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What Kind Of Snake Is Black And Yellow? A Full Guide

We are all accustomed to the typical domestic pets, such as dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, and so on in our houses. But, has it ever crawled out of your mind to broke that classical stuff and try something really bewildering? Like, push to the limit of your nature and get a black and yellow snake for you to a pet?

Those crawling little guys who are hated and scared by some people? But wait, before you react to those words, try finishing this article first. And before you finally decide if you are really into getting on to follow that wild dream of yours.

Let us break down what is this black and yellow snake, what are the types and identification of black and yellow snakes, and if it is poisonous or not, for you. Because, as we all know, a lot of people are saying that if an animal is producing anything bright or something neon in their skin, run faster and stay away from it. But, was it certainly the truth?

What is a black and yellow snake?

Actually, there’s a lot of different varieties of black and yellow snakes. But most commonly it might be, the mangrove snake. The mangrove snake is a type of sea snake found in subtropical waters and in mangrove areas of Southeast Asia. It is a slim snake with a black body and yellow marks on its head, which resemble the “black and yellow pattern” of a bee, or wasp.

It can often be found in or near mangroves, hence its name. The black and yellow snake has a small head compared to the rest of its body, which is thin and a bit long, and also has a slim body with marks on it. The pattern on its head consists of a triangle that is inverted followed by two semi half circles.

Its eyes are large, round, and protruding with vertical pupils. The coloration of different special made parts of mangrove snake provides some protection for this animal because predators associate with them according to coloration with animals that are venomous such as its lookalike, the bees, and wasps.

What are the types and identification of different black and yellow snakes?

Gold ringed cat snake

But, take note, that not every black and yellow snake is a mangrove snake. It might also be the gold-ringed cat snake or the boiga dendrophila. Well, it is almost kind of the same that most often it is mistaken to be classified as one, or as the same exact snake.

Yes, they are both black and yellow snakes, but boiga dendrophila is more dormant than an aggressive snake. Unlike the other black and yellow snake, mangrove snake.

Common Kingsnake
Common Kingsnake

Common Kingsnake

This, common kingsnake can expand up to 6 feet about 2 meters in length and also mainly has a black and yellow stripe around its body. This black and yellow snake can be commonly found in the eastern part of the United States, New Jersey, and West Virginia.

Can it be habitat is in forested areas near waters, they most commonly liked hidden places to cover and hide their selves? This black and yellow snake loves to munch small snakes, eggs, frogs, and many more. They get their food using constriction and not poisonous.

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake
Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake

This snake grows only 4 feet, about 1.2 meters in length, which is also thin. They have a black pattern at the back and in their head, a bright yellow mix. Also has a flattened tail positioned outside that helps them when they swim. They can be seen in subtropical areas, most commonly in warm seas.

They reproduce in shallow areas of water. And these black and yellow snakes are super venomous which when they bite their prey and inject the venom at the same time, they will surely die in a minute. They eat specifically small fish. Eating them whole at once.

Yellow Rat Snake
Yellow Rat Snake

Yellow Rat Snake

This black and yellow snake is only under the family of rat snakes that can be found in the northern part of the United States. All rat snakes have a pinch of yellow, but commonly are entirely black. Yellow rat snakes have stripes of yellow and black touch having the whole length of their body, from its tail to head.

They grow more on 6 feet or 2 meters in length and are commonly constrictors. While hunting on small squirrels, mice, and rats, they also hunt a wild number of nests for any chicks or eggs.

But we’re going to focus on mangrove snakes since they are the most common of black and yellow snakes and most commonly to be allowed as a pet since they are not that hard to take care of and to pet. (All of the following context and tips below are for black and yellow mangrove snakes only)

Black and yellow patterned snake is leniently poisonous
Black and yellow patterned snake is leniently poisonous

But, is it safe or poisonous?

Black and yellow snakes mostly feed on fish and frogs, but on the contrary, they will also eat other small animals that come into their path. In one video article, the black and yellow snake has been seen eating frogs from the street which would have been killed by cars, as it travels from one tree to another.

Which makes them more horrifying from other’s perspectives, considering they have fangs at the front of their mouth to catch their prey. Speaking of fangs, these black and yellow snakes are small, non-venomous snakes that do not grow beyond 2.1 meters in length.

Also, if you are really considering getting this black and yellow snake as your pet, you have to know that this is a nocturnal animal and only a semi-aquatic snake that lives in and around mangrove trees and other areas with freshwater or brackish water. This means you can let it stay in your tub while they can also crawl and explore inside your whole house.

In this section, we will be looking at the black and yellow snake:

This black and yellow patterned snake is leniently poisonous to other animals. But, if you got bitten by it, it can only cause a bit of throbbing pain in the bitten part and some discoloration, but it’s not fatal for humans. And the good thing is, there is no case reported occurring fatality by any black and yellow snake bite.

And if really want that black and yellow snake, you should take note that mangrove snakes are naturally nervous and has a ferocious temper, and shouldn’t be handed as often as possible. And you will have to get a Dangerous Wild Animal license/DWA license (if you are located in the USA) for you to legally keep a wild animal or a threatening pet in general.

Bonus tips for future wild snake parents

  • Put your fingers in front of your black and yellow snake’s head so it can get used to your movement and your figure. Snakes can recognize things by somehow smelling, so you have to let your snake feel that they are comfortable around you by your smell. And start to hold it still for about 4 inches or 10 centimeters away from the black and yellow snake’s head so it can memories and recognize you.
  • If you are with a semi-aggressive species or snake-like your black and yellow snake, you should try the hook train. To do so, rub gently its body and/or push a bit down on the head with a gentle hook, and every time you get it, it goes out of its cage. To calm them and know that there are no threats to harm them.
  • Let your new black and yellow snake alone for a week after you get it. When black and yellow snakes are new to introduce into a new environment or home, base on studies it always takes time for adjustment to their newly placed environment. Let the snake in its place while it takes its time to somehow adjust.

    After that, you can now start a little closer chitchat with your pet snake and interact with them. If you have waited for a week and the black and yellow snake is still aggressive to you, wait for another 4 days more before trying to interact with them again.

Snakes are made to love and not to be scared of
Snakes are made to love and not to be scared of

Final Verdict

Sadly, some of them are now endangered to vanish and be forgotten forever. Overall, if you guys really want to experience and try having an out-of-the-normal experience. We would love to recommend pushing and go for it. But, be responsible and always know your responsibilities with them.

It doesn’t mean that they are wild animals, they don’t have feelings and you shouldn’t take good care of them. No! Before you buy your snake, think deeply. You are about to buy them not because you’re bored and wanted to be cool, buy them because you really want them and you want to take care of them.

Take some research first and study more about them and let us know what you guys have decided. And if have any questions regarding your black and yellow snake pet. Let us all know that we are all responsible for each other, no matter if it crawls or if you walk with you’re two feet.

Snakes are made to love and not to be scared of. Let us crawl out our love to our crawling black and yellow snake.

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