20 Pretty Pet Snakes: How To Choose The Best One

Have you ever dreamed of owning a beautiful snake or a couple of beautiful and pretty pet snakes? Owning a snake could seem intimidating for people who aren’t used to being around snakes, but with the right perspective and knowledge over which snake you desire most, you can make the best decision over which of … Read more

Can You Have A Pet Raven? Here’s The Answer

Pet Raven

Ravens can be represented by the corvid family and despite the reputation, they have made for themselves as dark and morbid creatures they are very fascinating creatures. They are graceful, beautiful, and very intelligent birds, their social tactics are known by bird watchers worldwide. They have been featured in some horror films as a sign … Read more

How Long Do Parakeets Live: A Complete Guide

How Long Do Parakeets Live

Parakeets, also known as keets, are small-sized and long-tailed parrots with colorful feathers. They make excellent pets for families, as these birds are not that heavy for the pocket to sustain. They eat less than other larger parrots, thus saving more money. To top all these great things about parakeets, they are social birds. Now, … Read more

Roaches Spiritual Meaning: Dream & Totem Meaning

Cockroaches Spiritual Meaning

It is a hot autumn night in Savannah, Georgia. You are there visiting your childhood friend who recently graduated college. The air is thick with humidity even with sundown. The cobble-stoned streets are teeming with people who are out enjoying a Saturday night. You and your friend grab a slice of pizza and find a … Read more

White Lipped Python: Everything You Need To Know

White Lipped Python

Snakes have always held a certain bit of a mystifying air about them and you never know the kind of reaction you’ll get from someone when you tell them that you own a snake. You see them as pets a lot and when you do, they’re almost always going to be small. Sometimes though, people … Read more

What Do Fruit Flies Mean Spiritually? Here’s The Truth

Spiritual Meaning Of Fruit Flies

So you’re minding your usual business in the kitchen when suddenly you see a swarm of fruit flies coming at you. Now you’re thinking. Not again! If you’re tired of playing the unwilling host to fruit flies, it might help to view their presence as a good thing. They aren’t simply telling you it’s time … Read more

What Does A Unicorn Symbolize? Here’s What You Need To Know

Unicorn Symbolism

Unicorn symbolism has been prominent throughout folklore, mythology, and spirituality. Even appearing in our dreams and modern-day artwork, unicorns, and unicorn symbolism is a common, recurring theme. Unicorns symbolize different meanings depending on where and when these mystical creatures surface. If you have recently come across a unicorn, dreamt of unicorns, feel called to unicorns, … Read more