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Lizard Symbolism: What Does It Mean When A Lizard Crosses Your Path?

Down through the ages, humans have sought symbolic meaning and messages in nature. Lizard’s spiritual meaning is one of the most fascinating and intriguing. Its meaning can be found in many cultures throughout history.

From Ancient Roman traditions to the Native American spirituality of today, the lizard can be found as a central symbol in varying cultures.

Lizard Spiritual Meaning

A Guide to Lizard Spiritual Meaning

Lizard Spiritual Meaning is an extensive subject to explore. Let’s take a timeless journey through the ages to understand the symbolism of lizards.

Lizard Symbolism and Meaning

Lizard Symbolism and Meaning
Lizard spiritual meaning is positive

Studying the symbolism of lizards in different belief systems is compelling. Overall lizard spiritual meaning is positive, although in some societies it does have a negative connotation. It is a very complex symbol to interpret. In general, the lizard represents the sun and light and it is said to be an excellent sign of good fortune and luck.

It is said that something terrific is about to happen in your life. A sign of rebirth and regeneration, the lizard can also foreshadow change and growth in a person’s life. On the flip side, some cultures view the lizard as a negative sign.

In Hindu culture, if a lizard falls on a certain part of your body it could issue a warning of the destruction of some sort. Based upon the interpretation of the Bible, some Christians view the lizard as unclean. Also in the dreamworld lizard may signify something negative depending upon the circumstances of the dream.

Expert Tip: In any event, the presence of the lizard inspires many positive ideas and omens for an individual’s spiritual growth.

Lizard Christianity Symbolism

As you may or may not already know the Bible often indicates that reptiles represent sin. deception, and impurity. Overall the lizard is connected to the devil and impurity. Specifically, the gecko, the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the fire skink, and the chameleon are definitely signs of negativity.

The reason is they believed when a lizard died its remains could contaminate house items and food Here is the biblical reference:

“The gecko, the monitor lizard, the wall lizard, the skink, and the chameleon. Of all those that move along the ground, these are unclean for you. Whoever touches them when they are dead will be unclean till evening” (Leviticus 11:29-30).

Lizard’s spiritual meaning in Christian beliefs definitely surrounds the idea of contamination and uncleanliness. So much so that even touching a lizard’s dead carcass would pronounce the person unclean until the evening.

Lizard Celtic Symbolism

Lizards represent wealth and good fortune
Lizards represent wealth and good fortune

Lizard’s spiritual meaning in the Celtic world is a positive one. Lizards represent wealth and good fortune. It also signifies protection upon a journey or a type of guide when traveling, especially to the spirit world. When a lizard is seen upon a trip it means that you will experience success in your mission.

Celts also believe that lizards had a magical power that could be transferred to humans. They also believed lizards were an effective ingredient used by witches for their potions. As seen in Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in ancient Scotland one of the Three Witches adds this to their boiling cauldron:

  • Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing.
  • For a charm of powerful trouble.
  • Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

Another interesting belief is that Evaki, the Celtic Goddess of the Night, removed the ability to sleep from the lizard’s eyes and gifted the other animals with this ability. This explains why lizards often symbolize insomnia.

When studying Celtic folklore, overall lizards are viewed as kind characters rather than enemies. It is interesting to note that some Celtic legends portray lizards as dragons symbolizing wealth and nobility.

Lizard African Symbolism

The lizard as a symbol in African culture is very complex. This complexity is attributed to the polarizing beliefs that one culture believes it to be a negative omen while others believe it to be positive. It is clear that several different cultures have their own specific beliefs about them.

For example, in the sub-Saharan African culture, a lizard is viewed as a bad omen. It signifies the onset of death. On the flip side, in the Bantu culture, there is a myth where the chameleon is seen as a messenger of God delivering news of eternal life. Even in this story, there is a belief that the chameleon was subdued by another lizard. This lizard then brought a message of death.

Later, as many Bantu people began embracing Christianity, the chameleon became a symbol of Christ and his message of eternal life.

In the Zulu culture, there is a similar story. As the story goes a lizard was on its way with a message of eternity but then was overcome and eaten by another. This surviving lizard brought a message of death instead.

Expert Tip: It is clear that in African symbolism lizards are often signs of death or eternal life. One must break this symbolism down according to individual cultures.

Lizard in Dreams

Lizard in dreams may remind you to look within to solve a problem
Lizard in dreams may remind you to look within to solve a problem

The dream world is fascinating as our unconscious send us messages and symbols. When a lizard slides into your dreams it could mean many things. What is really interesting here is that in Native American culture, lizard medicine is the ability to see the shadow side of reality where your dreams live. It is the medicine of dreamers.

When a lizard is seen in a dream, in general, it may be reminding you to look within to solve a problem. Only then will you find a solution. However, there are so many messages a lizard could be giving you in a dream. How it manifests is the key to unlocking the meaning.

Identifying the type of lizard or the color of the lizard can also assist you in deciphering the symbolism. Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a dream about attacking a lizard, it is a sign of overcoming some type of challenge. But being attacked by one usually means to beware of betrayal by someone close to you.
  • The size of the lizard matters. If the lizard is big it may be signifying that the challenge you are encountering is enormous and great courage is needed.
  • While disturbing perhaps, eating a lizard in a dream could mean you are about to experience a successful financial opportunity or gain.
  • If the lizard is crawling, beware of deception. Sneaking people may be crawling toward you. On the other hand, if the lizard is crawling into a hole, it is time to examine the status of your sexual life as you may be unfulfilled.
  • Color matters. What color is the lizard that has made its way into your dreams? To name just a few colors:
    • Red means you need to examine your innermost desires for love, and passion.
    • Green signifies a desire for growth.
    • Blue is telling you to more actively express your thoughts and feelings.
    • Black warns you to prepare for criticism in your life.
    • White wonderfully symbolizes impending illumination and wisdom.

Since lizards have a large family with varying names it can be helpful to know exactly what type of lizard appeared in your dreams. It will shed more light on its meaning for you. Let’s look at some examples of types:

  • A Monitor Lizard signifies a new beginning in your life
  • An Anole Lizard indicates that you should follow the path of honesty in the face of confusion
  • A Frilled Lizard means you have been exhibiting poor leadership skills and you need to be strong in bringing your team together
  • A Skink Lizard symbolizes that you or someone around you is being two-faced
  • An Alligator Lizard signifies that you are having difficulty in expressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions

Lizard’s spiritual meaning in dreams is rich in symbolism as our unconscious seeks to communicate with us. Take note when the lizard visits you in the Dreamtime. There is a great deal to learn from this little creature with a boatload of symbolism.

Lizard Encounters and Omens

The lizard can tune you into challenges, opportunities, and danger
The lizard can tune you into challenges, opportunities, and danger

There are many interpretations of lizards when they cross your path in real life. Lizard’s spiritual meaning in encounters and omens is important to note. Messages from loved ones who have passed or your spirit guides and angels are trying to be heard.

So what are some of the possibilities that the lizard is signaling? Perhaps, it is time for a change. Maybe you are being reminded of the need to take risks in order to change and grow. Are you so focused on the mundane that you are forgetting that there is so much more to life than what you are currently experiencing? You are being reminded that you have what it takes to succeed.

More specifically, if a lizard literally crosses your path, they are inviting you to tune in with its sixth sense. The lizard can tune you into challenges, opportunities, and danger that is potentially on the horizon. It can also indicate good luck and that something good is about to happen in your life.

Just actually seeing a lizard can portend good luck. But if they are scurrying to hide, it may mean you need to be aware of trouble on the horizon.

Seeing a lizard is often thought to be a sign of rebirth and regeneration. Perhaps there is some opportunity or change about to present itself that will help you grow in your professional or personal life. In any event, pay attention when the lizard is nearby.

Lizard Mythology and Folklore

Down through the ages, Lizard has played a symbolic role in mythology and folklore. In general, lizards represent light, good fortune, rebirth, and regeneration. Lizards who love to warm themselves in sunlight are sometimes viewed in mythology as a giver of spiritual enlightenment.

For example, in Greek mythology, a lizard offered itself to Apollo so he would achieve eternal light. In Egyptian myths, the lizard represented divine wisdom and good fortune while in Roman myths the lizard was a symbol of death, resurrection, and rebirth.

Intriguing myths and folklore about the lizard are vast and vary in the Native American culture. Overall, Native American folklore and spiritual symbolism show lizards playing positive roles. They honored lizard medicine as the medicine of dreamers. They believed that lizard medicine could unveil your fears and hopes in the dream world.

Different tribes have their own beliefs and myths about the lizard. For example in Plains Indian tribes, lizards are associated with healing and masculinity. One myth inspired, some Plains tribes, to sew a newborn boy’s umbilical cord into a lizard-shaped amulet to ensure his health.

In the Navajo tribes, there is a myth of the lizard Gila Monster who was a hero. Within the Hopi tribe, the lizard is a supernatural being.

Expert Tip: Today, many Cheyenne people still consider it bad luck to kill a lizard and the southwestern tribes view the Horne Lizard as sacred.

Lizard Spirit Animal

The lizard is a symbol of the way that things naturally begin and end
The lizard is a symbol of the way that things naturally begin and end

As a spirit animal, the lizard is symbolic of the cycle of life. In varying cultures lizard represents death or resurrection. Based upon the lizard’s regenerative abilities it is associated with the concept of creation. Thus, the lizard is a symbol of the way that things naturally begin and end.

Those who have lizards as their spirit animal are dreamers. They are quite good at seeing the shadows in their lives. They can easily identify their fears and their hopes which inspires calmness and a balance in them. They know that when a setback occurs there are opportunities and happier times on the horizon.

It is easy to see then that the people who have lizards as their spirit animals have the ability to surrender to the flow of life when facing trying or challenging times. Instead of worrying they center themselves on their understanding of the cycle of life.

As a spirit animal, the lizard assists you to follow the flow faithfully while at the same time, proceeding cautiously. Resilience is also a key quality when it comes to lizards. Those with lizards as their spirit animal will face their fears head-on and work to overcome them.

The laid-back approach allows them to prepare for wonderful opportunities, casting off fear and doubt. They easily identify things of little worth and are able to envision the light life has to offer. Adaptable and flexible those who have the lizard as their spirit animal approach the cycles of life with confidence.

Lizard Totem Animal

In general, a totem is a plant or animal, something in nature that has a special spiritual significance to members of their community, clan, or family. The purpose of totems is also to bring messages from nature when you are in need. The lizard is a powerful totem, especially in the Native American and Aboriginal tribes.

For many Native American tribes, the lizard totem is associated with the Dreamtime. Because of the lizard’s physical characteristics, the lizard is a symbol of the psychic and intuitive. As Ted Andrew states in his book Animal Speak, “Individuals with a lizard totem should listen to their own intuition over anyone else’s.”

As a totem, it is important to consider that lizard’s symbolism is associated with the sun and light. It makes perfect sense that the lizard is often connected with dreams and visions.

The lizard as a totem animal comes to remind you of both your waking and sleeping dreams. The lizard can reawaken or recharge those dreams that you may have forgotten, inspiring new hope and enthusiasm. Your dreams will be reborn and you will have the courage to face fears and challenges in order to make your dreams a reality.

Lizard Power Animal

The Lizard Power Animal will help you in developing your defenses
The Lizard Power Animal will help you in developing your defenses

A lizard as a power animal is inspiring. Recall that a lizard is able to allow its tail to be ripped off, knowing that it is able to regenerate that part of its body. With lizard as your power animal, you are able to make sacrifices, letting go of things that do not serve you. You are then able to recreate something even better.

When it is time for release or change count on Lizard as a Power Animal to assist you. For example, releasing a destructive habit or a negative relationship, the lizard will help you let go and hold onto only that which is essential, the process will involve preserving what you treasure and will support you in attaining future goals.

The Lizard Power Animal will help you in developing your defenses and moving safely to your sacred space. Leaping Lizards!

As you can see from this article, Lizard Spiritual Meaning varies from culture to culture. The symbolism is very vast and complex, however, you can see threads of similarities interwoven in the different interpretations. Varying civilizations and cultures have developed myths and folklore about the little creature.

Lizard as a power animal, totem, or spirit animal is a timeless symbol. Encountering a lizard on the earthly plane or in the Dreamtime can signify so many things as you have seen.

We have provided a thorough overview of the symbolism and spiritual meanings of lizards. However, the information on this topic is quite extensive. Should you have any questions or need clarification on what we have presented, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to hear any comments or questions you may have.

Leaping lizards, this has been a great deal of information. Keep this guide handy so the next time a lizard leaps into your life, you will decipher lizard spiritual meaning, with ease.

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