Goldfish Turning Black: What Should I Do?

Whenever you start to notice your goldfish is turning black or that it has black spots appearing, it is easy to panic. Goldfish are usually bright and colorful, so they can send you into a frenzy of worry whenever their normal bright colors are replaced by dark patches. Remember whenever you first start to notice … Read more

Goldfish Babies: Complete Goldfish Baby Guide

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before undertaking the ambitious project of goldfish breeding. Since most fish enthusiasts breed fish indoors in a controlled environment, we will go into detail about how to make the necessary preparations in order to establish a successful breeding program. Goldfish breeding is not an … Read more

Blue Velvet Shrimp Care: Everything You Need To Know About Blue Velvet Shrimp

According to experts, Blue Velvet shrimps thrive in temperatures from 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH anywhere between 6.8 and 7.5. However, these parameters are not enough to keep the fish alive and healthy for their entire lives. Other things like specific diets and social interaction with other fish are also necessary for … Read more

How Strong Is A Horse Kick? – Horse Kick Force

how strong is a horse kick

Horses are some of the most beautiful animals in the world. They are also some of the strongest and most powerful animals in the world. The infamous horse kick is one of the most powerful motions in the world today and has killed 122 to date. So, can a horse kick kill you? Definitely. So … Read more

What Do You Call A Pregnant Fish? – Pregnant Goldfish Name

twit goldfish

We have received many questions on what to call a pregnant goldfish, so we decided to create a quick guide on what to call a pregnant goldfish!  So, the reason this topic came up is because someone submitted a question saying their goldfish was recently pregnant, and was wondering what a name for a pregnant … Read more