Jungle Val: Benefits Of Having It In Your Tank

Jungle Val

Do real plants really make a difference? Besides keeping plastic out of your tank, live plants offer some beneficial life support to your underwater pets. So, how do you know which plants work best? With the many options available, choosing aquarium plants can be overwhelming. Jungle Val, or Vallisneria Americana, is a vibrant, grass-like plant … Read more

55 Gallon Aquarium: Everything You Need To Know

55 Gallon Fish Tank

So you’re considering investing in a 55-gallon tank, perhaps as a step up from a smaller tank or in order to have a suitable home for a certain type of fish you’re after. Whether you’re just getting into aquarium life or ready to increase your number of water-dwelling friends, a 55-gallon tank is an exciting, … Read more

Almond Leaves: Indian Almond Leaves For Your Aquarium

For aquarists and those who know Indian almond leaves, it is normal to know their purpose and their abilities, but for those who are not knowledgeable enough of it, here are some facts and descriptions about Indian almond leaves. What are Indian almond leaves? Indian almond leaves, also called “catappa leaves”, are studied as an … Read more

Fluval G3 Filter: Everything You Must Know

Taking care of an existing aquarium or buying a new one is both gratifying and difficult. While the marine beauty in your living room is a wonderful benefit, cleaning and maintenance can be challenging. You’ll need to buy a tank filter, but you don’t know where to start and will need some help. As a … Read more

UVB Light For Bearded Dragon: A Complete Guide

Bearded dragons are some of the animals that are very friendly to have as pets, however, it is necessary to know certain important aspects to keep them in captivity. One of them is that these reptiles require doses of UVB light, which in natural habitats they get from the sun’s rays. These animals absorb calcium … Read more

Different Types Of Pleco: Types Of Plecos Explained In 2023

Plecostomus, also known as pleco is a popular type of suckerfish of nocturnal nature. The renowned algae-eaters that are originally from South America’s Amazon jungle are essential additions to freshwater aquariums. They are not only attractive and visually captivating but also effective bottom-feeders that clean algae off the aquarium’s glass. So, what are the available … Read more