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Guinea Pigs Male Vs Female: How To Tell The Difference

Are you considering getting guinea pigs for the first time? Or maybe you’ve decided to get one but aren’t sure whether to get a male or female guinea pig. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place as this article will help you decide the sex of your guinea pig.

We have provided a comparison of some differences between male vs female guinea pigs for you.

Overview: Male Guinea Pig

Male guinea pigs are commonly referred to as Boars. It has an average height and weight of 8 to 10 inches and 2 to 2.6 pounds, respectively, and can live for 4 to 8 years. The male guinea pig instantly bonds with its owners in terms of personality. Boars were thought to be sociable, assertive, and approachable by many people.

They are undoubtedly messy, and you may notice them tossing their beddings around the enclosure. If you get a male guinea pig, be prepared for them to throw their food around. Despite their messiness and misbehavior, provide them with food regularly.

Male guinea pigs are better suited to beginner owners as they're more courteous
Male guinea pigs are better suited to beginner owners as they’re more courteous

This means that male guinea pigs are better suited to beginner owners as they’re more courteous and adventurous, and thus will not devote the first several weeks trying to hide.

Their chaotic nature will take some time to get used to, but it will easily provide you with the interaction you ought to assume responsibility for these creatures, and then they will appreciate being brought around or getting to know the house.

Overview: Female Guinea Pig

Meanwhile, the female guinea pig is referred to as the Sow. Their average height and weight are 8 to 8 inches and 2 to 2.5 pounds, respectively, and they have a lifespan of 4 to 8 years. In contrast to the latter, Sows are quieter and more vulnerable to fear, which causes them to escape.

They are also less probable to let you hold them, but with perseverance, they will also bond with you and become nearly as welcoming as the male. Until it becomes comfortable, it will prefer to be close to you when it is frightening, and it will also help soothe some other scared piglets you might also have.

Female Guinea Pig will demand an unlimited supply of plenty of fruit and veggies
Female Guinea Pig will demand an unlimited supply of plenty of fruit and veggies

The female, such as the male, will demand an unlimited supply of plenty of fruit and veggies. On the other hand, they are much tidier as it’s less likely to be making chaos in their surroundings. Several owners love females since they are cleaner and require less upkeep than males.

Sows are the best candidate for those with adequate expertise to give her time to settle into her new surroundings before pressing her to socialize. It also is ideal for those that don’t own a bunch of time to wipe up for themselves and reorganize their environment.

Which is Better: Is it the Male or Female Guinea Pig?

When left alone, both female and male guinea pigs make excellent pets.
When left alone, both female and male guinea pigs make excellent pets.

When left alone, both female and male guinea pigs make excellent pets. What distinguishes one from the other is entirely dependent on what the owner is looking for in a pet.

To find the best option, make sure you understand the characteristics of both girl and boy guinea pigs listed above, as these will help you determine which is best suited to your preferences.

You won’t be disappointed with either a Boar or a Sow as long as they are fit and active, delighted, and approachable. However, deciding whether to get a pair or add a new piggie to your existing herd is an important decision.

Expert Tip: Guinea pigs are pack creatures, so keep in mind that even if you spend that much time with your pet, he or she will still need the company of one or more guinea pigs. So it is recommended that you consider pairing them in the future.

What are the Differences Between Male and Female Guinea Pigs?

What are the Differences Between Male and Female Guinea Pigs?
What are the Differences Between Male and Female Guinea Pigs?

The most obvious distinction between male and female guinea pigs is in their genital tract. A female’s private parts resemble a Y-shape when viewed from the bottom part of the guinea pig at the core of its tail. A male guinea pig’s sexual organs look like an alignment with a wobble from above, which s the male reproductive organ.

However, listed below are more comprehensive comparisons of the differences between a Sow and a Boar. Specifically, this section presents their comparison in terms of size, cleanliness, smell, playfulness, social dynamics, noise, confidence, eating habits, health concerns, grooming routine, and their compatibility with other guinea pigs.


Male and female guinea pigs are nearly identical in terms of size. They are almost the same length once they enter maturity. The majority of them range in length from 8 to 12 inches. However, some evidence suggests that a male guinea pig weighs slightly more than a female guinea pig.

Whether you are planning to bring in super young guinea pigs, take into account that these guinea pigs will grow to be bigger as adults. Genetic makeup and nourishment are just two of several elements that determine how big or small they will be.


Sows are commonly neater than Boars since they are naturally keeping their habitat tidy, whereas Boars are unconcerned about the tangle around them. Boars seem to be more likely to splatter food and knock over drip trays.


Sows, as opposed to Boars, have a less pungent odor. It is because males have more intense grease gonads. Usually, they emit an aroma from their grease gland whenever they want to exert their power or mark their sphere of influence.

Therefore, if not scrubbed constantly, the spot around the gonads, which is situated under a guinea pig’s tail, can become oily and smelly. However, it isn’t a foolproof means of evaluating guinea pig sexual identity because some Sows possess engaged grease glands as well.



Males are more whimsical than females, but some other variables affect how a guinea pig is affectionate with its holder. Its tier of liveliness is affected by the rate of ability to handle and recognized it receives as a baby.

A puppy who has been treated frequently will establish confidence in humans and will smarten up to be a fun pet. A pup who is seldomly handled, on the other hand, may develop resentment toward humans and become more aloof as a consequence.

A fresh-faced guinea pig is more expressive than an adult one. This is true with both older Sow and Boar.

Expert Tip: A guinea pig who feels comfortable in its surroundings seems to be more mischievous than the one who feels agitated. This means that a relaxed guinea pig is more likely to be playing.

Therefore, adjusting a pet’s setting can have a significant impact on how sociable it would be to its owner.

Social Dynamics

All-male duo or trio guinea pigsmay be a wiser choice.
All-male duo or trio guinea pigs may be a wiser choice.

Sows are more susceptible to staying in big units if you want a larger herd. A further possibility is to get more one tamed male and one or even more females. While Sows may start arguing more to validate their standing with others, female guinea pigs have lesser spinoffs that necessitate isolation.

Even so, if you only want to keep two or three guinea pigs, an all-male duo or trio may be a wiser choice. Anecdotal evidence implies that men often do not undertake as well in bigger herds, so getting this trio or duo will instantly restrict the number of guinea pigs you can accommodate.

This is particularly useful when you’re concerned about a broader herd feeling overly much stuff soon. Keeping tabs on connectedness is favorable, and in some cases, required, regardless of your pet’s gender. Adopting a bonded duo or trio is suitable for potential animal owners who never had piglets previously.

That way, the uncertainty and complexities of the layup are managed for you. Partnering with a modest animal shelter for subsequent companionship demands could also have a positive long-term impact on your puppies’ happiness and wellbeing. The importance to give your pets enough living space cannot be overstated.

If your habitat is too small, your piglets may have a more challenging time coexisting. Anxiety debacles or battles are more probable in smaller vegetation sizes, irrespective of how much they appreciate each other’s presence.


Boars are generally noisier than Sows and can be quite loud. Male guinea pigs appear to be more outspoken, but females can also be somewhat vocal. According to previous research, the Boars are typically the most chatty.

Some people, however, interpret their noise as the guinea pig proceeding with his everyday routine being happy and contented.


Male guinea pigs, on average, are more optimistic and bold than females. Sometimes this can give rise to instructing males and handling them more easily than their introverted peers. This could also imply that Boars are more curious and eager to discover their environment than Sows.

Even though they have comparable emotional responses, the Boars are often more assertive, making them easier to manage. A female guinea pig, on the other hand, is often convenient to select a decent companion because they are more susceptible to their guinea pig pals.

Eating Habits

Eating Habits
Eating Habits

Guinea pigs, both male and female require a diet rich in fresh green fruits and vegetables, kale, lettuce, and kale. Males usually eat far more than females since they are slightly heavier. However, both men and women consume pretty much the same amount of nutrition.

A pregnant guinea pig is one exception since it is expected that she will eat more because she’ll be nurturing the developing piglets within her.

Health Concerns

Untampered male guinea pigs are far more likely than altered Sows or Boars to suffer from a disease known as impaction. Impaction is an accumulation of fecal matter in a pig’s anal sack caused by their muscles weakening over the period, making it hard to completely unload their bowel movement while pooping.

Impaction in adult males can be managed with some extra duty on the part of the pet parent, and male senior guinea pigs could otherwise function normally. Unaltered Sows, on the other hand, are more likely than altered female guinea pigs to develop uterine, mammary, and ovarian cancer.

While this is true for both male and female guinea pigs with poor sanitation. Sows seem to be at a mildly increased risk of experiencing UTIs than Boars.

Even as declawing and castrating guinea pigs are also not as prevalent in the United States as it is in Australia or the United Kingdom, it will still be worth addressing this procedure done with your veterinarian, regardless of which gender you end up bringing into your household.

Grooming Routine

Guinea Pig Grooming Routine
Guinea Pig Grooming Routine

The distinction in pampering has less to do with intimate relations and more to do with the kinds of guinea pigs owned. Brushing is only necessary for males and females with short-haired coats. Male and female guinea pigs with long hair, on the other hand, will require a more frequent brushing regimen to maintain their coat in good condition.

Male and female nails grow at approximately the same rate. As a result, anyone who owns both male and female guinea pigs can shave them both at the same time. It should be noted that strolling or having fun on a hardwood floor and other concrete slabs can cause a guinea pig’s cuticles to grind down.

Thus, trimming a guinea pig’s nails may not always be essential.

Expert Tip: Both male and female guinea pig teeth should be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they do not become overly sharp.

Feeding hay constantly is a simple way for a guinea pig owner to monitor the quality of their pet’s teeth. This quality of diet innately wears down this pet’s teeth, allowing it to chew other fruits and vegetables more comfortably.


Guinea pigs are extremely packed animals. They are found in groups of ten or so in the forest. If you are thinking that tamed guinea pigs would get along instantly with others is not always the case. Two male guinea pigs can coexist. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on them for a while to guarantee that they are getting along.

Male guinea pigs can be aggressive at times. So, if one male dislikes the other in its cage, there may be a quarrel and it can be dangerous. As such, if there is an altercation, isolate them as soon as possible. On the other hand, guinea pigs that are trying to get to know each other will detect and pursue each other across the cage.

If you put two males in a cage, it’s best if one has an active character and the other has a neutral one. This enables one of the duos to be the commander and another to be the supporter. Imagine when there are two dominant males placed in the same cage, they may combat.

Which is More Aggressive: Is it the Male or Female Guinea Pig?

Males are more aggressive than female.
Males are more aggressive than female.

Generally, many pet owners have said that males are more aggressive than female guinea pigs since they are territorial in terms of their space. They often felt the need to protect their habitat.

This results in the male guinea pigs being often stereotyped as more violent than females while in reality, these tiny pets are well-known for their soft demeanor. When analyzing guinea pig behavior, it is necessary to consider the animal’s background.

Assume a person decides to adopt a male guinea pig from a rescue center, it is more likely that the guinea pig is aggressive since its former owners treated them fairly. This was the guinea pig’s only means of defense against danger. With time, love, and compassion, the homeowner can earn the trust of the adopted guinea pig.

As an outcome of the gentleness shown to it, the pet progressively becomes kinder and friendlier. A guinea pig, as with most creatures, can also become assertive if pinned down or intimidated. Furthermore,

if a parent guinea pig believes her piglets are being troubled, she may become violent. An examination of a guinea pig’s exterior, as well as its background, can assist an owner in determining the cause of physical aggression.


Furthermore, this male vs female guinea pig comparison takes into account all of the important details you should be aware of before deciding which is best for you. Although their physical characteristics are nearly identical, their reproductive organ is easily distinguishable.

In terms of differences, certain characteristics distinguish them from one another, and these attributes will assist you in deciding which option is best for you. Therefore, we recommend that you should get a male for their first guinea pig due to the general encounter they have now and the quick social connections they foster.

It has a slightly longer life span, and having a male will easily arrange you for yet more guinea pigs. If you have prior experience or intend to hire more than one, it is preferable to hire a female to avoid border disputes. However, the decision is still up to you.

We are hoping you appreciate learning about both genders of this well-known pet. It is now your turn to decide which one is suitable for your preferences.

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