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Can Hamsters Have Celery? – Hamster Eating Guide

If you love your hamster, you want to keep your hamster healthy, and that means feeding your hamster the healthiest food possible. You want to improve your hamster’s diet using fruit and veggies. One of the healthiest foods ever is celery but is it safe to give your hamster celery? Well, through this article, we’ll be going over whether it’s safe or not to feed your hamster celery.

Is Celery Safe?

Celery is one of the superfoods of the world, containing a range of vitamins. The short answer is yes, celery is a 100% a safe and healthy vegetable for your hamster, but you don’t want to over food as if you do, there are negatives that come with it.

A hamster’s diet needs to be varied, and adding some celery will never be a bad thing!

To make celery safe for your hamster, it’s important to when your fist start feeding your hamster celery, feed them slowly.

Start slowly, with just a few rain sized pieces of celery. This will allow you to see whether or not your hamster actually enjoys eating celery, and you can check if your hamster will have an allergy from celery.

Just check on your hamster for the next few days when feeding them celery, look out for normal poop, and that he is still active and moving after eating celery. If you notice anything, contact your local vet.

Another thing you have to think about when feeding your hamster celery is not to replace your hamster normal diet for celery.

Celery should be used as a healthy snack for your hamster. Also, check your hamster cage for leftovers as celery can start to rot and become dangerous for your hamster to eat.

can hamsters eat celery

How to select the right celery for your hamster?

Well, when picking the right celery, you always want to purchase the celery, which will appear nice and crispy when pulling it. You really want your celery to look nice and green, and not have any flopping over stems.

Check your celery for any insects before buying. When storing your celery in the fridge, squeeze the air from the bag to avoid the celery going moldy or spoiling.

If you store the celery for more than five days or leave it out for a night, your celery will go bad, and it should not be fed to your hamster.

Benefits of Celery

Celery is one of the superfoods of the world, so there are many benefits of feeding celery to your hamster.

Hamster love it

Hamsters are omnivores, meaning they need some healthy greens like celery. The hamster does love the crunchiness of celery. Hamsters are also very prone to obesity and can become fat very, very easily.

Celery is a great snack that does not have many calories; this will keep your hamster nice and fit. Celery is also great to keep your hamster teeth sharp and healthy because of the celery crunch.

Celery has many fibers.

Also, celery is packed full of fiber, which will regulate your hamster digestive system. Also, celery has a very high Vitamin A content, which will keep your hamster fur growing and healthy.

Digestive tract

Celery is also vital to help to protect the digestive tract. Celery has lots of polysaccharides, which are able to provide relief for your hamster stomach problems. Also, celery is full of antioxidants, which will help boost your hamster’s immune system, and also can help keep your hamster protected from sickness.

Cardiovascular support

Many studies have found that the phytonutrient compounds of celery are able to relax the heart through the slow release of Phenolic chemicals. This chemical is able to help normalize the flow of potassium and calcium that is found inside the heart, which regulates the heart’s function inside the body. This indirectly leads to reducing the chance of high blood pressure inside your body.

So, now you know that your celery is a great snack for your hamster. But, you do have to be sure you are cutting the celery into little pieces before feeding it to your hamster because if you don’t, your hamster may choke.

Can celery kill a hamster?

No, celery alone can not kill a hamster. Obviously, if you only feed your hamster celery, it will die. Just making sure you feed your hamster celery in moderation is key to keeping your hamster healthy. If you feed your hamster too much celery, it can lead your hamster to have diarrhea or vomiting.


So there you have it, our in-depth guide on celery for hamsters. In conclusion, it is completely safe to feed your hamster, but just make sure you feed them celery in moderation and don’t replace their a normal diet for celery. Celery should just be an extra snack for your little hammy to munch on! We hope we were able to help you today, and thank you for reading!

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