taking one in as a domestic animal, there are other ways you can still correspond with these amazing, creatures in the wild.

They are very extraordinary animals and are great to look at. They like to eat early in the morning so this would be a good time to make sure you have something out for them.

If you decide you want to start feeding them it is good to have something for them on a routine basis every day, this will help build a connection between you and the bird and you might start to get regular visits.

If you have a garden or some type of bird feeder out in your yard then you may find them lurking around the area. Remember we mentioned having a fake raven around could be helpful and your garden would be a great place to store your fake raven. Doing this will encourage the visits from your raven so that they may keep returning.

Eggs and cut-up slices of meat can usually be attractive snacks and are healthy choices for corvids such as the raven. You can use these opportunities to gain the raven’s trust and build a relationship that will allow you to feel the connection of having the bird as a pet while still maintaining its freedom.

Also if you want to have ravens around and try to connect with them you will need to remember to give them a safe place by keeping other domestic animals such as dogs and cats away when feeding.

Like most animals ravens are not interested in hanging out in areas that may be dangerous to their well-being. Another reminder that is helpful is to turn off your sprinkler systems during that time.

Involve trees. Remember we talked about how ravens like to stay on top of tree limbs, poles, or rooftops. So when thinking about interacting with them be sure to feed them in an area that has these things around for them to sit on. You will likely get to enjoy watching them fly down from above and get their food below.

Expert Tip: A weird but fun fact is that Shiny objects can attract the raven’s attention from above and bring the curious bird down to investigate.

Having shiny coins or other decorations that reflect the sun to different places in your area of being can help attract ravens to where you want them to visit. Try hanging an old CD or shiny disk from the branches, you will get good results from this.

Remember that Ravens do like trees. And where are there a lot of trees? In the park of course. So if you are having a hard time attracting them to your home just go to the local park or take a hike on a nearby trail and you can spot all kinds of them on branches or in the sky above.

Some frequently asked questions about the raven:

Can they live in a cage?

Absolutely not. They require a huge amount of flying and traveling in space. And this is unhealthy for them.

How much does a Raven cost?

If you get the approval to own a Raven you will likely end up buying from a reputable, legal breeder and they may cost somewhere between $2000 and $6000.

Tame a Raven?

Ravens are among the most intelligent birds on the planet.
Ravens are among the most intelligent birds on the planet.

Ravens are among the most intelligent birds on the planet. They live in the wild, but also inhabit human settlements. Because they are very social animals, they can become quite attached to their owners if they spend enough time with them.

Nevertheless, taming a raven can be a challenging task, requiring patience and a massive cage. Also, ravens can be extremely noisy, so training one is not recommended for the average person.

If you are planning on training your raven, make sure that you choose a place where there are many ravens in the area. You should also make sure that you approach the raven with open arms and a variety of treats. While this might sound difficult, it is possible to teach a raven to sit on your arm or perch on your arm.

But you must be patient and consistent with your training sessions, as the raven will need a bit of time to get used to the humans.

The first step is to feed the crow. They are attracted to food, and if you feed them regularly, they will begin to trust you. But if you feed them too quickly, they may attack you, which will lead to a confrontation. Then, they will stop eating your food and will fly away.

But don’t forget that crows are a little cautious and suspicious of humans, and they’ll remember you.

Are Ravens Friendly to Humans?

Raven is a highly intelligent species that has a reputation for being confident.
Raven is a highly intelligent species that has a reputation for being confident.

Are ravens friendly to humans? That’s a question many people wonder. The answer to this question is complicated. They are a highly intelligent species that has a reputation for being confident. Unlike other birds, however, ravens are easier to gain the trust of than other animals.

If you want to get up close to one of these birds, approach them cautiously and be consistent in your approach.

The first thing you must know about the species of these birds is what distinguishes them from crows. Both birds are black and shiny, and their beaks are more pointed than those of crows. They also have a long, pointed tail. Unlike crows, ravens soar more than crows. If you see a soaring crow, it’s likely a raven.

Expert Tip: Ravens are scavengers and usually eat anything from the dead to the alive. But they are also predatory. They can attack small snakes and immature birds.

Those with young should be wary of a raven’s attack on their nestlings. They also attack newborn livestock by pecking at their eyes. It can also feed on dead animals. If you think you may be a threat, try to keep your distance from them. Eventually, you’ll be able to trust them.

In the wild, ravens are extremely clever and cunning. They’ve been known to push rocks into trees to steal fish. They’ve even been reported to use their claws to pull ice fishermen’s lines. They are also known to make choices that sound like.

However, unlike crows, ravens are never captured. And even if you do get a chance to see one, don’t be afraid to approach it. You’ll be glad you did!

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there really isn’t any good reason to own a Raven when you can safely gain their trust of them and interact with them from a safe distance. Ravens are no different from other wild birds, wild birds just do not make good pets. Listed in this article are many different ways to interact with the raven.

These ways of communicating with this bird are not threatening to the bird’s health and will keep you on the safe side from any legal issues pertaining to the situation.

Keeping them in captivity may cause depression and other serious health problems. Yes, these birds are brilliant and interesting, beautiful amazing creatures and have so many reasons that they would be the ideal pet, but they are not created to be captured and do not belong as domesticated animals.

This is the best way to keep the bird from becoming unhealthy and eventually maybe even extinct. Instead of capturing the raven from its habitat try spending some time outside with them watching how they act and correspond with one another and listening to all the noise they make.

You will learn their habits and connect starting to build a special bond with them by doing this. You will be thankful that you took the time to do so.

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