Honey Gourami: All You Need To Know

Honey Gourami

The honey gourami (trichogaster chuna) is an easy and enjoyable addition to a freshwater aquarium community. In the wild, honey gouramis are native to rivers, ponds, basins, and lakes in India and Bangladesh in heavily planted areas where they feed on insects, larvae, and zooplankton, breathing at the surface so that they can survive even … Read more

Bladder Snails: Everything You Need To Know

Bladder Snail

Have you ever brought home some fresh plants or fish for your tank, only to discover some unwelcomed guests the next few days? They probably are bladder snails that feed on algae in an aquarium setting. They are labeled as pests, yet have you considered snails as pets? Yes! You have read that right. Snails … Read more

Bee Names: 250 Cute & Funny Bee Names

Bee Names

Bzzzz!! Bzzzz!! Did you happen to come across a bee in your backyard and decided to name your new visitor? We have flapped our wings around different gardens to locate the best titles fit for your friend bee! We have included around two hundred bee-rilliant bee names for you to use. You may pick from … Read more