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55 Gallon Aquarium: Everything You Need To Know

So you’re considering investing in a 55-gallon tank, perhaps as a step up from a smaller tank or in order to have a suitable home for a certain type of fish you’re after. Whether you’re just getting into aquarium life or ready to increase your number of water-dwelling friends, a 55-gallon tank is an exciting, new investment.

As with anything new and exciting, there are many things to consider before deciding on which tank is best for you. Now let’s take a look at 5 different 55-gallon tank options, as well as a stand option for each.

55 Gallon Fish Tank
Tetra 55-Gallon Aquarium Kit
  • Includes a fishnet a lid with LED lighting
  • 200W water heater
  • With water conditioner
TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand
  • It can fit two aquariums at once
  • The stand is sturdy, despite a little bit of wobbling
LANDEN 90P 55 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium
  •  The lid of an aquarium includes the lighting
  • Most aesthetically pleasing, as it is 91 % transparent glass all around the tank
Top Fin Essentials SK 55-Gallon
  • It comes with a hood and LED light
  • With a water test vial and a water filter
MarineLand Perfecto Majesty 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Includes storage and accessibility
Aqua Culture 55-gallon Tank
  • Includes a kit with a water filter and thermometer
  • With hood with an opening to deliver food and change filter cartridges
Ollie & Hutch Farmington 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand
  • Certainly the most trendy of the stands
  • It offers storage cabinets below and an open back for easy access
Aqueon Tank
  • The edges around the tank are clear
  • Good option for someone familiar with the needs of aquarium upkeep

For the tank itself, expect to pay around $150 or more, and a similar price goes for the stand If you’re worried about the cumbersome size of the tank causing difficulty when cleaning, consider investing in a water-changing system.

This is basically a siphon tube that suctions water out of the tank without you having to move the tank itself, 55-gallon tanks will weigh over 600 lbs when full. This is quite the difference compared to a 10-gallon tank (also known as a “nano” aquarium) that you might have in the beginning.

Other investments to consider are the heater (the general rule being 2.5 – 5 watts per gallon) and any aqua-scaping add-ons such as plants, caves, etc. Consider minimalist aqua-scaping to 1) allow more room for more fish to swim around and 2) create an increased viewing area for the fish themselves.

Give your fish friends the spotlight, as they are the reason there is a tank at all.

Tetra 55-Gallon Aquarium Kit

Tetra 55-Gallon Aquarium Kit

A hobbyist favorite seems to be the Tetra 55-Gallon Aquarium Kit, coming in at $313.15 on Amazon. This standard yet high-quality tank set includes a fishnet a lid with LED lighting, a water filter, a 200W water heater, a water conditioner, a thermometer, plant racks, 2 plant multipacks, a boxwood plant, and fish food.

This tank measures 51.9 x 24 4 x 16.4 inches and 79 pounds, important information to take note of given that you will need to purchase a stand for your aquarium. Most buyers were pleased with the packaging that the tank was shipped in, giving them peace of mind when it came to potential leaks and cracks.

Expert Tip: Besides a stand for the tank, the fish, and the gravel, the kit includes everything you need to get your aquarium started. This could be a great option for new aquarium owners and younger enthusiasts who are just getting started.

The filter included in the Tetra Whisper 60 which reviewers found to indeed be pleasantly quiet and efficient. The kit does not include “bubbler stones” which, although they are not necessarily a requirement, supply oxygen to the water and assist infiltration.

Typically made of a porous stone, the bubbles produced by the stone float up through the water and move the surface of the water, creating movement and preventing a film from covering the water.

TitanEze Double Aquarium Stand

titanize double aquarium stand

The TitanEze Double Aquarium stand measuring 50.5′ W x 32″ H x 13’ D is a special deal, given that it will fit two aquariums at once. While it offers no storage whatsoever, aquarium enthusiasts who want two tanks will love the double-decker, bunk bed style of this stand.

If you happen to also be interested in hamsters or birds this stand will allow for their habitat to coexist right alongside your fish. At $125, the no-frills design will not distract from your tanks or the creatures within. Reviewers found that the stand is sturdy, despite a little bit of wobbling. The stand can even rest firmly on the carpet.

LANDEN 90P 55 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium

LANDEN 90P 55 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium

Another option is the LANDEN 90P 55 Gallon Rimless Low Iron Aquarium, which is $589.99 on Amazon. It measures 35 43 x 19.69 x 19.69 inches with a weight of 98 6 Pounds. It does not come with anything else, like a kit or even a lid. Should this aquarium be set up for children, perhaps steer away from a tank without a lid?

No one wants stray to nerf gun pellets mixing in with the school of tetra fish. This tank may be best for tank owners who have owned tanks before and are familiar with the amount of equipment they will need to purchase on the side.

One important thing to remember is that generally, the lid of an aquarium includes the lighting. For this tank, one will need to add lighting as well as cut their own glass lid as many reviews have done especially if you have a fish that is prone to jumping.

You may find this tank to be the most aesthetically pleasing, as it is 91 % transparent glass all around the tank, offering a clear view into the water from all angles. One may be worried about this tank’s durability due to the lack of a frame, and one reviewer was not pleased with the glass moving when it pressed on the edges.

However, there were no reports of leakage from them. The description also claims that the tank is shipped in a wood crate with a steel frame and cushioning. A few reviewers did find that their aquarium arrived damaged or that it leaked after being filled with water.

However, out of the 527 reviews at the time of viewing the product, 88% of reviewers were pleased with the product. A small critique noted was the plastic LANDEN logo on the side of the tank distracting from the picturesque clear-glass aesthetic.

If you have the money ready to invest in this tank, the durability and long-term value of the product are well worth it.

LANDEN brand sells an Aquarium Stand and Cabinet as well, perfect to match the elevated, clean look of the tank itself. With a contemporary and minimalist design, and wooden gloss paint in either white or black, this stand is absolutely worth the price of $479.99.

While the cost is high, the product is as well made as it can be even featuring spring-loaded cabinet doors that won’t slam shut and disturb the tank. The dimensions of this stand are W35.5 x D17.7 x H33.9 inches. One negative note about this stand is the closed-in storage space, offering little accessibility underneath for wires.

Less expensive brands of tanks include Top Fin and Aqua Culture. While unable to be found on Amazon at this time, the major pet supply companies carry these brands at an affordable cost. They often offer free shipping on large orders, as well as recommendations for water filters, heaters, and other add-ons.

Consider also where you may be purchasing your fish, as the supplier you go to may also offer 55-gallon tanks. In this day and age, while buying online seems easier, going to the store may be a better bet in terms of shipping hassle and the ability to see the tanks in person.

Top Fin Essentials SK 55-Gallon

Top Fin Essentials SK 55-Gallon

Like the Tetra tank, the Top Fin Essentials SK 55-Gallon tank comes with a hood and LED light, a net, a heater, a thermometer, a water test vial, and a water filter.

Should you be new to the aquarium hobby, this may be the best one to start with as it includes all of your basics without the flashiness, such as that of the LANDEN, and comes in at a lower cost than the Tetra.

Found at $199 and measuring in at the typical size of 48 in L x 13 in W x 20 in H, the main difference between this tank and the first two options is the black rims on all edges of the tank While the LANDEN is completely bezel-less, the tetra did not have black edges on the four vertical edges of the tank, only on the tops and bottoms of the tank.

One may think that the added support would create a more sturdy tank but the previous two tanks have great durability reviews despite their light design. But for a new tank owner or for a younger tank owner less worried about the edges of the tank not being see-through, saving money on the tank itself may be a good idea.

MarineLand Perfecto Majesty 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

MarineLand Perfecto Majesty 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Consider the MarineLand Perfecto Majesty 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand with storage and a black wood finish if you want a stand that is just as handsome as the Ollie and Hutch Farmington stand, but with less of a rustic, farmhouse style. This stand measures 49.88 inches, width: 14.38 inches, height: 28 inches, with a weight of 44 pounds.

On one hand, it is listed at $375 on the other hand, it appears to be extremely sturdy and includes storage and accessibility.

Expert Tip: Specifically, this stand has an open back, which some found easy to access and feed wires into.

Based on reviews, however, this stand is generally a hit or miss in terms of quality. Shipping and handling methods were not the best on this product, nor were the details on the stand such as the door handles or the velcro closures. There were also complaints about the painting.

Aqua Culture 55-gallon Tank

Aqua Culture 55-gallon Tank

Here we have the Aqua Culture 55-gallon tank, also including a kit with a water filter, thermometer, some fish food LED lighting and hood with an opening to deliver food and change filter cartridges, and water cleaner. The price listed for this tank is the lowest yet at $186 and measures 50.62 x 23.12 x 14.87 Inches.

However, reviews were not happy with either the filter or the thermometer, recommending that both be replaced before using the tank. The thermometer does not show the temperature, and the filter included requires 2 to be used rather than just 1.

This may work well in a 55-gallon tank, however, should you decide to have a filter on each side of the tank. Reviewers also recommended replacing the filter with one that circulates the water more efficiently.

Although the price may be the lowest, if you have to replace certain parts of the kit down the road it may not be worth the investment to begin with.

Ollie & Hutch Farmington 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Ollie & Hutch Farmington 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand

A beautiful tank deserves a beautiful stand. With words in the description like rustic and stylish, the Ollie & Hutch Farmington 55 Gallon Aquarium Stand is certainly the most trendy of the stands so far (all based on opinion, of course).

For the aquarium lovers who want their tank to be front and center, and the topic of conversation for years to come, this handsome stand will fit right into your home. It offers storage cabinets below and an open back for easy access. The cost is $261.45 with dimensions of 19.68″D x 50″W x 29.2″H.

This tank stand also supports up to 660 lbs. Some 55-gallon tanks can reach this weight, so be cautious of buying a stand that supports less weight than this.

Also, considering the environment that the tank will be in should it be situated next to a walkway or around children who may play nearby, investing in a sturdier cabinet-like stand may be the better call.

Aqueon Tank

Aqueon Tank

Lastly, we have the Aqueon tank, which is listed at an even lower cost of $150 and measures 48.25 x 12.75 x 21 inches. However, it does not include any extras bundled into the price besides the tank itself. This tank does not come with a lid nor does it come with lighting.

Expert Tip: For your most basic tank, this option is as clear-cut as it gets. This may be a good option for someone familiar with the needs of aquarium upkeep and may be uncertain about upsizing at the moment but wants to give it a try.

In terms of aesthetics, the edges around the tank are clear; however, given the price, some reviewers felt that the construction was sloppy. The silicone binding was not uniform around the edges, indicating poor binding and a possibility for leaks in the future should the silicone become further dilapidated.

Reviewers also found that this tank was taller rather than wider.

This Aquatic Fundamentals upright stand is a simple, sleek cabinet stand measuring 49 x 14.125 x 28.25 in and supports 550 lbs. It may not be best for aquarium owners to use a sump pump system for water filtration, which is especially common in a saltwater aquarium setup. A pump of that size will not fit in the space below this tank stand.

Some reviewers were displeased with the powder coating and the standard of construction. Others were impressed with the product given its lower than the average cost of $186.


In conclusion, buying a quality tank ensures the safety of both your fish, your investment, and your home.

No one wants 600 lbs of water lost on their floor. After careful consideration, be prepared to invest a good deal of time and money into the 55-gallon tank lifestyle, but also be aware that the better quality products will offer you more peace of mind and better results overall.

I would recommend either the LANDEN setup for long-term aquarium owners or the Tetra Tank tank kit with an Aquatic Fundamentals stand for those more money-conscious or new to the game.

Comment below if you have any tank questions or further ideas! Remember not to be daunted by the size of the tank, once you get your feet wet it will be smooth sailing from there on out.

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