Can I Bury My Dog In My Backyard?

Can I Bury My Dog In My Backyard

Losing a furry friend can be a difficult time. Our dogs often become important members of the family and it can be tough to make the decisions that come with a pet’s passing. One of the things you must consider is what to do with your pet’s body. These days, there are many options for … Read more

Skinny Dog Breeds: 11 Tall Skinny Dogs You Need To See

Tall Skinny Dog Breeds

You are on a hunt for a new pet dog. Due to the varieties of dog breeds, it might be hard to choose from the different options available in the market. There are cute cuddly ones, those big fluffy dogs or medium-sized snuggly breeds. But would you consider tall skinny dog breeds to be equally … Read more

Dog Howling In Sleep: What To Do About It?

Dog Howling In Sleep

Sleep is interesting to study. Sleeping habits, for instance, differ from one person to another. These also differ from humans to their pet dogs and even cats. Some people talk in their sleep. Others sleep peacefully. It should not come as a surprise that animals do the same. If you have a pet dog at … Read more

8 Shih Tzu Varieties: What You Need to Know

Types Of Shih Tzu

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are about 78.2 million pet dogs in the U.S, roughly 60% of all American households. Out of all those dog owners, only a fraction know about all the different types of Shih Tzu out … Read more

What Do Foxes Eat? The Full List Explained

What Do Foxes Eat

Foxes are canine animals belonging to the same family as wolves, but they are smaller in size. They are usually around three feet long and two feet tall. The smallest species of fox is the fennec fox, which only weighs around two pounds. In fact, this species is so small that it can fit in … Read more

Agouti Husky: Everything You Need To Know

Perhaps you have heard talk about the Agouti Husky from friends or other dog lovers, and been wondering what makes it so special? Or maybe you have been researching Siberian Husky dogs and stumbled across pictures of ones that looked a little different than the others, perhaps a little more “wolf-like” and now you’re wondering … Read more

Fox Symbolism Meaning: What Does A Fox Symbolize

What is a fox spirit animal? The fox symbolism is extremely important in one’s life, especially if one’s spirit animal is a fox. It teaches you how to be benevolent and how to be psychologically receptive when trying to get out of difficult situations in life. Because it educates you on how to handle situations … Read more

Wolf Vs Pitbull: Which One Is Stronger?

Each animal has its own set of capabilities and drawbacks, and while comparing these two animals, we must consider both their advantages and weak points. Both the Pitbull and the Wolf are violent by nature, and this is a characteristic that they share. While the wolf prefers to live and hunt in the wilderness, the Pitbull … Read more