Parrot Types: 15 Pet Parrots Types You Must Know

Nobody would ever ignore a group of colorful birds, especially if those birds can talk. In this post let’s get acquainted with interesting 15 parrot breeds you would surely love to own. 1. Monk Parakeet Also regarded as Quaker parrots, monk parakeets, are a species characterized by a small, bright-green appearance. They often have a … Read more

10 Toys For Bearded Dragons That Will Keep Your Beardie Entertained

Toys for bearded dragons are an essential component of fostering a strong bond with your reptiles. Owners typically don’t think to buy toys for their bearded friends right away. The enclosure, water dish, calcium, food, crickets, lighting, substrate, and so on are usually more important to them. For your bearded dragon, toys are vital. As … Read more

Dove Symbolism: What Does It Mean When You See A White Dove

The whole world knows white doves mean peace. These gentle, white birds feed primarily on seeds, fruits, and plants. They are friendly, harmless creatures. But did you know that some ancient cultures, beliefs, and religions see white doves meaning differently? Dove symbolism appears in ancient religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Paganism. They are seen either … Read more