Dog Howling In Sleep: What To Do About It?

Dog Howling In Sleep

Sleep is interesting to study. Sleeping habits, for instance, differ from one person to another. These also differ from humans to their pet dogs and even cats. Some people talk in their sleep. Others sleep peacefully. It should not come as a surprise that animals do the same. If you have a pet dog at … Read more

Roaches Spiritual Meaning: Dream & Totem Meaning

Cockroaches Spiritual Meaning

It is a hot autumn night in Savannah, Georgia. You are there visiting your childhood friend who recently graduated college. The air is thick with humidity even with sundown. The cobble-stoned streets are teeming with people who are out enjoying a Saturday night. You and your friend grab a slice of pizza and find a … Read more

Cat Ears Are Hot? Here’s What You Need To Do

Why Are My Cats Ears Hot

As I was petting my cat earlier this morning, I started noticing her burning ears. Its temperature is higher compared to the rest of her body. Why is that? Is this a usual thing, or is she sick? Does my cat have a fever, or worse, an ear infection? Is having hot ears bad? Let … Read more

Lizard Symbolism: What Does It Mean When A Lizard Crosses Your Path?

Lizard Spiritual Meaning

Down through the ages, humans have sought symbolic meaning and messages in nature. Lizard’s spiritual meaning is one of the most fascinating and intriguing. Its meaning can be found in many cultures throughout history. From Ancient Roman traditions to the Native American spirituality of today, the lizard can be found as a central symbol in … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Geese: 15 Quick Ways

How To Get Rid Of Geese

Geese are large migratory birds that are part of the bird family Anseridae. Geese have been thought to be dirty, jealous, and even dangerous animals. Today they are considered pests because they damage crops, cause health problems and disrupt the natural environment by leaving a foul-smelling mess behind when they migrate during winter in search … Read more

Oranda Goldfish: Tank Mates, Diet & Lifespan

Oranda Goldfish

The oranda goldfish is a beautiful fish with bright orange scales, and they are healthy fish to keep in your aquarium. They are hardy, disease-resistant, and can live up to five years when cared for properly. The name “oranda” comes from the Malay word for “gold”. This is because these goldfish have long orange streaks … Read more

11 Best Plants For Chameleons That Will Fit Right In Your Tank

Plants For Chameleons

Chameleons are exciting, unique, and wonderful animals that are commonly kept as pets. With their opposable digits, strong insect-catching tongue, color-changing skin, and even independently moving eyes, there is never a dull day keeping a chameleon. Every pet, whether it is a cat, dog, rabbit, or lizard needs the right environment to live a happy … Read more

Pygmy Corydoras: Tank Mates, Diet & More Explained

Pygmy Corydoras

Pygmy corydoras are small catfish native to South America, mainly from the Amazonian habitat. In nature, they live in small streams, tributaries, ponds, and flooded forest areas, and it is common to find them in large numbers, sheltered between the roots of trees and marginal vegetation. The scientific name uses the Latin word “pygmaeus” which … Read more