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Agouti Husky: Everything You Need To Know

Perhaps you have heard talk about the Agouti Husky from friends or other dog lovers, and been wondering what makes it so special?

Or maybe you have been researching Siberian Husky dogs and stumbled across pictures of ones that looked a little different than the others, perhaps a little more “wolf-like” and now you’re wondering what makes them so different?

Or have you already been considering adding an Agouti Husky to your family and want to make sure it will be a good fit for your lifestyle? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to continue reading and learn everything you need to know about the Agouti Husky, including whether it may be the right dog for you and your family.

No doubt, whatever the reason that brought you to this page, you will discover these beautiful and fascinating creatures and something unique and intriguing.

What Exactly is an Agouti Husky?

Agouti Huskies are not technically a separate breed from the Siberian Husky, but rather, just a variation. They get their name specifically from their coloring, which is darker than most other Siberian Huskies and tends to give them a more “wolf-like” appearance.

What exactly is an Agouti Husky?
What exactly is an Agouti Husky?

If fact, sometimes people might confuse this type of Husky for an actual wolf and it could be a little off-putting at first. Aside from its unique coloring, it has similar physical characteristics to other Huskies, such as pointed ears, a bushy tail, and a slim frame.

You will find that this type of Husky is rarer than the others, which can make for a both very desirable and pricy pet.

How Big Will an Agouti Husky Get?

How big will an Agouti Husky get?
How big will an Agouti Husky get?

Agouti Huskies are generally considered to be medium-sized dogs, growing to be about 20-24 inches in height and ultimately weighing anywhere between 35-60 pounds. As with other dogs, the males of the species tend to be a bit bigger than the females.

If you adopt an Agouti Husky as a baby, you can usually expect that it will reach about 10-15 pounds by the age of 8 weeks old and by 3 months will weigh approximately 1/2 of their expected adult weight.

Expert Tip: Agouti Huskies are considered “adult” dogs after they have reached 1 year in age and are considered to be “senior” dogs after reaching 7 years old.

Although Agouti Huskies are similar in size to other Siberian Huskies, they were originally bred for pulling sleds, so they tend to be physically stronger.

What Temperament do Agouti Huskies Have?

What temperament do Agouti Huskies have?
What temperament do Agouti Huskies have?

As with any canine addition to the family, you will want to make sure that the temperament of the Agouti Husky matches your family dynamic and your lifestyle. Two important things to note about the Agouti Husky is that it is a very playful dog and also can be very independent and strong-headed.

The Agoutis tend to fair well with other dogs, and should not act aggressive or assertive towards people. If you’re used to the temperament of other Husky dogs, it is important to keep in mind that the Agouti Husky can often be more energetic than other Siberian Huskies.

Because of this fact, it will definitely need the space and opportunity to exercise and play often and may not be well-suited to someone who lives in an apartment or dwelling without a yard, and may even pose a challenge with its excessive energy for someone who is a first-time dog owner.

What is the Life Expectancy?

Once you adopt your Agouti friend, he or she should live an active and full life for about 12-1 5 years. Keep this in mind and you plan for the future of caring for your pet and how changes in your lifestyle or circumstances might prevent you from maintaining the commitment for that many years.

How Healthy are Agouti Huskies?

How healthy are Agouti Huskies?
How healthy are Agouti Huskies?

As a general rule, this breed of dog is a healthy and clean one. However, as with any purebred animal, there are certain genetic conditions that could pose a challenge to your dog’s health, and other ones that you’ll want to consider as your Agouti Husky ages. The most common health problems that you’ll find with this type of breed include:

This condition is a common genetic disposition of Huskies and is caused by a deformation of the larynx. It leads to a “wheezing” sound when the dog is breathing and may be unsettling for some Agouti Husky owners.

Hip Dysplasia
Depending on when this condition is caught it could either be treatable by a specific diet and other recommendations from your veterinarian, or it could require surgery. When hip dysplasia occurs, the thigh bone doesn’t fit correctly into the hip joint and it can be very painful for the dog.

If your dog ends up suffering from this condition, it can be very costly to treat and cure and will require thorough medical attention from a qualified veterinarian.

Also common in many dogs, the Agouti Husky can suffer from this condition. Symptoms of hypothyroidism include excessive weight gain without the dog feeling excessively hungry, bald spots appearing on the dog’s coat, and a lack of interest in exercise or play.

This is one of the most common issues for Husky dogs and is something to watch for closely as you monitor your dog’s health. A cataract is a film that covers the eye and if not treated, can progress pretty rapidly and eventually can lead to blindness.

Although most often thought of as a condition that affects older dogs, cataracts can sometimes occur in dogs as young as 3 months old.

Progressive Renal Atrophy
This condition also affects the dog’s eyes and vision. What it means is that the dog’s retina is starting to break down or deteriorate, and if left untreated, it can also lead to blindness. Early detection is crucial to the successful treatment of this condition.

Zinc Deficiency
When the Agouti Husky is lacking enough zinc, the condition will present itself as a loss of hair at the elbows, feet chin, lips, and eyelids. As one of the more treatable conditions, your veterinarian will typically prescribe a zinc supplement to help bring levels back up to normal.

To keep your Agouti Husky as healthy as possible during its lifespan, make sure that you have a veterinarian who is well-versed in this breed, and conducts thorough examinations. Ensure that you keep all of your scheduled visits and stay up-to-date on your dog’s vaccinations.

If you live in an area with extremely hot summers, you will also want to ensure that your dog does not become susceptible to heatstroke during the summer months. An Agouti Husky needs a cool, shady spot to relax when outdoors, access to plenty of fresh cool water, and depending on a location, a cooling pad to help ward off the heat.

You should also feed your Agouti Husky a high-protein diet and make sure not to overfeed him or her to ensure optimal health for many years. Agouti Huskies tend to need less food than you may think that they do. so overfeeding can be common.

Expert Tip: A dog that maintains a healthy weight and is not over-fed is one that will live a longer and healthier life.

As your Agouti Husky ages, make appropriate adjustments to their diet and lifestyle to help ensure that you keep them healthy and maximize their lifespan.

How Do You Groom an Agouti Husky?

How do you groom an Agouti Husky?
How do you groom an Agouti Husky?

Much like a cat Husky dogs tend to take excellent care of themselves and are good at self-grooming and staying clean. As the owner, you will want to make sure that the fur on your Agouti dog does not get matted, which requires a good brushing habit and routine.

These dogs will certainly need brushing at least every few days. If your dog’s coat develops any matting, use a wide-tooth comb to gently remove the mats and then bush the coat upwards to remove the loose hair. Other important grooming tasks for the Agouti Husky include:

  • Brushing your dog’s teeth (at least twice a week)
  • Clipping your dog’s nails (at least once a month)
  • Frequently checking your dog’s ears for any issues

Because they are so good a self-grooming, Agouti Huskies typically do not require many baths and probably would only require bathing once a month or even sometimes less than that. Too much bathing may cause the topcoat to dry out because it removes the beneficial and protective natural oils.

When you do bathe your dogs, never use human shampoo, and always choose a high-grade pet shampoo product. Due to having two coats (an undercoat and topcoat). Agouti Huskies will typically shed twice a year in the spring and in the fall.

You will find that during these times, the Husky will shed its hair throughout the house which may require extra sweeping or vacuuming. If you live in a particularly hot climate, your Agouti Husky may also shed throughout the summer, which is something to keep in mind.

If at any time, you notice that your dog’s coat has become dull, or your dog is excessively scratching or seems itchy, take your dog to the vet for a checkup, as it could indicate a problem with their skin (such as dandruff), or that they might have fleas.

How to Approach Training the Agouti Husky?

How to approach training the Agouti Husky?
How to approach training the Agouti Husky?

Given that they are very independent dogs, it can be challenging at times to train the Agouti Husky. They can seem to have a mind of their own and prefer not to listen to the basic commands of their owners.

It’s not that they don’t recognize the commands, but just that they choose not to listen to them. If you do not spend the time to train your Agouti Husky, it could lead to chaos and destruction in the house. For this reason, you need to establish yourself as the “head of the pack” as soon as you get your Agouti Husky puppy.

These puppies will not respond to shouting, so you will need a great deal of patience in the beginning and make sure that you maintain a cool. calm, and collected attitude. However, you must also be firm with your puppy.

If training your dog begins to be overwhelming for you, it would be beneficial to seek the help of a professional trainer, as establishing the proper training and respect of relationship at the very beginning will be crucial to the temperament of your dog going forward.

Some tips that you might want to follow or consider when training your Agouti Husky include:

  • Beginning to train your puppy as soon as you bring him or her into your household.
  • Investing in a training collar, such as a “martingale collar,” to help you quickly correct your puppy when he or she is doing something wrong.
  • Reward your dog with treats when they appropriately obey a command.
  • Being patient when ‘potty-training’ your dog and encouraging him or her with a safe space to go outside and positive reinforcement.
  • Remaining consistent and firm throughout your training activities so your dog will know what to expect.
  • Avoid “roughhousing” with your dog as it may encourage aggressive behaviors.

As with any other dog that you are training, the key to success is maintaining consistency in your approach and ensuring that the dog learns to “respect’ you as their owner and listen effectively to your commands.

This type of training can require a lot of time, patience, and investment. You should be sure that you are prepared to dedicate the required time, energy, and resources to properly training your Agouti Husky dog before deciding to commit to adding one to your household.

Will an Agouti Husky be Good for My Family?

Will an Agouti Husky be good for my family?
Will an Agouti Husky be good for my family?

This question is perhaps one of the most important ones to consider when deciding whether or not to bring an Agouti Husky into your home. As mentioned before, they are generally good-natured dogs and will get along well with both other dogs and with people.

However, if you have a cat in your household, your Agouti Husky may tend to enjoy chasing it around the house, which could pose an annoyance for your feline friend. Although they may look intimidating at first, Agouti Huskies are too sweet-natured to be effective guard dogs and should not be expected to be used for that purpose.

They also require a home where there will be a consistent source of human companionship. If they are left alone too often, their excessive energy could cause them to be destructive. As also previously mentioned, this breed may not be well-suited for first-time pet owners as it can be difficult to effectively train.

An owner of an Agouti Husky should have some prior experience training a medium-sized dog. You and your family must also be prepared to give your dog regular and high-energy exercise.

Expert Tip: If your Agouti Husky does not get the proper exercise that it needs in duration and intensity, it will again take its restlessness out on the things around your house. You should not get an Agouti Husky if you live in an apartment or another type of dwelling that does not have sufficient space for your dog to run around.

Although it may not be a deal-breaker, you should also consider your climate when deciding whether to adopt an Agouti Husky. You may find that your dog does not do well in an extremely hot climate due to its thick coat and need for intense activity.

Finally, you will want to consider how much it costs to adopt an Agouti Husky and also the additional costs required for feeding, grooming, and health maintenance. Since the Agouti is considered a rarer type of Husky than the others, it may cost you more than $2,000 to $3,000 to adopt from a breeder.

You should assess whether this initial fee, along with all of the other required costs associated with this type of dog, ownership fits well into your family budget. Agouti Huskies are, however, very loyal to their owners.

So if you do bring one into your family and give it the right love and environment, it will be a good companion to you and your family for its entire life.

What are Some Final Thoughts to Consider?

Most certainly you have enjoyed learning all you can about this very special type of Siberian Husky and the information that we have provided in this short summary will ultimately help you with deciding whether the Agouti Husky is the right fit for you and your family.

As with any pet, it is a very serious decision to choose the right one to bring into your home. If you have, after careful consideration, made the decision to adopt an Agouti Husky please ensure that you do thorough research on the breeder from which you are purchasing your puppy.

Your diligence is required to ensure that they are reputable and properly raised. Choosing your puppy from the wrong type of breeder could result in unforeseen health or behavior problems.

On a similar note, if you are adopting an Agouti Husky from a recuse shelter, make sure you know as much as you can about the dog’s past experiences and living conditions and this information can help you greatly in getting your dog to adjust to his or her new environment.

Finally, enjoy your new adventure. There is no doubt that the companionship you will find with your Agouti Husky will bring you much joy and satisfaction for many years to come.

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