Florida Owls: 8 Species Of Owl To Look Out For In Florida

Majestic and captivating animals, aren’t owls a hoot? Owls are one of the most well-known birds in mythology and literature, they often symbolize knowledge and understanding as they are sometimes referred to as the bird of Athena, the goddess of intellect and reason. Owls are deemed to be very versatile species, which means they can … Read more

Parrot Types: 15 Pet Parrots Types You Must Know

Nobody would ever ignore a group of colorful birds, especially if those birds can talk. In this post let’s get acquainted with interesting 15 parrot breeds you would surely love to own. 1. Monk Parakeet Also regarded as Quaker parrots, monk parakeets, are a species characterized by a small, bright-green appearance. They often have a … Read more

Dove Symbolism: What Does It Mean When You See A White Dove

The whole world knows white doves mean peace. These gentle, white birds feed primarily on seeds, fruits, and plants. They are friendly, harmless creatures. But did you know that some ancient cultures, beliefs, and religions see white doves meaning differently? Dove symbolism appears in ancient religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Paganism. They are seen either … Read more

20 Birds With Red Beaks You Need To See

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Birds In Ontario: Ontario Birds Identification Guide

The area of Ontario may have many different types of birds, but some people still would like to learn more about the common birds in Ontario. Here is a list of the most common birds you will see in Ontario: 1. Black-capped Chickadee Black-capped Chickadee is a common bird in Ontario. It is a perching … Read more

Crow Spiritual Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

What do you think of when you imagine crows? More than just the bird, what do you feel? For some of us, crows represent a feeling of mystery, uncertainty, and sometimes dread. Modern western culture seems to have given this species of bird a bad rap, but why? Looking at the world around us, we … Read more

Birds Of Colorado: 20 Common Species Found In Colorado

In Colorado, what sorts of birds could you see? Because of the large number of birds present in Colorado, this issue is difficult to answer. Several bird species call Colorado home, and there are plenty of beautiful places for them to nest and roost. The state of Colorado is an excellent destination to visit for … Read more

Swan Meaning: What Do Swans Symbolize?

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Types Of Hummingbirds In Ontario: Full Guide

The hummingbird is one of the most common birds in Ontario. Birdwatchers often wait to see hummingbirds in Ontario in the warm, summer months. Hummingbirds usually prefer warm weather. After the warm summer in Ontario, Canada, they would later migrate to Mexico when the colder months come in. The most common hummingbird you will find … Read more