Curly Haired Cat: 10 Breeds You Need To See

Curly Hair Cat

No two curly-haired cats are the same. While some are naughty, others are easygoing. Some can be very vocal, while others hardly make a peep. So if you’re looking for a feline with a unique look and personality to match, you’ll love our list of top 10 curly-haired cat breeds and how to care for … Read more

Tiger Symbolism: Everything You Need To Know

Tiger Spiritual Meaning

In the world of animal totems, all creatures have a symbolic meaning, and when you are looking at the tiger’s spiritual meaning, it is believed that they are guardians and protectors. They can teach you how to become fearlessly present in life. They also represent a strong connection to the earth and remind us that … Read more

Cat Ears Are Hot? Here’s What You Need To Do

Why Are My Cats Ears Hot

As I was petting my cat earlier this morning, I started noticing her burning ears. Its temperature is higher compared to the rest of her body. Why is that? Is this a usual thing, or is she sick? Does my cat have a fever, or worse, an ear infection? Is having hot ears bad? Let … Read more

Cat Foaming At The Mouth: Reasons Why & What To Do

When a pet owner notices their cat has immediately begun foaming at the mouth, it might be frightening. If indeed the cat has just been vaccinated, the first notion that leaps to thoughts is rabies, which might cause additional fear and confusion. Although a certified veterinarian will have to do a full medical examination of … Read more

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning: Seeing A Black Cat Meaning

What does it mean when you see a black cat? It is a question that countries around the world have been asking themselves in hopes of finding the right answer. Black cats mean different things to different countries and cultures as you will soon discover. The question is about the luck of the black cat, … Read more