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What Fish Can Live In A 1 Gallon Tank? – How Many Fish In A 1 Gallon Tank

best fish for 1 gallon tank

So, you own a 1-gallon tank but are wondering what fish is best for a 1-gallon tank, well you have come to the right place. Fish are easy to care for pets and are great pets to teach your kids or yourself how to be responsible. But, you have to make sure your fish is living comfortably and in a good water tank environment.

So, if you’re looking for the best fish for a 1 gallon tank, let’s go over the five best fish for a 1 gallon tank.

Best Fish For 1 Gallon Tank

  1. Betta Fish
  2. Tetra Fish
  3. Guppies
  4. White Cloud Mountains Minnows
  5. Zebra Danio

1. Betta Fish

good fish for 1 gallon tank

Betta fish is one of the most common fish in the world today, and you may also know them as ‘fighting fish.’ Betta fish is quite an aggressive fish that should not be put with other fish, which makes it perfect to put in a 1-gallon tank. Betta fish enjoy being solitary, and Betta fish also have quite a small body size.

Betta fish also like some plants in their tank and also enjoy a nice substrate, which is perfect as these things are able to fit perfectly into a 1-gallon tank.

Betta fish are also quite resilient, so you don’t need all the fancy tools that other fish may need. As long as you clean the fish tank and do water changes regularly, these fish are very easy to take care of. Also, these fish do not require any special food and are not picky eaters. Betta fish are easy to take off and will be quite happy living in a 1 gallon tank, making them the best fish for a 1 gallon tank!

2. Tetra Fish

fish for 1.5 gallon tank
Black Skirt Tetra

Tetra fish are a small species of fish that come from South America. Now, these fish are harder to take care of than Betta fish because of their sensitivity to parameter fluctuations. But, this can be overcome with a high-quality filtration system and consistent cleaning and water changes.

Make sure if you go for Tetra fish, you house at least 3 of these fish in one tank, and this is because these fish want to school together and swim with each other. These are very social fish, and left alone can cause fish stress. The reason a 1 gallon tank is perfect for tetra fish is that these fish only grow up to 1 inch, making them very small and easy to fit into a 1 gallon tank with good room.

Overall, the Tetra fish is a little harder to take care of but look amazing and would be an amazing fish in a 1-gallon tank.,

3. Guppies

1 gallon tank ideas

Guppies are another go-to option if you’re looking for fish in a 1 gallon tank. Guppies are very small and will only grow to around 1.25 inches long. You can fit around 2-3 guppies in a 1 gallon tank. Make sure if you purchase this fish, you buy more than one because guppies are a community fish, so don’t leave them alone.

Guppies are very easy to take care of and don’t require any special food. They also don’t eat that much. Just make sure you clean your tank or purchase a water filter.

Overall, guppies are great 1 gallon fish and will live comfortably in a 1 gallon tank!

4. White Cloud Mountains Minnows

what can i keep in a 1 gallon tank

Another high-quality option for a 1-gallon tank is the white cloud mountain minnows fish. These fish have always been great beginner fish. Unlike Tetra fish, White Cloud Minnows are able to withstand parameter fluctuations. These fish grow to around 1.5 inches and will fit perfectly in a 1-gallon fish tank. Just be sure to keep no more than 3 of these fishes in a 1 gallon tank.

These fish are also so easy to feed, and they are definitely not picky eaters. Also, the White Cloud Minnows also enjoy plants in their tank, so you will have to purchase some plants.

Overall, White Cloud Mountain Minnows are a great starter fish and will be a great fish for a 1 gallon tank. They have an eye-catching appearance and are inexpensive to take off! This is the fish I currently own, and they are some of the best fish!

5. Zebra Danio

1 gallon tank ideas

Last but not least, we have the Zebra Danio. The Zebra Danio is a great choice for a 1 gallon fish tank. These fishes grow to a max length of 1.3 inches and will fit perfectly in a 1 gallon tank. Also, Zebra Danios are very active and interesting to look at and are also very easy to take care of. These fish do not eat a lot, making them inexpensive to take off.

Overall, if you take regular care of your tank with cleaning, the Zebra Danios is a beautiful fish to keep in a 1 gallon tank!

Best Fish For A 1 Gallon Tank – FAQ

What Fish is Best for a 1-Gallon Tank

For beginners, usually, the notion is starting on a small tank when it comes to having an aquarium. However, starting small is actually not the best option. In any case, whatever the personal reasons might be, if you want to start at a one-gallon tank, for instance, then you should know what kinds of fish you can grow there.

As mentioned above, ideally, when it comes to fish keeping, the bigger the tank, the better. This is because you want to minimize water fluctuations as possible. Anyhow, you can still have a successful fish keeping by going for the most suitable kinds of fish. These fish are usually good for small tanks because of their small sizes and survival capabilities.

Examples of such fish that you can take care of are Guppies, Bettas, Zebra Danio, Dwarf Spotted Danio, Endlers’ Live Bearers, and White Cloud Minnows.

Learn what these fishes’ needs and wants so you have better success keeping them. With proper care and maintenance, you can have a flourishing one-gallon tank fish keeping.

How Many Fish Can I Have in a 1 Gallon Tank?

The general rule for aquariums and fish tanks is 1 inch of fish for every gallon of water the tank holds. This means that tanks and small aquariums that can only hold a gallon of water can only house one that equals an inch. A full-grown guppy (they are usually an inch long) can actually live in a 1-gallon tank very well.

In fact, some people can make do with two guppies in such a tank. You just need to be careful and maintain it well. Aside from guppies, betta fish and mollies can also survive singly in a 1-gallon tank.

The reason behind this is mainly due to the stability of the water. The more water there is in a tank, the more stable it is for animals to live in. Lesser water means it will fill up quickly with dirt and uneaten food, making the water uninhabitable. Water fluctuations in a tank can mean a higher mortality rate for those who inhabit it.

How many goldfish can you put in a 1 gallon tank?

I, like every fish owner, has looked into his aquarium and wondered, how many fish can you put in there?!!!? While a larger tank ensures that bacteria do not pollute the water quickly and that the fish reach their potential size, If you keep your goldfish in a tank with enough space, they can grow properly, and there should be enough space for them to swim around. Remember to add 10 gallons of water for each extra fancy goldfish in your aquarium and 1-5 gallons of water for each common goldfish you add to the aquarium.

If you need to add another goldfish, consider increasing the size of your fish tank to 10 gallons. The best way to start is with a 1-gallon aquarium for a single goldfish and then increase it by 10 gallons for each additional goldfish. Every time you add a new species of fish, such as monotail goldfish, you need a tank capacity that can be increased by another 10 gallons. With a 20-gallon fish tank, a single Goldfish can grow up to 6 inches!

You may be tempted to look at putting more than a few goldfish in a 1-gallon tank, and It would be healthier just to get a bigger tank. You’ll be able to keep more goldfish in it. It is possible to successfully fit more into 1-gallon tanks, but you risk making them sick and decreasing their lifespan. Moreso, you will not find a suitable tank partner for your goldfish in these conditions.


So, there you have it. Our guide on the best fish for a 1 gallon tank! We hope this article was able to help you choose the best fish for a 1 gallon tank. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

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