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Heated Birdbath: Everything You Need To Know

Heated bird baths are no doubt absolute must-haves for every birder. They are great water sources for wild birds especially during winter when water becomes scarce. Heated bird baths serve as a spot for various wild birds to drink and bathe. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to see birds closer and observe them better.

While heated bird baths serve the same purpose, they are not built equally making it difficult to choose which one is the best. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Here are the best bird baths that you can easily purchase from Amazon.

API Heated Bird Bath with Mounting
  • Good value for your money
  • Made with durable plastic that doesn’t crack due to freezing temperatures
  • Thermostatically controlled
Farm Innovator Heated Bird Bath
  • Versatile mounting systems
  • Easy to clean basin
  • Can work in under-1 OF
API Heated Bird Bath with Stands
  • Comes with a stand and doesn’t require any rails for installation
  • Lightweight basin for easy cleaning
  • Thermostatically controlled
Allied Precision Industries (650) Heated Bird Bath
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to install clamp
  • Provides good grip for birds’ talons
K&H Pet Product Thermo-Bird Bath
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean because of the plastic material
  • Natural-looking

Heated Bird Baths for Winter

1. API Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware

API Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Hardware

If you are a fan of simple yet functional designs, this heated birdbath will surely catch your eye. The API heated birdbath has a 20″x 2″ deep bowl and a rim shape that can easily be grasped by birds’ talons. It is made with durable, easy to clean, and weather-resistant plastic than can last for a relatively long time.

It operates at 150 watts of power and is thermostatically controlled. The heater only operates when the temperature hits below the freezing point saving much energy. The thermostatically controlled heater makes sure that the water will not turn into ice.

In addition, the heater is also fully enclosed to protect it from outside influences that may cause damage to it. It doesn’t come with a pedestal base or stand as shown in the featured photo. However, it does come with mounting hardware so you can feel free to install the bowl to any deck railing, stand, or pedestal of your choice.


  • Good value for your money
  • Made with durable plastic that doesn’t crack due to freezing temperatures
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Comes with a mounting hardware
  • Water remains liquid throughout the winter
  • Energy saving


  • This product’s featured photos can be misleading
  • Installation can be tricky

2. Farm Innovators Heated Bird Bath

Farm Innovators Heated Bird Bath

The Farm Innovators Bird Bath boasts of its versatile mounting system. This heated bird bath has a total of 3 mounting options and placements namely deck/post mount, clamp mount, and ground placement with its legs. These mounting systems allow you to install and move it in any location where birds are most attracted.

It has a 14″ diameter basin that can hold 1 quart of water. The basin has just the right depth for birds to enjoy. In addition, it is easy to clean because the plastic basin can easily be lifted out.

It operates at 75-watts of power and is thermostatically controlled allowing your to operate this heated birdbath at a low cost. Because of its thermostat, the heater only turns on when needed so the water never freezes. It can keep the water in its liquid form even if the temperature is under -10F.

The powder-coated finish remains rust-free ensuring the longevity of the basin. During the warm seasons, the cord can be tucked inside the heated bird bath so it’s hidden from view.

This heated bird bath is definitely a birdbath for all seasons. It is available in two color variations which are terra cotta orange and green. Moreover, it comes with a limited one-year warranty.


  • Versatile mounting systems
  • Easy to clean basin
  • Can work in under-1 OF
  • Budget-friendly
  • Thermostatically controlled ensuring that the water never freezes
  • Comes with warranty


  • The cord is relatively short
  • The basin depth could be too shallow for bigger birds. The depth is best for small birds
  • The shallow basin requires frequent water refills, especially in the warm seasons

3. API Heated Bird Bath with Stand

API Heated Bird Bath with Stand

This birdbath is perfect if you have no available rails to install bracket-mounted birdbaths because it comes with a stand for support. The stand is 30’ tall and is resistant to corrosion and rust. It has a simple design that can fit multiply backyard and garden layouts.

However, you should know that this stand could be unstable so you might need to screw it on a sturdy platform or add more weight to it for extra support. Nevertheless, this heated bird bath is still a great buy for every bird watcher.

The API birdbath with a stand has a fully enclosed heater that keeps the water from freezing throughout the winter. The enclosure protects the heater preventing any damage caused by animals or other possible causes.

The 20″ diameter basin is made with durable weather-resistant plastic that can be used in different seasons and temperatures. It also has a textured surface for birds to have a good grip on the basin and avoid slipping. The rim is designed to help bird talons land and grasp effectively as well.

Furthermore, it is thermostatically controlled and functions at 150 watts of power. The heater is set to keep the water temperature between 40F to 50F.


  • Comes with a stand and doesn’t require any rails for installation
  • Lightweight basin for easy cleaning
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Textured surface and good rim design that prevents slipping and allows good grip
  • Keeps the water at40F to 50F all throughout the winter
  • The heater is enclosed to protect it from getting damaged


  • Short cord
  • No other mounting options except with the stand
  • The basin is made with ceramic which is susceptible to damage due to freezing temperatures

4. Allied Precision Industries (650) Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Allied Precision Industries (650) Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

The most notable feature of this heated bird bath is its easy-to-install and versatile railing mount. Its clamp-on mounting bracket features a hinge that allows you to tilt the basin and dump the stagnant water for convenient cleaning and refilling. The mount also uses a screw clamp to grip a rail so you won’t need any drills for installation.

Because it’s easy to install, you can move and attach it to most rails and reuse it in different locations as well. The basin measures 20 inches in diameter and has a 2-inch depth. It has a simple yet effective design for giving the birds’ talons a natural grip. The design is also not distracting and can fit different locations.

Additionally, the basin is made with constructed plastic so you can feel confident that it won’t break even on the coldest days of winter. It operates at 150-watt power and has a built-in thermostat that prevents the water from freezing under temperatures as low as -20F.

Its power cord is securely stored underneath the basin’s surface when not in use to avoid breaking and damage. It can be used in different seasons and allows you to provide an abundant water source to wild birds all year round.


  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient to install clamp
  • Provides good grip for birds’ talons
  • Easy to move
  • Thermostatically controlled heater
  • Can be used all year round


  • Replacement bracket can’t be purchased separately
  • The bracket may not be sturdy enough to support heavier animals like squirrel

5. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Bird Bath

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Bird Bath

If you are looking for a heated birdbath that has a natural look, then the K&H Thermo-Bird Bath is definitely for you. This birdbath has a stone­like design that can easily blend into different natural locations. The surface also has a stone-like texture so birds won’t have a problem with grip and landings.

The K&H Thermo-Bird Bath is made with UV-resistant plastic to ensure that it can last a long time. The materials used in this heated birdbath are certified safe by MET Labs.

Furthermore, this heated birdbath comes with a basin that can hold up to 1 gallon of water. This keeps the water in good supply all the time. It also doesn’t require any assembly or installation. It is simply placed on the ground for bird access.

It comes with a removable 80-watt heater allowing you to easily detach the heater and store it during hotter seasons. This allows you to use this heated birdbath all throughout the year.

On the downside, it comes with a cord that measures only 5 feet making it short for outdoor placements. Nevertheless, it still serves as a great bird-watching item because of its natural design and durable materials.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean because of the plastic material
  • Natural-looking
  • Can be used in different seasons
  • Made with certified safe materials
  • Thermostatically controlled


  • Because it is lightweight, you may have to screw it on a sturdy surface to hold it securely during windy days
  • Short cord for outdoor placement

Should I use a heated birdbath?

Should I use a heated birdbath?
Should I use a heated birdbath?

The short answer is yes. Heated bird baths definitely have benefits for wild birds. However, there are still risks that you should be aware of. Let’s discuss them in more detail below. Birds need water all year round for two reasons which are drinking and bathing.

Unfortunately, water can become limited especially in winter when water sources turn to ice and access to water become extremely difficult. Because of the limited water sources in winter, birds are forced to use snow as an alternative source of water. Their bodies need to melt the snow for drinking. This practice consumes much of their energy.

Bathing is also essential for birds to maintain their good health. However, due to water scarcity, birds can’t bathe themselves. A heated birdbath keeps the water source open and unfrozen for wild birds. This gives them an available source of drinking water without having to use much energy.

Expert Tip: Heated bird baths also allow birds to bathe themselves. Bathing helps keeps birds’ feathers in good condition and surprisingly provides good insulation for birds to survive freezing temperatures. Clean feathers give birds greater insulations compared to matted or tangled feathers.

Despite being generally beneficial for birds, heated bird baths can still pose danger to them particularly when the temperatures reach single digits or lower. Heated bird baths give birds an artificial environment which gives birds the impression that the temperature is warmer.

This might feel refreshing to them however, after the bath, the birds can experience a temperature shock. If the temperature reaches the freezing point, the birds’ wings can freeze and prevent them from flying leading to hypothermia or even death due to freezing.

Hence, to make your heated bird baths safer for birds in winter, it is better to install a barrier or cover most of the heated birdbath basin. This will allow them to drink enough water and prevent them from taking a dip in the water.

On a lighter note, aside from providing a water source for birds, another reason why you should use heated bird baths is that it can give you the opportunity to attract and watch birds closer. It can also give you an experience of seeing unique birds that are hard to lure in with seed feeders alone.

How do I make my birdbath warmer?

Keeping your birdbath warmer is important whether you are using a heated or non-heated birdbath. Obviously, you will need to keep non-heated bird bath water from freezing so it’s necessary to keep it warm.

On the other hand, keeping your heated bird bath warm will likely prevent your heater to produce heat allowing you to save more on electricity. Making your birdbath warmer can be a little challenging but it is sure a great way to help wildlife during a tough season. Below are just some things you can do to make your bird baths warmer.

Place your birdbath in a sunny spot

Despite being known for the cold temperature, winter sill have solar warmth that can prevent the water from turning to ice. The best spot to place your birdbath to keep it from freezing is in an area where there is solar warmth.

Place your birdbath in a sunny spot and not in a shaded area in your backyard. You can also place it near a wall or a structure that can protect the water from cold winds.

Add black items to your birdbath

Black items on the birdbath surface can absorb more heat efficiently and prevent the water from freezing quickly. Some black items you can add to your birdbath are black plates, black rocks, or black plastic sheets to the bottom of the basin.

Add an item that could break the ice

Freezing begins on the water surface, hence you will need something that could break the ice formations to keep the birdbath water in its liquid form. A common item that can help in breaking the thin films of ice is a ball. As the wind blows, the ball moves and cracks the ice. You may also opt for a black ball to help with more heat absorption.

Use outdoor heaters

Outdoor-rated immersion heaters can surely help in keeping your birdbaths warmer. It provides heat that prevents water from freezing. However, using this consumes electricity and is not very cost-effective. You will also need an outdoor outlet or extension cord for more efficient usage.

Refill your birdbath with hot water regularly

Adding or refilling your birdbath with hot water is another foolproof way to keep your bath water liquid. This will melt the ice on top and keep the water clean. You can do this twice a day or how often you want.

Expert Tip: However, make sure to avoid pouring in boiling water. Boiling water is too hot and can cause a significant change in the water temperature. The sudden change in temperature can damage the basin material.

Keep your birdbath full

Keeping your basin full is one of the best ways you can do to prevent your birdbath water from freezing. The more amount of water there is. the slower the water can freeze. If the water runs low then the water can freeze instantly. Heated bird baths also tend to get damaged when water is not enough in the basin.

Use a de-icer

For extremely cold weather, you can use a de-icer on your non-heated birdbath to prevent the water from freezing De-icer is now widely available and is often thermostatically controlled for convenient usage.

If you are planning to opt for a de-icer, you may want to consider fully heated bird baths instead. Heated bird baths already have a built-in thermostatically controlled heater so you won’t need to remove and place any things on the basin to keep your birdbath ice-free.

What can I put in my birdbath to keep it from freezing?

There are many things you can add to your birdbath to avoid frozen water. Below are the best items you can put in your birdbath to keep water liquid.

  • Black plate
  • Black sheet of plastic
  • Black river rocks
  • Balls
  • De-icer


You should use heated bird baths for birds to drink and bathe in. To keep your bird bathwater warm, place the birdbath in a sunny spot, add black items and ice breakers, use outdoor heaters and de-icer, keep the birdbath full, and refill it with hot water.

If you have any questions about heated birdbaths, please feel free to comment below
Heated bird baths are the most convenient and effective way to provide fresh water to birds in winter. In addition, heated bird baths can give you an opportunity to watch and observe birds closer.

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