Cow Names: 150 Cute & Funny Cow Names

Cow Names

Bovines are divided into two types: beef and dairy. However, it’s not everything they are. Several farm animals and cows are becoming family members and deserve to be called by their proper names. Cows and bulls have some of the most outgoing attitudes than the rest of the farm animals particularly cows are full of … Read more

Giraffe Names: 300 Cute & Funny Giraffe Names

Giraffe Names

The tallest creature of them all deserves a top-tier name. Giraffes prove that cuteness can also be found in towering and gigantic giants. For giraffe-related thing owners, may it be a stuffed plushie or an item that reminds them of the herbivore, their first instinct is to find a unique name that is as supreme … Read more

Raccoon Names: 150+ Funny & Cute Racoon Names

Raccoon Names

Raccoons are whimsical and intelligent wild animals. Their natural habitat is in mixed forests. When autumn comes, they shelter themselves on a fallen shred of leaves to sleep and hide from predators. Due to their opportunistic behavior, they can easily adapt to various environments. Today, they are found in human settlements in areas that are … Read more