Fire Eel: Everything You Need To Know About These Creatures!

The fire eel (mastacembelus erythrotaenia) is an exotic-looking freshwater fish that is worth keeping in your fish tank. This spiny eel is very popular in the aquarium trade and is a native in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia. The fire eel is a bit shy at first but an intellectual creature, … Read more

Fox Symbolism Meaning: What Does A Fox Symbolize

What is a fox spirit animal? The fox symbolism is extremely important in one’s life, especially if one’s spirit animal is a fox. It teaches you how to be benevolent and how to be psychologically receptive when trying to get out of difficult situations in life. Because it educates you on how to handle situations … Read more

Elephant Spirit Animal: What Does An Elephant Symbolize?

Elephants had been present in many different cultures and societies. The elephant had been a symbol of prosperity, wisdom, and strength. Even among animals, elephants might not be the king of the beasts, but they are well respected. They do not rule the savannah or forest, they do not feast on other animals, but they … Read more

Bee Spiritual Meaning: Why Do You Keep Seeing Bees?

The sweet essence of honey, a sign of spring, and the pollination of plants are all part of what bees mean to us. For plants, animals, and humans, bees symbolize life through the food we eat, along with the bee’s spiritual meaning. Bees represent dedication, prosperity, teamwork, and other admirable traits. In cultures around the … Read more

Fly Spiritual Meaning: Why Do You Keep Seeing Flies?

Have you ever wondered why certain events have been happening in your life? Or why there are so many flies swarming around you, entering your home, or sitting idly on your bedroom window? The simple solution would be to swat these pesky bugs away or spray them down until they fall to the ground, lifeless. … Read more

Birds In Ontario: Ontario Birds Identification Guide

The area of Ontario may have many different types of birds, but some people still would like to learn more about the common birds in Ontario. Here is a list of the most common birds you will see in Ontario: 1. Black-capped Chickadee Black-capped Chickadee is a common bird in Ontario. It is a perching … Read more

Domesticated Hyena: Can You Have A Hyena As A Pet?

There are a lot of states where you can lawfully own a hyena. These are Nevada, Arkansas, Alabama, and Oklahoma, but many more. Having wild animals as pets is also very fascinating. Hyenas are risky, and also most states and cities don’t allow people to own them as exotic pets. So, even though you can … Read more

Albino Pleco: How To Care For One

The Albino Bristlenose Pleco fish is an excellent choice if you seek a unique addition to your freshwater aquarium. Inexperienced and seasoned aquarists alike will benefit from this system. These fish can handle whatever you throw at them and adapt to tank water conditions. However, if you don’t put them in a tank with other … Read more

Baby Garter Snakes: Everything You Need To Know

Garter snakes are safe for children to own as pets. They do not bring any harm or danger to children at all. The one danger they can pose to their owners is the salmonella they could carry with them like most reptiles before them. Yes, baby garter snakes make great pets for children. Let’s take … Read more

Crow Spiritual Meaning: Everything You Need To Know

What do you think of when you imagine crows? More than just the bird, what do you feel? For some of us, crows represent a feeling of mystery, uncertainty, and sometimes dread. Modern western culture seems to have given this species of bird a bad rap, but why? Looking at the world around us, we … Read more