Black Mexican Kingsnake Care Guide: Tank, Setup & Diet Explained

Known for their dark appearance and their nonvenomous status, the Mexican Black Kingsnake is an excellent choice for beginners. As such consider this article your official Mexican Black Kingsnake Guide. Introduction Lampropeltis Getula Nigrita, or The Mexican Black Kingsnake, is a member of the colubrid family of snakes and a subspecies to the common Kingsnake … Read more

What Smell Do Birds Hate? Here’s 7 Smells That Birds Hate

You don’t have to be a bird hobbyist or an ornithologist to enjoy the beauty of the various birds located around the world and especially in your own garden and backyard. Birds are enjoyable to watch and study. The only problem is when they begin nesting within your home, apartment, offices, and place where we … Read more

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole: Here Are Our Top 5

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, bird feeders can be quite pricey, never mind the seed that we put in them. Nothing is more agitating than when you look out your window, hoping to see a bunch of colorful birds, only to see a nosey squirrel stealing the nuts and seeds that you spent the … Read more

Western Hognose Care: How To Care For A Western Hognose Snake

Western Hognose Snake

Aside from dogs, cats, and birds, another beautiful creature that makes a good house pet is a Western hognose snake. This reptile is very famous for being a mild-mannered, docile, and low-maintenance animal. In this article, you’ll get to know more about the Western hognose snake, its biology, care, behavior, and health. The Anatomy of … Read more