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Symbolism & Meaning of the Peacock (Totem, Spirit, and Omens)

Have you dreamt of or seen a peacock out of the blue? How fascinating it must be to find out the meaning of peacocks in your dream and learn what they symbolize in this realm.

For hundreds of years, the peacock has been revered for its beauty and symbolism. The peacock’s majesty, virility, strength, and charm are mirrored in countless legendary myths and legends; they have inspired numerous symbols of divinity and monarchy, honor, and immortality.

Because of its bright colors, ancient cultures such as the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans lauded the beauty of Peacocks. A peacock’s sight was regarded as a gift from the gods or other divine entities. As a result, they were greatly treasured as a sign of good fortune.

This article will examine the peacock’s meaning, history, symbolism, and spiritual importance.

What do Peacocks Represent?

Peacocks represent rebirth and rejuvenation, monarchy respect, honor, and integrity. They also represent beauty, love, and passion. These birds are regarded sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism, and they are worshiped alongside their deities.

What do peacocks represent?
What do peacocks represent?

We will discover everything we need to know about their spiritual meaning and symbolism in this article, including their cultural relevance, the purpose of their tattoos, dreams, encounters, and the significance of their spirit animals and totems.

The Symbolism of the Peacock

Peacocks are highly valued in most regions of the world due to their distinctive and magnificent plumage. But is this all these birds have to offer? No, not at all. Peacocks represent a variety of additional characteristics, not all of which are positive. The three most common peacock symbolisms are as follows. Examine them out:


Many ancient wise men believed that peacocks had immortality bestowed upon them. There is a myth that describes how this belief came to be. The story goes back to the days of Adam and Eve.

After Adam and Eve ate the cursed fruit, they persuaded all the animals and birds around them to do the same. One of them was a peacock, but he refused to consume the fruit. God recognized his abstinence and bestowed him with imperishable flesh that would not deteriorate even after his death.


Did you know that peacocks flaunt their colorful plumage during the mating season to attract peahens? And the peahens mate with the one whose plumage they find most appealing.

Their entire mating process is a display of vanity. But unfortunately, these birds teach us that conceit is never rewarding, our innate beauty is far more essential than our looks.


Peacocks have traditionally been regarded as royal birds, whether for their stunning plumage, exquisite posture, or soft meat. Consequently, only kings and their elite visitors could enjoy witnessing the peacocks dance in ancient times.

Such delights would be inaccessible to ordinary individuals in society. Given the regal care these birds have received over the years, it would only be appropriate for them to represent royalty.

Peacock is a Spirit Animal

Peacock is a spirit animal
Peacock is a spirit animal

If you consider luxury and extravagance necessities in life, the peacock spirits may be keeping an eye on you. Such individuals have an inbuilt drive to live extraordinary lives and accept nothing less.

They are aware that some around them may regard them as shallow or materialistic for wanting such things, but that is who they are, they will not change for anyone.

These people are well aware that to live the life of their dreams they will need to work extra hard, and they are prepared for it. They are not afraid of hard effort and think they can earn the luxury they deserve.

Most of these folks go into science or politics because their heads are full of progressive ideas that they wish to put to good use. They also want to leave a legacy that will be remembered long after they are gone.

These folks enjoy being pampered as lifemates and are open about it. They are not for everyone, many would perceive them to be high-maintenance, which they are. However, they’re stunning and wouldn’t pass up any opportunity to show off their beauty.

They also have one flaw, their confidence may sometimes appear arrogant, which makes others detest them. If you can’t keep up with someone like that, ifs best to avoid them.

When Is It Appropriate to Call on Your Peacock Spirit Animal?

When Is It Appropriate to Call on Your Peacock Spirit Animal?
When Is It Appropriate to Call on Your Peacock Spirit Animal?

The peacock spirit animal can change your life in ways you never imagined. You can seek their advice in the following circumstances:

  • Whenever you want to find out what you can do, if you can’t see your feathers, you won’t be able to see your beauty, either.
  • Their spirits can take you into your inner consciousness, allowing you to discover your actual potential. It will also assist you in becoming utterly aware of your strengths, which you can then employ to your advantage.
  • When you aren’t sure of yourself. Peacock spirits have a lot of self-love and self-confidence, and they can help you boost your self-esteem by giving you this kind of help.
  • You try to move on from past trauma and need the energy to keep going in life. The Shamans thought that peacocks had mighty healing powers, so they kept them around. Your mental and emotional wounds will be healed by their strength. You will also become more substantial because of your experiences.

Male Peacock

Male peafowls are particularly popular due to their vivid plumage and screeching sounds. However, you’ll be delighted to see that the appearance of their dazzling tails changes depending on whatever angle you look at them from/.

Female Peacock

Female Peacock
Female Peacock

Female peafowls are known as peahens, and even though they are not as vividly colored as their male counterparts, they never fail to impress us with their pure aura.

Their plumage is predominantly brown, with bluish-green throats and cream-colored bellies. Interestingly, female peacocks have one significant advantage over male peacocks: their ability to fly to compensate for their less appealing aspect.

Expert Tip: Peahens are significantly better flyers because they don’t have the bulky and extended tailpieces that weigh them down. Furthermore, they use their natural coloration to blend in with their surroundings more effectively than the males.

Peacocks in Your Dreams

You can’t deny that having these gorgeous creatures visit you in your sleep makes you happy. What, though, is the spiritual significance of their dreams? Let us investigate.

A Peacock in White

A white peacock represents pride. Dreaming about these peacocks indicates that, even if you are unaware of it. your style of expressing your knowledge to others can come across as arrogant if not nasty. People frequently dislike you as a result of this.

Feather of a Peacock

Dreaming of a peacock feather is a good omen. Such a dream indicates that you are on the verge of professional achievement and that it will soon open a slew of new doors for your company.

A Peacock in Motion

Peacocks only dance when they are happy thus, dreaming of it could reflect how glad you are in real life. Can also interpret these dreams in another way. They could be a sign of a significant opportunity that awaits you. As a result, you should be prepared.

A Peacock Encased in a Cage

Although keeping peacocks in a cage appears cruel, fantasizing about it has a good connotation. First, it shows that you are keeping your pride under control, which is good.

A Peacock that has died

In your dreams, it’s terrible to see a dead peacock. So, don’t do that. Many people dream that they will get into a fight with their parents or partner soon. This isn’t good for both of you. It’s also important to know if you killed the bird in your dream that the fight began because of your mistake, and you should apologize before it’s too late.

A Peacock in Flight

Dreaming of a flying peacock is a bad omen. Such a dream represents hubris and suggests that your success may have gotten to your head. Instead, think about the things you haven’t done yet in your life. You might be unable to do any task because of this one.

The Chase of a Peacock

If you find yourself chasing after a peacock in your dream, this signifies that you are a perfectionist. While striving for perfection is admirable, becoming obsessed with it is detrimental to your health.

A Peacock in Black

The appearance of a black peacock in your dream indicates a terrible sign. It means that someone in your group of friends is jealous of you and wants to use everything they know about you to hurt you.

The symbolism of the Peacock in Greek Mythology

The symbolism of the Peacock in Greek Mythology
The symbolism of the Peacock in Greek Mythology

The Greeks had a fascinating theory about how peacock feathers gained their peculiar, eye-like patterns. The plot goes as follows:

Peacocks were regarded as the birds of paradise in Ancient Greece, devoted to Hera, the Greek goddess of family and marriage. Hera was married to Zeus, the Gods’ monarch. Zeus once had a crush on a young woman named lo. Lo was also known as “Callithyia” Hera’s first priestess.

Hera became enraged when she discovered their romance. She asked that the girl be brought to her and be transformed into a Heifer. Then she assigned her servant. Argus, to watch over the Heifer. Argus was a hundred-eyed all-seeing demon who was utterly dedicated to his mistress.

Hera became enraged when she discovered their romance. She asked that the girl be brought to her and be transformed into a Heifer. Then she assigned her servant. Argus, to watch over the Heifer. Argus was a hundred-eyed all-seeing demon who was utterly dedicated to his mistress.

Zeus was distraught over everything that had occurred and wanted to assist poor lo in escaping. To accomplish this, he summoned Hermes, his messenger, and instructed him to assassinate Argus. Hermes went to Argus and began to mesmerize him with his flute. Hermes killed him and liberated lo while he was sleeping.

It was a way to convey his love for Hera, who was so near to him, that he thought about him.

Totem of the Peacock

When you have lost your ability to enjoy the beauty in your life, the peacock totem enters your life. Their totems are known for prioritizing beauty and grace over all else, and that is what they are here to teach you. In addition, these totems are skilled in the art of self-love, self-confidence, and pride and can detect a lack of these in your life.

You will first learn to respect yourself, your talents, and your skills under their influence. And it is when you have learned to love yourself you will be able to love others.

The Symbolism of the Peacock In Far Eastern Culture

The Symbolism of the Peacock In Far Eastern Culture
The Symbolism of the Peacock In Far Eastern Culture

Peacocks represent the Earthly incarnation of the otherworldly Phoenix in Chinese tradition. These birds were also utilized as a Ming Dynasty symbol, representing power, beauty, and divinity.

They are also associated with the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin, and represent comprehension, empathy, and compassion. The same goddess is known as “Kwan-Yin” in Japanese culture.

Expert Tip: Peacocks are India’s national bird. Many Indian households save their feathers as a symbol of prosperity and good health.

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu creates peacocks using a feather from a Garuda, a bird he employed as his transport (vahana).
Peacocks are related to several different Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

For example Goddesses, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Karthikeya ride on these royal birds.
Another legend connects these birds to Lord Krishna. Lord Vishnu’s eighth incarnation (avatar). Once upon a time, a flock of peacocks slept near where Krishna spoke with his buddies.

Krishna began to play his flute to pleasure these peacocks, and the melody it produced was so heartwarming that all the sleeping peacocks awoke and danced to it. Finally, the gang approached Krishna after they had enjoyed themselves.

The group leader bowed to him, thanked him for his music, and asked him to accept a feather from his plumage as a token of their admiration. Krishna gratefully accepted it and placed it on his throne.

What Does Seeing A Peacock Mean?

Have you recently seen a peacock and are curious what it could imply for you? A peacock may emerge in your life for a variety of reasons. The first and most crucial could be to spread the message of self-acceptance and love. These birds attempt to persuade you to take a fresh look at everything around you, beginning with yourself.

You may despise all of your flaws and imperfections, but remember this: we’re all human. And being fully human entails imperfections. And if you can’t accept yourself and make peace with your shortcomings, you’ll never be able to love someone else.

With an empty glass, you can’t make someone else thirsty. If you don’t love yourself, you’re nothing more than avoid. Furthermore, the emergence of a peacock in your life may serve a romantic purpose. As someone single, these birds could mean that you’ll soon meet the person of your dreams.

However, if you’re in a relationship that isn’t working out but you’re afraid of ending it because you’ll be lonely, the peacock encourages you to be brave and take the proper step. Believe that you deserve someone who loves you and that you will find when the time comes.

Peacock Tattoo Meanings

Peacock Tattoo Meanings
Peacock Tattoo Meanings

Peacocks are the most cultural significance birds, contributing to many tattoo meanings. As a result, peacock tattoos are prevalent and we’ll look at some of the most common ones and what they might mean.

  • In Christianity, peacocks are thought to be God’s favorite bird, blessed with the ability never to deteriorate, even after death. Therefore, a peacock tattoo is ideal if you want your brilliance to live on even after you die.
  • Buddhists liked the unusual pattern on peacock feathers and associated it with broad consciousness, followers of Buddha who believe in this concept have a peacock feather tattooed on their bodies.
  • In China, military personnel was given a peacock feather as a mark of appreciation for their service to the country. As a result, these tattoos could be worn by anyone who wanted to serve their country or perhaps humanity.
  • Devotees of Lord Krishna also acquire peacock feather tattoos to symbolize their sincere devotion.
  • Peacocks are also symbols of beauty and elegance. Their tattoos are more common among those who value their beauty on the inside and out.
  • Peacocks were a symbol of royalty and wealth in ancient cultures. However, these birds were only available to the wealthy. As a result, their tattoo may signify your enhanced social status.


Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning of the Peacock, Peacocks are symbolic of beauty, just as ravens are of wisdom, falcons of strength, and cranes of elegance. They have an awe-inspiring look due to their vivid and multicolored plumage unrivaled by any other bird.

These birds, however, signify not just skin-deep beauty but also internal beauty, the beauty of thoughts, emotions, and intelligence. The peacock spirits think that a person’s heart must be as lovely as their face to be gorgeous.

Aside from their beauty, these birds represent royalty, purity, and immortality. People guided by peacock spirit animals are creative and intelligent, and they wish to make the world a better place.

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