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Bearded Dragon Names: Female & Good Names For Bearded Dragons

Having a pet is an extraordinary life-changing experience, it’s a whole new member of the crew just waiting to make memories with you and be showered with love. And you get the amazing privilege of showing a living creature unconditional love, how special is that!

Everyone has a pet that fits them just right depending on their interests, schedules, allergies, and comfort zone. There are plenty of different avenues one can take while on the pet search, there are dog people, cat people, some people prefer the stationary potted friends while others like their pets are colorful and flying.

But you don’t seem to fit in those categories, Nah you want something cool and totally different altogether. But if not a dog, plant, or bird, then what’s left?

A reptile! There are tons of interesting options on that side of the animal kingdom! Hmm, but which would be a good starting pet for someone who’s never had a reptile before? Well, might I introduce to you the super hip Bearded Dragon? There are plenty of different types of bearded dragons, or as they’re known around the reptile community beardies.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that bearded dragons are super cool, anyone who comes across one of these scaley pals is instantly intrigued because there is just something about their vibe that makes you want to be as effortlessly cool as a bearded dragon. They’re like mini chilled-out dinosaurs with a tagline like that, your little companion deserves a dope name.

Let’s, scale back, and look at the best-bearded dragon names.

Choosing a name is super important. You’ll be saying that name in casual conversations, typing it out in messages and captions. Calling it out while you’re trying to get your bearded dragon to look your way before you snap a picture, you may be using this name every day for the foreseeable future.

And though it is a big responsibility to pick out the best name for your bearded dragon. Let’s not lose sight that this is an extremely fun decision to make as well! There are so many possibilities just waiting to be explored. Let’s get in touch with the creative and giddy side.

A name can truly take a role in shaping and developing a living creature’s personality, heck even a non-living creature. Don’t believe it? If you haven’t tried naming your inanimate objects, let’s just say it makes day-to-day life far more interesting and quirky. What? People name their cars all the time.

But before we make the grand list of the best-bearded dragon names, let’s raddle off some of the most popular bearded dragon names.

Popular Bearded Dragon Names

Popular and or common isn’t a bad quality in naming your pets, sometimes a dog just looks like a max, or a cat definitely looks like a snowball. Sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason. They’re catchy and work on multiple levels. Let’s see some of the most well-known bearded dragon names amongst the pet owner community.

These names will be broken down into 3 different lists; male, female, and unisex and we’ll look at the top 20 names for each. Here we go!

Popular Bearded Dragon Names
Popular Bearded Dragon Names

Most Popular Male Bearded Dragon Names:

  1. Dino
  2. Cliffhanger
  3. Godzilla
  4. Spike
  5. Smaug
  6. Mushu
  7. Yoda
  8. Dionysus
  9. Eastwood
  10. Viper
  11. Ash
  12. Frodo
  13. Picasso
  14. Apollo
  15. Typhon
  16. Elliot
  17. Fang
  18. Thor
  19. Smolder
  20. Eragon

Most Popular Female Bearded Dragon Names:

  1. Lizzy (Liz, Lizzie, Elizabeth)
  2. Kitty
  3. Echidna
  4. Ziggy
  5. Princess
  6. Sprinkles
  7. Cleopatra
  8. Bubbles
  9. Rosie
  10. Nessie (Ness)
  11. Sephora
  12. Ursula
  13. Tinkerbell
  14. Bella
  15. Sky (Skye)
  16. Diva
  17. Harley Quinn
  18. Matilda
  19. Queen (Queeny)
  20. Medusa

Most Popular Unisex Bearded Dragon Names:

  1. Jellybean
  2. Chili
  3. Toothless
  4. Skinny
  5. Cactus
  6. Pancake
  7. Scaly
  8. Majesty
  9. Sandy
  10. Whiskers
  11. Rogue
  12. Sushi
  13. Zardo
  14. Peanut
  15. Pickles
  16. Buggy
  17. Marvel
  18. Moon (Moonlight)
  19. Crawler
  20. Jaws

With that being said, this is not to slander that the names listed above are bad names. Picasso, Ursula, Pancake, are you kidding me? Totally genius, and now I also want some pancakes. They just happen to be brilliant names that have been used quite often. As stated up above, sometimes cliches are cliche for a reason- they’re just too good!

If one of those names struck a light bulb for you then by all means run with it! But if you’re still waiting to feel your heart latch onto a name or be struck with inspiration, keep reading on to see the cool and best-bearded dragon names.

Uniquely Cool Bearded Dragon Names

Alright, here we go! The ultimate list you’ve been reading on for, time to dive in!

Just as we laid out the most popular names with male, female, and unisex, we’ll be doing the same within this section. We shall also poke around in different subsections within the male, female, and unisex. We want you to get a full scope of possibilities for your rad bearded dragon! Time to open our minds to some dope-name possibilities.

Male Bearded Dragon
Male Bearded Dragon

Awesome Male Bearded Dragon Names:

(Fun fact, male bearded dragons have wider heads and darker beards, now you can tell the difference!)

Simply Cool Names:

  1. Ezra (This is a vintage name, with Hebrew origin, with a bit of mystery sprinkled in its sound)
  2. Quill (You know, those elegant as heck writing utensils they used to use back in the day; tell me that doesn’t sound classy and cool)
  3. Professor (How hilariously ironic to refer to your pet as Professor, you could even make up his field of study!)
  4. Waldo (From the classic Where’s Waldo children’s books; fingers crossed you won’t be saying that about your bearded dragon’s whereabouts)
  5. Leaf/Leif (This name sounds calming and chill, connected by nature, and since leaves come in many different colors it could work with whichever color your bearded dragon is!)

Nerd/Pop Culture-Inspired Names:

  1. Bilbo (A well-known adventurer from The Hobbit, come on it’s pretty adorable and cool)
  2. Gatsby (A great name for any literary buffs out there, taken from the classic book The Great Gatsby)
  3. Kratos (Lead warrior in the epic video game God of War)
  4. Dumbledore (One of the most iconic beards in the nerd realm has got to be Dumbledore’s from Harry Potter)
  5. Kermit (Who doesn’t love Kermit the Frog, better yet who couldn’t love Kermit the Bearded Dragon?)

TV Movie-inspired Names:

  1. Tarantino (Named from the famous direction Quentin Tarantino, could go with Tino for short!)
  2. Fry (Pulled from the hilarious show Futurama, or if you’d like to get technical his full name is Philip J. Fry)
  3. Doc (Back to the Future reference anyone?)
  4. Goku (Who remembers the awesomeness of Dragon Ball Z?)
  5. Cosmo (A silly character from Nickelodeon’s The Fairly Oddparents and also a silly character from Seinfeld)

Music-Inspired Names:

  1. Bowie (After the legendary David Bowie, and if you haven’t googled Bearded Dragons in bowties it’s highly recommended!)
  2. MJ (How can you not bring up the King of Pop when music is on the table; you could also substitute MJ with Michael Jordan for sports fans)
  3. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison, Starr (The last names of The Beatles members; coincidentally they all have great pet naming last names!)
  4. Beethoven (Okay, but how adorably proper of a name would that be for a Bearded Dragon?)
  5. Metallica (This is for all the hardcore head-bangers out there, and you could do Met or Metty for short!)

Female Bearded Dragon
Female Bearded Dragon

Fab Female Bearded Dragon Names:

(Pst. did you know female bearded dragons have skinnier and slimmer tails than males? Now you can see where your ladies are at!)

Nice Elegant Names:

  1. Ophelia (A renowned character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and you could shorten this name to Lea!)
  2. Edith (In Old English, this name means blessed)
  3. Juno (In Roman, this name is referred to as the Queen of gods, also a pretty good throwback movie)
  4. Viola (Another fine lady from Shakesphere’s work, this name is lovely, and calling your bearded dragon V sounds pretty cool as well)
  5. Delilah (In Hebrew, this name means delicate, and for other’s, it follows with the question “What’s it like in New York City?’)

Feminine Power-Inspired Names:

  1. Frida (Frida Kahlo the brilliantly talented artist)
  2. Kwan (Michelle Kwan. the legendary figure skater)
  3. Madonna (Now that’s a statement kind of name, this would be perfect for a sassy bearded dragon)
  4. Joan (Although it may sound a little plain. Joan of Arc is one of the most powerful female historical figures)
  5. Coco (Fully referring to the revolutionary fashion designer Coco Chanel, nothing says fabulous more!)

Nerd/Disney-inspired Names:

  1. Butty (Slayer of Vampires, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  2. Sisu (Inspired by the name of the magnificently fun blue dragon From Disney’s Raya the Last Dragon)
  3. Eevee (An adorable and fierce Pokemon)
  4. Elphaba (The main baddie from the book and musical Wicked you could also do Elphie for short!)
  5. Nani (The oldest sister from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, this name is super cute and this is an underrated awesome Disney character!)

Modest Cute Names:

  1. Willow (Whimsical and beautiful just like the tree)
  2. Pastel (A soft and lovely aesthetic and a cozy name for a bearded dragon)
  3. Ivy (Short, sweet, and it makes you think of leafy greens!)
  4. Magnolia (Named after the gorgeous flower, this would be a beautiful name for a white-bearded dragon especially, and you could shorten it with Maggie)
  5. Paisley (Pulled from the memorable patterned design for your memorable bearded dragon!)

Wicked Unisex Names:

  1. Zen (For a chilled out content bearded dragon)
  2. Jiggy (A fun and silly name; get jiggy with it!)
  3. Prism (Where my math geeks at. this sounds both intellectual and trippy- neat!)
  4. Doodle (This name gives off a childlike and fun vibe, who doesn’t doodle from time to time?)
  5. Pluto (Shout-out to what will always be a true planet in our astronomy hearts)

As a little bonus section, here are the best-bearded dragon names when they come in a pair!

  1. Mac and Cheese (Not only a classic snack but also pretty adorably funny names)
  2. Dunder and Mifflin (The famous paper company from the well-known show The Office)
  3. Chewie and Han (Han Solo that is. one of the best StarWars duos)
  4. Thing 1 and Thing 2 (Machivious childhood characters, and there’s a bit of ironic humor in it what could be better!)
  5. Tom and Jerry (Back on the nostalgia kick, who could forget about these crazy dudes)

Do Bearded Dragons Recognize Their Names?

Studies have shown that bearded dragons do learn to respond to their names. It can take some time for a bearded dragon to learn their name. When trying to teach your bearded dragon his or her name it is important to repeat it often. They will pick up on it a lot quicker with repetition. Whenever you are feeding your bearded dragon make sure to say his or her name as you give them the food.

How Long Does it Take for Bearded Dragons to Learn Their Names?

This depends on how repetitive you are with your bearded dragon. It will take time, if you only say their name once a week they likely will not pick it up. It is also important once your bearded dragon starts responding to their name well that you keep on reiterating it over and over. That is the best way to get your bearded dragon to learn and respond to their name.

As we come to an end in our name searching quest, we can conclude that within this article a lot of cool, classic, and quicky names were listed. Everything from historical figures to pokemon, we covered almost every nook and cranny of name generating to find the best-bearded dragon names.

Hopefully, one caught your interest and you and your newly named bearded dragon are well on your way!

And if there wasn’t a name listed that particularly interested you, let it inspire you to create one of your very own. Perhaps, there’s a food that you absolutely love that would also make a heck of a pet name, your favorite fictional character, the name of a place you can’t get enough of. You’ll find that perfect name for your new little addition to our family!

Have any questions about the best-bearded dragon names? Please feel free to ask away in the comments!

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