Robin vs Cardinal: The Complete Comparison

The American robin and the northern cardinal are two of the birds most contused with each other by many people and it is not surprising. Although these two species have many similarities, for example in the way they sing and in the vivid colors they have, some key differences will guide us in distinguishing them. … Read more

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning: Is It A Good Or Bad Omen?

Most of the time, whenever you see a Blue Jay, you do not overthink its presence. However, when you repeatedly see it, then that comes the time wherein you think about the Blue Jay symbolism. Blue Jays are known to be spiritually powerful birds. The divine forces, such as our Guardian Angels, convey messages in … Read more

Female vs Male Peacock: How To Tell The Difference

Have you ever wondered why the male peacock has large feathers with beautiful patterns? Or why the female one has a much smaller body and duller coloration? Do you want to know what else is different between them? Well, look no further. In this article, we’ll be tackling the similarities and differences between the male … Read more

Florida Eagles: 4 Types Of Eagles In Florida To Look For

Did you know that there are 60 different species of Eagles in the world? And we can catch sight of these four kinds of Eagles in Florida. These are the Bald Eagles, the Golden Eagles, the White-tailed Eagles, and the Steller’s Sea Eagles. That is why Florida is a famous place for Eagle lovers to … Read more

Michigan Finch: 8 Types Of Finches In Michigan To Look Out For

Did you know that finches stay in Michigan for the winter? Yes! They are primarily only caught outside of the breeding seasons and have been seen especially in most Northern areas. Finches do this since during winter they are scarce. Finches in Michigan are not limited to different kinds of beautiful finches like the population … Read more

Types Of Finches In Texas: 8 Finches In Texas To Look Out For

Finches are colorful medium-sized songbirds that love attention. These excellent singers prefer habitats that are temperate and are known to be nonmigratory birds. Due to their nature, they prefer to stay in areas that are dry like wooded grasslands or locations bordering watercourses. Taking note of these preferences it is no wonder finches in Texas … Read more

Hawk Vs Falcon: Difference Between Hawk And Falcon Explained

In the family of predatory birds, the hawks and falcons are often mistaken for each other. They have a clear vision the prey that will catch their attention will most likely not escape. Both are very dangerous and powerful carnivores. They both rule the skies with their majestic wings whenever inflight. Considering these similarities of … Read more