Different Types Of Pleco: Types Of Plecos Explained In 2023

Plecostomus, also known as pleco is a popular type of suckerfish of nocturnal nature. The renowned algae-eaters that are originally from South America’s Amazon jungle are essential additions to freshwater aquariums. They are not only attractive and visually captivating but also effective bottom-feeders that clean algae off the aquarium’s glass. So, what are the available … Read more

What Aquarium Plants Don’t Need Substrate? Here are 10 No Substrate Aquarium Plants

If you are an aquarist that is experienced with an aquarium full of fish or you’re a neophyte aquarist, the environment you provide will yield a hobby that is enjoyed around the world. Watching and caring for fish during the stressful time we went through, and which is challenging us today, is a great stress-relieving … Read more

Rabbit Bait Guide: How To Use It & Which Is Best?

Rabbits are often regarded as one of the cutest animals to live on earth. While this is mostly true, they can also sometimes cause trouble, especially if they invade gardens by kin. However, many rabbit disposal services are cruel and less humane. In addition, their kin may also seek revenge and continue to invade yards … Read more

How Long Can A Leopard Gecko Go Without Eating: What’s The Answer?

Leopard geckos are becoming more popular as pets, thanks to their friendly demeanor and lack of aggressiveness. They’re wonderful for novices who are new to reptiles, but they do come with their own set of problems, particularly in terms of understanding how to care for them properly. When it comes to keeping them, their nutrition … Read more

What Does Lizard Poop Look Like? – Lizzard Poop Guide

lizzard poop

Lizards are a common household pest but can also be a pet to many. Lizards come in over 6500 different species, and lizards can be found all over the world. They are estimated to have been around for 220 million years. Lizards are a great way to get rid of insects from inside your house. … Read more

How To Catch A Gecko In The House – Gecko Traps

how to catch a gecko in your house

Geckos are some of the cutest creatures, and them lurking in the wild is a great thing as they protect our homes from bugs and other annoying insects. Sometimes, geckos can enter homes, and this can become quite a nuisance. Geckos are one of the fastest lizards, and it can be nearly impossible to catch … Read more

Rabbit Eye Color – What Color Are Bunnies Eyes?

blue eyed rabbit

This is a great question that we will be answering today! You may be wondering, what color are rabbits’ eyes or what colors can rabbits’ eyes come in, well today, we’ll be discussing the seven natural eye colors of domestic rabbits in 2020. There are many more varieties of rabbit eye colors than you may … Read more

Hedgehogs Hibernation – How Long Does It Last?

hedgehogs hibernating

If you’re a new Hedgehog owner and are wondering how long do Hedgehogs hibernation lasts, you have come to the right place. Hedgehogs are one of the mammals that are hibernators. During hibernation, Hedgehogs aren’t truly asleep; rather, they just drop their body temperature and enter a state of torpor. This allows the Hedgehog to … Read more