Texel Guinea Pigs: Everything You Need To Know

There are 13 breeds of guinea pigs that are recognized today. The one that we are going to be talking about is the Texel breed of guinea pig. In general, all breeds of guinea pigs are domestic and belong to the Caviidae family. They live roughly between 4 and 8 years and can also weigh … Read more

White Guinea Pigs: Everything You Need To Know

Albino Guinea Pigs can be wonderful pets, bringing joy and comfort to your home for years. Before bringing one of these cuties home these are some of the important things you need to know to assure the most pleasurable experience for you and your Albino Guinea Pig. Before choosing any pet it is important to … Read more

Guinea Pigs Potatoes: Everything You Have To Know

We consume potatoes in a variety of ways because they are such versatile vegetables. Guinea pigs are herbivores who appreciate a wide range of vegetables and fruits in addition to the hay or pellets that make up the majority of their diet. However, while many fruits and vegetables are beneficial to guinea pigs, some should … Read more

Guinea Pigs Vision: Everything You Need To Know

Guinea pigs are also referred to as cavies short for the name, Cavia porcellus which means, “little pig” are highly intelligent pets that rely on a variety of senses for their survival. The majority of healthy guinea pigs, and except for a few breeds, are able to apply their vision during the daytime yet when … Read more

Guinea Pigs Swimming: Everything You Need To Know

Guinea Pigs are social, cuddly, and fun to watch as they play. An intriguing pet for people of all ages, this tiny pet entertains by doing such things as jumping and climbing, investigating their environment and with their snouts, and running on their hind legs. Guinea pigs like to be with you and your family, … Read more