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Toys For Leopard Geckos: Here’s The 10 Best

If you are like most considerate reptile owners you’ve probably found yourself wondering how you can keep your pet entertained. This article will introduce you to ten of the top-rated leopard gecko toys on the market, why your gecko will love them, and how they work.

Keeping your leopard gecko entertained and happy is essential to it living a long and happy life. Unfortunately, some reptile owners overlook this crucial aspect of good pet care. If only they would invest in just one of these gecko toys, their reptiles would live much fuller and more joyful lives.

Leopard Gecko Toys

Hanging Bell Ball
  • Each bell ball comes attached to a string with a suction cup on the end.
  • its price point makes it one of the least expensive leopard geckoes toys out on the market.
Reptile Hammocks
  • It can provide hours of entertainment for your reptile.
  • It gives your leopard gecko a place to rest
Reptile Caves
  • It encourages reptiles to drink moving water.
  • It provides your pet with some areas to explore, hide, and rest.
Lizard Playpens
  • They come in a variety of sizes.
  • Playpens are great for a lot of situations such as travel and taking your lizard on an adventure outdoors.
Flexible Branch or Vine
  • It helps your leopard gecko to get exercise as well as provides entertainment.
Artificial Greenery
  • It can provide a fun surface for your leopard gecko to climb and explore
Hanging Coconut Hideaway
  • It is a great natural decore for your tank.
  • Gives geckos options for where they feel safest
Reptile Sling
  • Allows you to take your little friend just about everywhere you go.
  • It comes in a variety of different types and sizes.
Lizard Harness
  • Very easy to use and oftentimes come with a fun accessory like a hat or bow.

1. Hanging Bell Ball

hanging bell ball

The hanging bell ball is a classic pet toy but I bet you didn’t know your leopard gecko might also enjoy one. Hanging bell balls are good for larger enclosures. If your tank is too small for one of these toys, you might consider allowing your gecko to play with it while you have it out.

Each bell ball comes attached to a string with a suction cup on the end. It is usually used by attaching the suction cup to the side of the tank wall but it could also be placed on a lid or smooth dish. Small snacks such as mealworms could also be placed inside giving your gecko even more added incentives to play.

Whether or not your gecko will find this type of enjoyable is dependent on their personality. Even if you find they don’t enjoy it. Its price point makes it one of the least expensive leopard geckoes toys out on the market. It also has the added benefit of being useful in and outside of the gecko’s living space.

2. Reptile Hammocks

Reptile hammocks

Reptile hammocks are a great way to give your leopard gecko a place to rest as well as explore, reptile hammocks can be made from a variety of materials including rope, jute, and cotton prints. Finding a hammock to match your tank’s current decor shouldn’t be any trouble at all.

When buying a hammock for your gecko, be sure to consider the size and the shape of the hammock. Buying a hammock too big for your tank will result in poor hanging this could lead to an injury for your reptile friend. Hammocks can be hung in a variety of ways.

Suction cups are the least secure but are often the only option in larger tanks where smaller hammocks are being placed. Inspect suction cups regularly to make sure they haven’t degraded under the heat of lamps and misting elements inside your tank.

Should you need to replace the suction cups, be sure to consider cups rated for the weight of your gecko plus the hammock. Hanging a hammock from the top of your tank by anchoring it to the rim is the safest way.

Expert Tip: Consider hanging multiple different hammocks of different shapes and sizes throughout the enclosure. Well-placed hammocks can provide hours of entertainment for your reptile and you.

3. Reptile Caves

Reptile Caves

In their natural environment, leopard geckos seek out small tight spaces like caves or burrows. Providing your pet with some areas to explore, hide, and rest in will decrease boredom. Caves can be as simple as an upsidedown coconut shell to something as elaborate as this rain cave.

The rain cave encourages reptiles to drink moving water as they would in their natural environment. The sounds and smells of the moving water, as well as the blue, led lights, create an interesting and exciting environment for your pet.

Not all caves need be as elaborate as this, however. There are many great options made from a variety of materials. Wooden structures provide more of a natural environment look while resin sculptures in all kinds of shapes are fun to look at.

Consider adding a cave with multiple openings and try matching the cave style to the rest of your tank decor. While you might be tempted to make a cave from household objects. Consider that many things in our home aren’t made for gecko’s sensitive skin.

Even some aquarium caves and corals aren’t suited for lizards. Check to make sure the product is reptile safe before adding it to your tank. Always wash new leopard gecko toys with a tiny amount of dish soap before adding them to habitats as well.

4. Lizard Playpens

Lizard Playpens

Lizard Playpens are something new on the market. These breathable mesh enclosures offer a safe area for your leopard gecko to play with toys outside of its home enclosure. Playpens are great for a lot of situations such as travel and taking your lizard on an adventure outdoors.

They come in a variety of sizes but the ones made specifically for leopard geckos are smaller and inexpensive compared to one for say a bearded dragon. Make sure you purchase an appropriate-sized playpen for your gecko and try to find one that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Part of the idea behind playpens is that you can put them anywhere but if they are hard to put up and take down, they won’t be enjoyable to use. Also, be aware of your gecko’s temperature tolerances when taking it out of its temperature-regulated home.

Taking your gecko on fun and exciting adventures shouldn’t put your friend through unnecessary stress.

5. Flexible Branch or Vine

Flexible Branch

A great way for your leopard gecko to get exercise as well as provide entertainment is to add a flexible branch or vine to its enclosure. Geckos naturally like to explore and climb but they don’t like to go too high. When adding flexible branches to your enclosure be sure to keep them lower to the ground and on the thicker side.

Geckos won’t climb thin branches. Consider adding something to the outside of your flexible vines such as burlap cloth or artificial plants. You can wrap these materials around the branches and secure them with a small bit of garden tape. The more things you add the more interesting it is for your pet.

In larger enclosures, you may consider adding some live plants to your branches or vines. Make sure any plants you add are reptile-safe and part of the animal’s natural environment. Never hang hammocks or coconut hideaways from flexible branches or vines. They aren’t strong enough to hold up these types of structures.

Expert Tip: If your enclosure is too small for a flexible branch or vine, you should consider purchasing one for your gecko to climb while outside of its tank.

6. Artificial Greenery

Artificial Greenery

Much like flexible branches and hammocks, hanging artificial greenery can provide a fun surface for your leopard gecko to climb and explore. Always purchase reptile-safe artificial greenery for your tank. Some plastic plants are sprayed with paint to add color and texture.

This paint often isn’t pet safe and could seriously harm your lizard. Even if no paint has been applied the greenery could be made of wax or some other un-edible substance. Fortunately, reptile-safe greenery comes in a variety of colors and types. You can find any number of red, green, and yellow hanging plants.

Always use a suction cup rated for the weight of the plants and your lizard or lizards when using cups to hang your plants. If you don’t have room in your tank for hanging greenery, there are many options for potted artificial plants as well as plants set into resin rocks or sometimes natural rocks.

You could consider going a step beyond and adding some natural live plants to your tank or enclosure. Only add plants that are safe for leopard geckos.

7. Hanging Coconut Hideaway

Hanging Coconut Hideaway

A hanging coconut hideaway is fun on multiple levels for your gecko. Not only does it provide a great hiding place for your gecko while it’s sleeping or scared. It is a great natural decore for your tank. Your lizard will love climbing up and down the ladder to its hideaway but be sure you place it close to the ground.

Leopard geckos don’t like to be too high off the ground. The outer husk of the coconut shell is a great textured climbing surface for your friend as well. Adding multiple hanging shells to the enclosure gives geckos options for where they feel safest. When hanging the shells, be careful and anchor them to something solid in the tank.

Do not attempt to anchor them to flexible vines or branches. Coconut shells tend to be too heavy to use with suction cups so be cautious or consider other methods of hanging.

8. Reptile Sling

Reptile Sling

What better way to relive your leopard gecko’s boredom than to take it with you somewhere? A great hands-free option to do that is a reptile sling or small animal carrier. This type of fun accessory allows you to take your little friend just about everywhere you go.

As always, be mindful of your lizard’s body temperature requirements when outside of its home habitat. Having your reptile next to your body should provide it with a good deal of warmth while indoors. When selecting a carrier be sure to check measurements so that it fits both you and your leopard gecko.

Expert Tip: It’s important to be sure the carrier or sling has appropriate air ventilation for lizards. You should never use a sling to carry your pet when doing strenuous activities. Be sure to protect your friend with your body while he or she is in the sling.

Wash slings with mild detergent and avoid fabric softener. Be sure to rinse well after washing, even mild detergents can irritate lizard’s skin.

9. Driftwood


Natural driftwood is another classic reptile tank decor item that can provide your gecko with hours of enjoyment. Driftwood comes in a variety of different types and sizes. Some pieces tend to have many branches and small holes while other larger smoother pieces are more suited for wide tanks.

Driftwood typically comes in three different colors red, dark, and light. Always buy reptile-safe driftwood for your tank. Driftwood decor items made for the home can contain solvents and paints that could be harmful to your lizard. Even when adding reptile-safe driftwood, it is recommended to give it a good wash and scrub with dish soap to get any residual dust off.

Once completely rinsed and dried you can add it to your reptile’s enclosure. Consider your gecko’s size when selecting driftwood. Remember geckos don’t like to travel high up and also tend to like thicker branches that are more sturdy.

10. Lizard Harness

Lizard HarnessE

Living in a small tank for any lizard can get very boring. Why not take your leopard gecko for a walk in the backyard? Or even on a vacation to a lush green spot filled with bugs? When you can harness and leash your lizard you can go anywhere!

Lizard harnesses and leashes are very easy to use and oftentimes come with a fun accessory like a hat or bow. Getting your lizard in and out of the harness is as easy as putting its front legs through the loops. Some harnesses even come with dragon wings.

While geckos aren’t likely to walk down the street with you as a dog or a cat would, they do enjoy exploring new areas and even better, finding live bugs to eat. Having your gecko on a leash and harness is one of the best ways to keep them safe during these outings and the most fashionable for sure.

Here you have learned of some of the top most interesting leopard gecko toys. These toys and tank decor ideas should keep you and your gecko entertained for a lifetime. If you have any questions about these toys or other gecko toys, just leave a comment below. Comment what toys your leopard gecko enjoys!

Some things to remember when playing with your leopard gecko are:

  • Geckos don’t enjoy being high off the ground and prefer thick sturdy branches.
  • When using toys with a suction cup. be sure to check them regularly as the tank environment can be very damaging to plastics.
  • When taking your gecko out of its temperature-controlled environment be sure to consider its temperature needs and return your gecko home if it gets too cold.
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