What Do You Call A Pregnant Fish? – Pregnant Goldfish Name

twit goldfish

We have received many questions on what to call a pregnant goldfish, so we decided to create a quick guide on what to call a pregnant goldfish!  So, the reason this topic came up is because someone submitted a question saying their goldfish was recently pregnant, and was wondering what a name for a pregnant … Read more

How To Catch A Gecko In The House – Gecko Traps

how to catch a gecko in your house

Geckos are some of the cutest creatures, and them lurking in the wild is a great thing as they protect our homes from bugs and other annoying insects. Sometimes, geckos can enter homes, and this can become quite a nuisance. Geckos are one of the fastest lizards, and it can be nearly impossible to catch … Read more

Rabbit Eye Color – What Color Are Bunnies Eyes?

blue eyed rabbit

This is a great question that we will be answering today! You may be wondering, what color are rabbits’ eyes or what colors can rabbits’ eyes come in, well today, we’ll be discussing the seven natural eye colors of domestic rabbits in 2020. There are many more varieties of rabbit eye colors than you may … Read more

Hedgehogs Hibernation – How Long Does It Last?

hedgehogs hibernating

If you’re a new Hedgehog owner and are wondering how long do Hedgehogs hibernation lasts, you have come to the right place. Hedgehogs are one of the mammals that are hibernators. During hibernation, Hedgehogs aren’t truly asleep; rather, they just drop their body temperature and enter a state of torpor. This allows the Hedgehog to … Read more

Can Hamsters Have Celery? – Hamster Eating Guide

If you love your hamster, you want to keep your hamster healthy, and that means feeding your hamster the healthiest food possible. You want to improve your hamster’s diet using fruit and veggies. One of the healthiest foods ever is celery but is it safe to give your hamster celery? Well, through this article, we’ll … Read more