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What Does Lizard Poop Look Like? – Lizzard Poop Guide

Lizards are a common household pest but can also be a pet to many. Lizards come in over 6500 different species, and lizards can be found all over the world. They are estimated to have been around for 220 million years.

Lizards are a great way to get rid of insects from inside your house. But, how lizards are known to hide from humans. So, if you can’t see you have a lizard in your house, you might be able to look at their poop and find out you have lizards in your house.

The best way to identify a lizard’s presence is by identifying a lizard’s poop.

lizzard poop

What Does Lizard Poop Look Like?

You may want to know what lizard poop looks like to make sure that the poop you find inside of your house belongs to a reptile instead of a rodent. Lizard poop typically is a white or yellow color and is characterized as being small and firm.

Sometimes, lizard poop can be confused for the poop of other animals, such as a mouse, rat, or bat poop, due to the similarity between the shapes, sizes, and colors of their poops. However, one important difference between lizard poop and the poop of other small animals is that it consists of two parts.

One part is a small white or yellow piece that is actually the lizard’s pee. The other part is a darker yellow or brown color. These two parts are connected because they both are excreted from the same opening, called a cloaca. Overall, lizard poop is known for being small, firm, and consists of two white and yellow parts.

lizard poop images
Lizard Poop Pictures

What Color Is Lizard Poop?

Lizards eliminate their waste through one opening, which is called the cloaca. That differs the lizards from most mammals, which use two openings to eliminate solids and liquids as waste. The cloaca allows the lizard to defecate and remove uric acid from the body. The color of lizard poop is typically black, with a white cap at the end.

The white cap is uric acid, which is excreted from the cloaca. They can simultaneously remove both solids and liquids from their body. Lizards come in many shapes and sizes as the species differ. But all of them seem to use the same cloaca to eliminate waste.

The size of the poop is quite small for most lizards. These lizard species are usually only a few inches long. The length of the lizard may determine the size of its feces matter. A larger lizard species such as the Iguana might actually defecate in larger quantities. Some tropical lizard species have various color poop as well.

Green poop is common among some species of lizards as well. The Iguana is a herbivorous lizard that can eat plant life. Many other lizard species thrive on eating insects and other tiny animals. The different diets will contribute to the final color of the poop from that lizard species too.

A new lizard owner might want to watch their pet. They will leave small droppings in a container over time. That is normal, and the droppings are roughly the size of rat feces. But there are subtle differences that new pet owners should note.

The white cap on the black poop is normal for the lizards. That is much different than the rat feces that is typically seen. The color signals a healthy lizard that is using their cloaca to eliminate all of their waste.

lizard shit
Lizard in Pasir Ris Park, Singapore

Does Lizard Poop Look Like Rat Poop?

Lizards get rid of feces from one body part called the cloaca. Because of the similar body shape that a lizard has to a rat, their poop can look basically identical. But, the main difference between lizard poop and rat poop is the white end to a lizard poop. If the poop has a white attachment at the end, you can tell it’s lizard poop; otherwise, it may be rat poop.

Are Lizard Droppings Dangerous?

You may be wondering; it is dangerous to handle lizard poop. Well, we definitely recommend when dealing with any insect poop, you deal with them carefully and use gloves. Some lizard droppings can contain bacteria, such as the common Salmonella bacteria. If the bacteria enters the mouth, it can be dangerous. Make sure you wash your hands after dealing with any lizard poop.

What Happens If A Lizard Poops On You?

If a lizard poops on you, you don’t want the feces entering your system, as lizard poop can contain very harmful bacteria like salmonella. This lizard poop is transmitted via feces and can cause things such as vomiting, diarrhea, and fever if it enters the body. So if a lizard poops on you, you want to wash off the poop, and quickly disinfect the area and wash off any poop. Make sure you don’t let the poop enter your system through the mouth.

What happens if you eat lizard poop?

This can be very dangerous to eat lizard poop, and it definitely is not a good idea to try. You may get very sick from eating lizard poop, and there is a good chance you will contract salmonella.


So, there you have it, our guide on everything you need to know about lizard poop; thank you for reading our guide, and have a great day!

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