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How Strong Is A Horse Kick? – Horse Kick Force

Horses are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. They are also some of the strongest and most powerful animals in the world. The infamous horse kick is one of the most powerful motions in the world today and has killed 122 to date.

So, can a horse kick kill you? Definitely. So through this article, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about a horse kick and how you can protect yourself from the dangers of a horse kick.

how strong is a horse kick

How Hard Does A Horse Kick?

Well, to measure a horse kick is no easy task. No one is waiting to get kicked in the back by a horse, and to record, a natural horse kick is a hard challenge. But, with recent studies, it has been found that a horse kick has the power of around 2000 PSI. This is very, very strong, and this shows that a horse’s kick is able to pack the punch of a small car.

So, you have to be careful when being around a horse because a horse kick can be fatal in some instances.

Are Horses Aggressive?

Horses tend not to be aggressive around their owners, but they do still have self-defense mechanisms in place. New horses may also be aggressive around people they do not know or don’t trust. Horses are not usually aggressive unless they feel threatened or scared by something.

Horses can be scared by things such as children or mares, so it’s important to make sure you are keeping a close eye on your horse when children or other horses are around to keep them safe. You want to try and make your horse feel as comfortable as possible around new people.

So overall, horses are not naturally aggressive; rather they can become aggressive when scared, so it’s important to try and get rid of this fear whenever you can.

horse kicking person

How To Tell If A Horse Is Going To Kick

Well, sometimes a horse can become aggressive and give off a few warning signs before they kick. Firstly, the pinned back ears of a horse can show they feel threatened. If the ears are pinned back, they feel angry or upset.

Another warning sign is that they will start to sway their tail back and forth, and if they continue to feel threatened, they will shift their weight to one leg and lift a leg in preparation for a kick. Remember, horses are not aggressive animals; rather, they do this in self-defense.

It is important to remember these signs of aggression so you can protect yourself from a fatal horse kick. Remember, try not to walk backward from a horse as they can do this when you are last expecting them to kick.

Reasons A Horse Can Kick Someone

Horses are known to kick people or animals as a line defense to protect themselves and keep threats away. A horse kick does not mean your horse is aggressive, and it rather means that your horse is trying to protect itself.

A horse can also kick if it is feeling excited, and maybe when you let them loose into your field, they can kick the grass or something as a feeling of excitement, kind of how people may jump/hop when humans feel excited. But, in saying that horses can accidentally kick a human because you were standing in the line of fire, but sometimes a horse can kick a human on purpose as a line of defense.

Maybe a horse is scared to do something such as have a bath, clean teeth, or clean out their hooves, and this can cause a horse to kick. Also, a horse can kick when they are ill or feel pain as a sort of defense mechanism, and even though it may not be aimed at you, you can get caught in the line of fire.

Horses can even kick while eating. I have even heard stories of people getting kicked while falling or getting off a horse. The natural reaction of something behind a horse can scare them, and they can let out a dangerous kick. Overall, horses can kick for many reasons, and we have to know these reasons to protect ourselves from them.

horse kicking

How Be Safe Around Horses

There are a few ways we can be safe around horses can not be kicked.

Be Aware

Try to be aware of your surroundings, and if you notice something going on with your horse, try and get away from it. If a child or pet is annoying your horse and you see your horse getting aggressive, remove the pet or child away from the horse.

Wear Protection

It is important to wear protection around horses to protect yourself from these types of attacks; Helmets can protect yourself from fatal head kicks. You can even wear chest gear to protect yourself from horse attacks. But we always recommend wearing a helmet when dealing with a horse.

Don’t Walk Behind A Horse

Try and not to walk behind a horse if you do not need to. Walking behind a horse can be dangerous to all parties involved, and if your horse feels something behind it, it may let loose a kick, and this can be fatal. Keep to the side of your horse or keep your hand on your horse to remind your horse you are not a predator.

Can A Kick From A Horse Kill You?

Yes, a kick from a horse in the right place has the power to kill you. If not, a horse’s kick can cause severe injuries such as broken bones and more. The front legs of a horse are the legs that are doing the damage, so that’s why you should try and never turn your back on your horse.

horses kicking people

How Does It Feel To Get Kicked By A Horse?

Depending on where you get kicked, it can hurt, or it could even kill you if you get right in the chest or in the head. You will feel the force of a car hitting into you when getting kicked by a horse, so you can imagine just how painful and scary that can be. Even if you’ve been around horses for years, it’s never a good idea to get to complacent.


I hope that article was able to help you learn everything you need to know about horse kicks! Horse kicks can be dangerous, but if your safe you shouldn’t have to worry! Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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