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Black Cat Spiritual Meaning: Seeing A Black Cat Meaning

What does it mean when you see a black cat? It is a question that countries around the world have been asking themselves in hopes of finding the right answer. Black cats mean different things to different countries and cultures as you will soon discover.

The question is about the luck of the black cat, and whether it is good or bad, is something that will be examined in this article.

What Does it Mean When You See a Black Cat?

A black cat is always associated with luck. However, the kind of luck, and whether it is good or bad will depend upon a variety of sources. How you feel about seeing a black cat will depend upon the region of the country in which you are living and what the black cat is doing when you see it.

Seeing a black cat in the United States of America has different meanings. In modern-day North America, negative connotations continue to haunt the black cat. It is considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path, and good luck if a white cat crosses your path.

What Does it Mean When You See a Black Cat?
What Does it Mean When You See a Black Cat?

It is also considered bad luck if you see a black cat walking away from you. Another negative and dire connotation in North America states that if you see a black cat during a family member’s funeral procession, then it is bound that another family member will soon die.

French people believe that each black cat has white hair in its fur and if you find this white hair on a black cat, and are able to pluck it out without being scratched then you have secured yourself a brilliant future.

Some of the countries of China believe that black cats carry hunger and poverty. However, in Latvia, the birth of a black kitten indicates that there will be a good and fruitful harvest, in your future. Overall, the majority of Chinese culture believes that the black cat brings good fortune, love, long life, and wealth.

The Chinese name for a cat is Mao, which means 80 years, and shows the existence of long life when believing in black cats. Unlike the rest of the Western world, the Japanese culture sees a black cat crossing your path as a good omen. In fact, black cats are seen as good luck in Japan and much of Asia.

Much of Europe’s views about the black cat are like the western world. A black cat is seen as a witch’s familiar friend. Because of this, the black cat represented bad luck and potential death. During the witch hunts in Europe, the black cat often suffered the same dire fate of death as the witch.

While many cultures believe that seeing a black cat will bring bad luck, there are some countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia that believe that seeing a black cat is a good omen and will bring good fortune and good luck.

National Black Cat Day was first created in Great Britain and the northern part of Ireland and is celebrated on October 27th of each year. The National Black Cat Day holiday is meant to celebrate the value and beauty of black cats and to encourage people to adopt them as pets.

There are many bad omens in the Indian culture that are believed to be bad luck and are avoided by its people at all costs. Whether the Indian people believe the bad omens or not, they are not prepared to take the risk of bad luck. Seeing a black cat in India is a bad omen and is seen as something to avoid at all costs.

In Africa, there has been much said about the black cat. In ritual, they were used as good luck charms and their paws were cut off and the blood was used in spells. Having a black cat around the home is seen as protection for women and children, which means that hurting a black cat in some parts of Africa was seen as unheard of.

Black cats in Egypt were held in the highest esteem as they resembled Bastet/Bast or the cat-headed goddess of the home and protector from disease and infertility. Egyptians consider black cats to be sacred to this day, because of their resemblance to the Bastet cat goddess.

Egyptian homes would host the black cat in an effort to win her favor. According to Greek mythology, a slave named Galinthias was turned into a black cat by Zeus’s wife Hera, as punishment for trying to prevent the birth of Heracles.

Galinthias was sent to the underworld in her feminine form to become a priestess of Hecate, the Goddess of Death and Queen of the Witches. The fear of black cats seems to come from medieval times when it was believed that an animal with dark feathers or fur signaled death.

In the 16th century Italy it was believed that death was imminent if a black cat lay on someone’s sickbed. Many cultures claim supernatural origins for black cat beliefs. In eastern cultures, the black cat is seen as a spiritual guardian.

The western cultures see black cats as bad luck because of a westerner’s ability to soak up the bad luck when they visited eastern cultures and take the omen for themselves.

Since witchcraft was viewed as a practice that worshipped the devil, the Puritans became extremely wary of everything that could be linked to a witch. The black cat was high on the list of witchcraft because it was believed in the past that a witch could turn herself into a black cat and back as she needed to invade the physical world.

Expert Tip: Black cats have negative and positive traits that include: their beautiful thick coat of black fur which is the first thing noticed by onlookers, they appear to be more affectionate and playful than other cats, once they get to know you they are calm and shy around other people, and mostly distrustful of people.

Is Seeing a Black Cat Good Luck?

Is Seeing a Black Cat Good Luck?
Is Seeing a Black Cat Good Luck?

Seeing a black cat can be good luck for many people who live in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. While these people have their suspicions about a black cat, overall a black cat is seen as a good omen that will bring good fortune, wealth, love, and long life.
There are also other ways that seeing a black cat brings good luck.

In English culture, giving a bride a black cat before her wedding is said to bring good luck. And in Europe, it is believed that having a black cat on a voyage brings good luck to the crew and passengers.

In general, many people believe that when you see a black cat. that you should be careful and guarded with how you approach both the black cat and life in general.

Is It Bad to See a Black Cat?

Is It Bad to See a Black Cat?
Is It Bad to See a Black Cat?

In countries like Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany, it is good luck to see a black cat. Other Asian countries like Japan and China also consider it good to see a black cat. However, there are many superstitions about black cats that say it is bad to see a black cat.

In many countries like the United States of America, Italy, and Spain, a black cat is associated with mystery, evil, bad luck, and death. It has been said that if a cat walks across your path, it will bring back luck. Other superstitions are if you have to take 3 steps back after seeing a black cat, then you will have bad luck.

It is recommended to take 3 to 13 steps back to get rid of the curse. There is a Scottish superstition that says if a strange black cat is on your porch, then you will have prosperity. An Irish superstition says that a black cat walks across your path in the moonlight it means imminent death in your near future.

In Britain and many parts of Europe, when a black cat enters your home it is a sign of good fortune to come. In parts of Yorkshire, the wives of fishermen keep black cats in their homes to assure the safe return of their husbands at sea.

In southern Europe, a black cat crossing the path of a bride as she leaves her church wedding signifies a fortunate marriage. The French believe that it is bad luck to cross a stream carrying a black cat.

What Does it Mean When a Black Cat Stares at You?

What Does it Mean When a Black Cat Stares at You?
What Does it Mean When a Black Cat Stares at You?

Generally, a black cat staring at you means that it is being cautious with its surroundings. This will occur particularly if it is a stray cat wandering on the street. A black cat staring at you may think you are a risk for harming him if he turned his back on you. The black cat will often stare until you have clearly walked away and gotten out of his path.

There are other beliefs about a black cat staring at you, particularly for a black cat staying in your home. A black cat staring at you means that he wants to show you that he loves you. While staring may appear rude to human beings, for your cat at home, it is just another way of life.

If you catch your black cat staring at you at home, then this may be a good time to play, cuddle and bond with your black cat. Show him the attention you would want for yourself while giving him the confidence that you are not afraid to have him in your home.

If you see a black cat staring at you at night, it can mean that your thoughts are preoccupied with anxiety and negativity. It can represent your intuition, which can be blocked because of your negative thoughts. A black cat staring at you could mean that the cat is trying to communicate with you on a spiritual level.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. A black cat is centered around the spirit and how it interacts with the physical world. The black cat was supposed to be punished for doing bad things in the underworld. As a result, a black cat’s eyes may see more in you, than your perception of who you are.

A black cat staring may mean that he sees the troubling and mysterious parts of your life. He may be looking into your soul to see what your past was like, what your present is currently, and what your future will be. It may be surprising to you that a black cat staring means that he may have a spiritual connection with your soul and spirit.

As the black cat continues to stare at you. your eyes may lock with his and a spiritual connection is made. It is an odd feeling that you could connect with an animal that is seen as bad luck like the black cat. Internally, it may seem to you that there are more evil trails, negative energy, and anxiety inside of you than you thought.

It may mean that the connection of a black cat staring at you means that you are the one the black cat has chosen out of a crowd for a spiritual connection.

Whatever you believe about black cats staring at you, there is obviously an internal fear that has transcended from the Egyptians who once revered black cats to the present time where black cats staring at you means mystery, bad luck, and eternal life of doomed failure.

There is an association that if you are with a black cat for any length of time, your spirit may be drawing the black cat to you and this means negative anxiety and the belief that poverty is in your future life.

What is the Spiritual Meaning Behind the Black Cat?

What is the Spiritual Meaning Behind the Black Cat?
What is the Spiritual Meaning Behind the Black Cat?

On the positive side, the black cat’s spiritual meaning is impending prosperity, fortune, and good luck. However, on the negative side, the black cat’s spiritual meaning is poverty, evil, and a stroke of bad luck.

The black cat’s spiritual meaning signifies the return of a spirit to the physical world. This spirit embodies wickedness and evil that has come back into the world to destroy anything good.

The black cat’s being in Egypt is where the spirit of the black cat was worshipped and revered. It is the mystery and aloofness of the black cat which makes him so intriguing to the minds of human beings.

While people attempt to stay away from black cats in many parts of the world, they are still captivated in learning all they can about these beautiful animals. The eyes of these black cats stand out against their beautiful black fur which makes them more intriguing and mysterious.

Expert Tip: Most black cats’ eyes are golden, because of the excess melanin in their bodies.

The way they move cautiously around people only adds to their intrigue. A black cat’s body is strong and can leap approximately 8 feet to another object. And while the black cat has many beautiful attributes it is not known if its bad reputation will ever be laid to rest.

A strong history in witchcraft evil, mystery, death, and bad luck seems to lend way to the black cat being associated with a bad reputation until the end of the world or through its nine lives or whatever comes first. The aloofness of the black cat makes it seem more of a reason for human beings to stay away from the mystery of the black cat.

Does the Bible Say Anything About Cats?

Cats and black cats have been the subject of myth and folklore for centuries. There are different cultures that feel black cats are lucky and some that feel black cats are unlucky. While the bible has sayings about dogs, it says nothing about domestic cats.

However, there are more than 150 mentions of the word lion in scriptures which is a part of the cat family. Now that you are familiar with black cats, you can formulate your own beliefs. Good fortune, love, long life and wealth or evil, death and bad luck are all beliefs by people living in different cultures around the world.

Remember that the basic simple meaning of black cat is luck which is also the spiritual meaning of the word. There are places like the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland that celebrate National Black Cat Day on October 27th each year. Egypt worships black cats in their homes because of their resemblance to Basta/Bast. the cat Greek goddess.


This article examines beliefs about seeing a black cat, good luck, and black cats, what it means when a black cat stares at you, the spiritual meaning of a black cat and if the bible mentions the word cat.

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