Types Of Tortoise Pets: Everything You Need To Know Before You Get One

What are the 10 Best Tortoise Breeds to Keep as Pets? Indian Star Tortoise Kleinmann’s Tortoise Hermann’s Tortoise Red-Footed Tortoise Greek Tortoise Leopard Tortoise Marginated Tortoise Egyptian Tortoise Sulcata Tortoise Tortoises are friendly creatures and can be fun to have as a pet. Nearly 350,000 households in the U.S alone keep different species of the … Read more

Small Pet Turtles: 7 Tiny Turtles For Pets

Hi there! If you are reading this you are probably a reptile lover, especially turtles. But, let’s face it! The main problem with having a turtle is the large size they are capable of reaching. Well, to give you a good solution to this problem, we have compiled a list of 7 species of turtles … Read more